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L.A. Yarn Crawl 2014?

Not really…

I had said previously here on the blog that I wasn’t intending to take part in this years Yarn Crawl. I had a whole lot of reasons for this, not at least was that I really need to spin down my fiber stash.

Of course, Courtney was holding out some major hope that I would change my mind at the last minute and give in to the yarn fumes. I compromised a little. Due to a series of fortunate events, star aligning and the like, I was able to get out of work an hour early on Friday. I knew this was going to happen early enough to tip off Courtney, so during the time we would usually be converging on one of our usual places for our regular Friday Night Stitch and Bitch, we were sitting in my van in traffic chatting about Pokemon and heading toward Long Beach.


They had a Candy Land type theme this year….so this is our lollypop selfie!


I love their candy wreath.

We met up with Angelique at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company and pretty much stayed until they closed. It is one of my favorite stores and I really love the ladies that work there. They are so friendly and eager to help people out. They have a great yarn selection and have some really lovely looking pattern samples. If you can’t get something there, they will help you figure out where to get what you are looking for…

I had more reasons than that to have this be the store I hit. We had met this lovely lady named Pat Spencer at Stitches West this year, and I ended up buying one of her shawl pins. At the time we had met her, she had told us that she really didn’t have an online presence yet, but that she sold her pins at this cute little yarn store that she was sure we probably hadn’t heard of. When she mentioned that it was Alamitos Bay, we squealed with delight and told her how much we love the place. We knew they would have pins available at yarn crawl, and Courtney and I were hunting for some.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Laura of Dizzy Blonde Studios there too! Of course, each one of us left with a skein of her Salt Water Taffy yarn!


My yarn and pins and patterns…

But that isn’t where the madness ends.

There was a woman there with this beautiful carpet bag…the only one in the store…and I happened to fall in love with it. Now, the weird thing, I was just on the website for this particular brand of bag earlier in the week finding links for an artist I know on Twitter who was looking for bags with good pockets. I had told her she should look into knitting bags. Heck, I have a ton of knitting bags, but I use them mostly as purses because the pockets are so plentiful. I had sent her links to two other sites (Namaste and Jordana Paige) because of their purse-like styles. I hadn’t given a second thought to Off Hand Designs, because I have never owned one, and never seen the newer bags in person.

Oh wow. I had never thought I would have to fight the urge to knock down a perfectly innocent, nice lady and take her bag from her. Of course it was the only one in the store. Of course I wanted it.

Later on, Courtney had pulled up the Off Hand Designs website and we found what we thought was the bag. Had I just looked at the picture online, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about getting it, but now that I had seen what it looked like in person, I just had to have it. I called Alamitos Bay Yarn Company first thing on Saturday morning to ask about that lovely lady who bought the bag (turns out her name is June) and confirm what type of bag it was. I ended up ordering it. It’s a limited edition of 16.

So the moral of the story? I can just as easily blow what might be my entire budget for yarn crawl in less than 24 hours by going to just one yarn store. This might be an all new personal best for me. My husband jokes that he is so thankful I don’t have expensive taste.

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It’s a Major Award! I won it!

I am sitting here at Friday Night knitting waiting on all of my knitters to show up. Good thing I got this new keyboard for my iPad…I can sit here and kill time pretending I am writing a script or something while I enjoy my tasty adult beverage.

My friend Ashley had hit me up on twitter and asked why I hadn’t talked about my award. A few posts back I had mentioned that I had won first place in a Flickr photo contest for Yarn Crawl L.A. After kicking around a few emails, I coordinated with the Yarn Crawl folks to pick up my prize at one of my local LYS’s. Ashley had also won one of the Yarn Crawl drawings, but had coordinated to pick it up at a different yarn store…so you know what that means…two yarn stores is twice the fun!

On a Wednesday afternoon, Ashley and I headed to pick up our stuff. First we stopped at the yarn shop closest to us. I picked up my prize and, luckily for me, was the first person to do so and got my choice of color. Gray. Of course, it’s always gray.

But here is the rub. My ‘major award’ was a set of 16″ Clover circular needles and a Rowan Kid Silk Haze scarf kit.

I’m allergic to mohair.


You can’t really see it, but I am holding my yarn with salad tongs. Thanks Ash for the suggestion!

It is so damn beautiful, but I can’t do anything with it unless I want to suffer horribly.

They handed it to me in a cute little mesh bag and I tried my hardest to not touch it at all. It was really hard, but I avoided all actual contact with it.

We walked down to the local Porto’s and had some lunch. We sat outside to knit and eat. Inside, on the opposite side of the glass, were two older women who were admiring our knitting. They had finally gotten Ashley’s attention and decided to start asking her questions about her sweater… through the glass. It was amazing. I am not sure if they understood that I had absolutely no idea what they were saying. I’m not sure Ashley knew what they were trying to say either.



From there we headed to our next shop where Ashley picked up the knitting bag she had won and I sat on the floor agonizing over their signature yarn. If I couldn’t knit my prize yarn, I think I need to compensate by inflating my stash with yarn I CAN knit with.


I ended up buying the skeins on the left and in the center.

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Just another Wednesday…

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 | blah blah blah, Field Trip | No Comments

Well, it’s Wednesday. What does that mean exactly? For me, it means that today is the day I go pick up my prize.

Yeah, I kinda won this contest. It was a photo contest for Yarn Crawl Los Angeles 2013 and I somehow won 1st place. I’m not really sure how, because I’m no photographer. I just have a love of fairy lights and yarn.


Yarn bombing outside of Gather DTLA.

Anyway, I had originally planned to pick up my “major award” after lunch with some old work friends today, but that was rescheduled, which then left my day free for doing whatever I needed before my parents arrive in town tomorrow. So, like a responsible adult, I’ve planned to go yarning with my friends this afternoon and blow off all preparing the house for my parents visit. Maybe if I feel so inclined, I may try and do some sewing because…oh yeah…I told myself I was going to finish that project before they got to town too. Oops. Heck, I probably should have been dressed an hour ago, but instead I am sitting here knitting, writing, and playing some tunes while I enjoy my coffee.


Yes, this is indeed what I look like this morning.

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