Gifts for birds…

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For a while I’ve been collecting scraps of yarn and bits of fiber leftover from various projects I have been working on. The intention was to go out into the world and stick them in places where the birds could get them. I live in a condo, so there isn’t really anyplace for me to have one of those suet feeder things to stuff with this sort of thing.


A bag of scraps…

So on a Saturday morning, I handed bits of yarn to my kids and had them leave them around the neighborhood. They hid bits in bushes and trees. This way the birds of Burbank will have truly lovely nests.


Hiding yarn in trees…

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Operation Spin Down…

So, I think it’s time I make a confession‚Ķ

I have a lot of fiber in my stash.

I feel incredibly guilty about this. It’s really taken over my stash. I even have it hidden in weird places around the house. It’s making me feel like I can’t breathe. This is how I know it’s time to really start spinning again. It’s a good thing this feeling is coming on now, post Stitches West, when I still have the momentum to get things made. This is also one of the reasons I decided to skip Los Angeles Yarn Crawl this year…


Lazy weekend ball winding setup.


A couple of singles…

To start, I decided to clear off some bobbins that had been full and ply some of my singles. One of these (the blue and orange one) was a gift from a coworker. I’m excited to share how it looks once it’s spun and set.

For now, it looks like this…


Hung up to dry over my kitchen sink.

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Wednesday afternoon yarn run…


This is what multitasking looks like.

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Yarn Crawl LA, Day 3 (the photo edition)


Outside Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. Still pinned!


Feather yarn inside L’Atelier.


The floor inside L’Atelier.


I bumped into Doctor Gemma at Wildfiber!


Turkish Delight at Zoe Zeynep Knit Studio on Melrose.

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Yarn Crawl LA, Day 2 (the photo edition)


Phebie’s NeedleArt in Claremont.


Our Chucks.


Just outside Phebie’s.


Colors 91711.



Ash getting her passport pinned to her shirt so she doesn’t lose it…again…at The purlSide.


Outside Compatto. We squeaked in right before closing time to get our stamps.


The alley behind Knit Culture.


The owner of Gather DTLA handed us her dog.


Yarn bombing outside Gather DTLA.


Inside Gather DTLA.

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Yarn Crawl LA 2013, Day 1 (the photo edition)


Our first stop to pick up our passport and bag…The Knot Garden.


Court and Ash outside A Close Knit Circle.


Ang, me, Ash and Court inside Abuelita’s in Pasadena.


Ash and Court inside The Yarnover Truck.


Inside Unwind in Burbank.

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Yarn Crawl LA 2013

You guys….YOU GUYS! Yarn Crawl LA was amazing!

3 days, 32 stores (2 were visited twice)! I feel like this was some sort of Olympic sized yarn event…and it was so much fun!


My Yarn Crawl La Passport.

I didn’t go into this with any real yarn “wish list”, so that helped me to keep to a budget. I ended up with quite a haul though! The good thing is that, while I am stashing yarn, I have a purpose in mind for most of it.


The contents of my yarn crawl bag.

We met some really great people and got to explore quite a few stores we had never been to before. It was definitely an adventure! I am hoping it helps inspire me to get over my knitting funk.

I have a ton of pictures…so be prepared for more photo heavy posts!

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Stitches West 2013, The Haul

I almost forgot to post a picture of the haul from Stitches this year! This picture represents *most* of what we purchased during our weekend.


The Haul.

And a few other pics of our weekend, just because.


Dr. Gemma interviewing folks for her podcast.


The wheels at the Carolina Homespun Booth.


I showed restraint. I am no longer allowed to bring dirty fleece into the house after that last incident. But…look! It has my name!


Court and I…with some cheese.

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Cookie A!

Friday night was so much fun! I had missed a few Friday Night meetups for various reasons, but I couldn’t miss this past Friday. Cookie A was at Unwind and I was going to hopefully get my sock mojo back. The place was hoppin’…

Everyone hanging out...

Everyone hanging out...

Not only was Cookie there signing her new book, but Pagewood Farms was also there selling different types of sock yarn. It was all very gorgeous and I just couldn’t decide what to get…then Stephanie walked by and whispered “They sell roving” and it was like the room zoomed out and I started talking a mile a minute. It was that whole fiber crazy thing that happens to me. I showed much restraint and only ordered 8 oz. of “Fruit Freeze” merino. They are sending me a BFL sample too so I can check it out.
Pagewood Farms!

Pagewood Farms!

Of course, later on I was sitting with one of the ladies from my regular Friday Night Knitting group that scolded me a little for my fiber stash. I told her my folks had just gone to Frankenmuth and my mom had called to tell me she had gotten me 2 3/4 pounds of fluff. She may have mentioned an intervention, but I am not certain.
So we spent the evening hanging out, I got Cookie to sign my book, and I even worked on a pair of socks that have been sitting since February (for the record, I am still working on them).
Cookie A!! Oh...and me...

Cookie A!! Oh...and me...

But there is bigger news. Since Cookie was here for the weekend, she was teaching classes at the shop. I signed up for Sunday’s “Top Down Sock Design” class. Wow! I am so glad I took it! I have knit plenty of socks in my short time knitting, but now I really feel like I can design my own socks. We got to chart out patterns and now I am test knitting my chart! OMG! I am so excited!!


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Christmas Yarn

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 | fiber, FO's, knitting, spinning, yarn | 1 Comment

So, I finished the Christmas Lights yarn right under the wire. I think I had the stuff soaked and ready by December 23rd. The stuff turned out great! Of course the color repeats didn’t exactly line up, but whatevs!

The finished Christmas Lights yarn..

The finished Christmas Lights yarn..

The yarn was great, and since it was for the Uniquely Yours spin-a-long, I was really trying to get it done by the Christmas Eve deadline. I was also going to try to make something with it by that same deadline, but the kids were sick and so I didn’t quite finish by midnight. I did, however, get my Christmas hat done Christmas morning and I got to wear it all day!

My Christmas hat!

My Christmas hat!

I ended up using the Wooly Wormhead Rollin’ Beret pattern. I made it a little on the small side because I was anxiety about my yarn (seriously, I need to learn to *trust the pattern*). When they say it takes 135 yards, they REALLY mean they only need 135 yards. And, as if that little stint of knitting crazy wasn’t enough…

The return of the Poppies!!

The return of the Poppies!!

The Poppies in front of the Empire Center - Burbank, CA

The Poppies in front of the Empire Center - Burbank, CA

A lot of my friends will remember my poppy yarn. I had gotten myself a batt-of-the-month subscription on etsy from Loop. This was one of the first batts I had received. What she had done was requested we give her inspiration for an individual batt she would send us. For this particular month, the theme was flowers. She had asked us to go out, take photos of what flowers we would like to inspire our batt. I think she did a really good job! Her batts are simply gorgeous. I am hoping at some point this year I can get back into one of her Spontaneous Spinning Batt Clubs because Steph Gorin (Loop) has a great eye for color and her batts are amazing.

So back to what I was talking about. I had finished this yarn back in April and kept saying I was going to make a hat with it. In a couple of hours on Christmas day I had completed hat #2.

I had 140 yards of this yarn, but was being incredibly conservative with the yarn usage. I could have used bigger needles and made the hat a little larger, but I really thought I would run out. I need to TRUST the PATTERN. Of course that doesn’t always apply, I know there are tons of pages on the net with countless errata for all kinds of stuff, but when the pattern says 135 yards, I should just trust it. I know I didn’t use quite 135 yards because I did have a little ball of yarn left over. The hat is super cute though. It’s my new favorite winter hat because it is crazy bright!

Poppies Hat!

Poppies Hat!

I have some silk poppies at home I thought about attaching to the hat, but I haven’t decided yet if I would feel a little too “Blossom“.

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