Stitches West 2014: Day 2

Saturday morning started off with David spoiling us with Psycho Donuts! We needed all that sugar to get through a full day on the Stitches floor!


A sugar coma waiting to happen…

I have to say, I don’t feel like I did much in the way of shopping for myself on Saturday. I mostly concentrated on trying to spend other people’s money. Can you say “Enabler”? That’s is me when it comes to spinning wheels.


The wheels at the Purlescence booth.


A gossip wheel at Clemes and Clemes.


Ang test driving a wheel.

I even tried out a few myself. No, I don’t need another right now. I barely have space for the two I have.


Trying out a metal wheel from National Custom Spinning Works.



About an hour before the floor closed, I felt the need to take a break. That backpack was heavy and I wanted to start winding the yarn for my new project. I didn’t spend very long in the hotel bar though, we had supplies to buy…people to meet…fleece to wash…


Hand winding my Cephalopod Yarn.

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Keeping the kids occupied…

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I feel like I am fully immersed in Tour de Fleece right now, and everyone is getting in on the action!

While Courtney was here on Sunday, in between bobbins, the kids got to sit and treadle the wheels. They love it! Since then, if they spy a wheel that is not attached to any fluff, they will sit at it and treadle their little hearts out.

Last night, I sat in my chair, spinning the last of my orange and purple ‘Library Card’ Falkland from Octarine Fibers with my earbuds firmly planted in my ears. I couldn’t hear anything but my music, but out of the corner of my eye I spied my son treadling my Kromski Sonata. I thought to myself, “That’s funny…what is he doing with his hands?”

That’s when I realized what was going on.

He was playing ‘Shoot the Clone Troopers through the A/C unit’.

“My game was about throwing clone troopers into a spinning wheel. It’s kind of weird. I used the spinning wheel as an air-conditioning to shred the clone troopers apart.”

Yup, he was whipping his clone trooper figures through my spinning wheel as he was treadling it.


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OH! And one more thing…

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I completely forgot I had pics of completed yarn to post. Silly me, so many pictures and not enough brain power to remember everything…

Here is my first attempt at Navajo plying:

It turned out very yummy and a good 460 yards.

It turned out very yummy and a good 460 yards.

I also decided to ply my “Cheater’s Garden” single I spun from an artclub Cuckoo Batt ages ago:

I plied this guy on my Kundert spindle.

I plied this guy on my Kundert spindle.

So look at me go! Two whole posts on my lunch hour at work. Awesome!

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Best weekend ever!! Part Two

So, Saturday we got up bright and early and just kinda did not a whole hell of a lot. We had all decided that we could do things at a slower pace since we had done one full round on Friday. Um….I didn’t really realize what kind of yarn induced haze I was in on Day One, but boy did I see a whole boatload of stuff I didn’t see before!

I got to the marketplace sometime around lunchtime and it was packed. Thank goodness for twitter. At some point not too long after we hit the Brooks Farm Booth, we got separated. It wasn’t a bad thing, but I am the only one in our little group that does the spinning thing. That is when I tracked down the ladies of The Fiber Collective via Twitter.

I met up with Bellatrix at the Carolina Homespun booth. We tried to track down Dr. Gemma from the CogKNITive podcast, but she was lost in a sea for fiber (later to find out she found someone to show her how to draft). So Bellatrix and I headed over to the Purlescence booth where we got the chance to meet with Jasmin and GiGi of the Knitmore Girl’s Podcast. We grabbed some goodies bags and tried to reach Gemma again. Time to move.

This is where my day got interesting…Bellatrix and I, the ladies of The Fiber Collective, and Dr. Gemma all converged on the Carolina Homespun booth. It was fun to watch Dr. Gemma try out all of the wheels. She showed enormous restraint in not purchasing, because she sure had me wanting to buy another wheel (which would have broken my budget)!

Dr. Gemma on the Majacraft

Dr. Gemma on the Majacraft

At some point, Stashymama told me I needed to follow her to a booth. She had found a raw fleece and wanted to show me. OMG, this thing was beautiful even with dirt! I wanted so bad to go in on it with her and then all of a sudden reality hit me in the face.
1. I have never washed a dirty fleece before
2. I live in a tiny condo with
3. Twin toddlers
What the…? Boo. Stashymama ended up buying the fleece though and hopefully she will let me buy some from her now that she cleaned it. She is totally a fiber rock star!
At this point, the ladies of the Fiber Collective had to go, and I decided to venture out on my own to shop. Talk about scary. When you don’t have someone to reign you in, you can go a little nutty. I bought all kinds of fibery goodness from Tactile Fiber Arts, Mary Jane’s Attic, and Red Fish Dyeworks.
Stash Aquisition, Day 2

Stash Acquisition, Day 2

So, I popped out of the marketplace and tracked down my friends at the bar where they comment on how wide-eyed and crazy I looked. Then I verbally barfed at them about my afternoon. It was awesome. 🙂
Day Three
Not much happened on Sunday. I drove us home, and I finished my Christmas Herringbone Rib Socks (not necessarily in that order). Yay!
Christmas Balls Herringbone Rib Socks

Christmas Balls Herringbone Rib Socks

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Workin’ for the weekend…

Friday, September 26th, 2008 | blah blah blah | 1 Comment

There is no torture like work torture. The 9 to 5 grind that seems to cause frustration. You feel like you could jump out of your skin because you are ready to get the hell outta’ there and get to doing more creative things. Or how about making it worse by knowing that you have a spinning wheel under your desk?

Lucy waits patiently under my desk

Lucy waits patiently under my desk

This is Lucy. She is my Kromski Sonata.
Lucy wants out of the bag desperately as she is very much above having to sit next to your average paper shredder. She wasn’t happy when I had to move her next to the trash either.
I promise she will get some action tonight.

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