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Time for a little drive-by blogging. Really, I’m hoping I can post this while sitting here on the street.

I know, I have been neglecting my blog a little bit since starting work. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done all the things I would like to. I make do though. I bring crafting to work. I bust out tasks while marathoning Supernatural (I’m caught up for those of you wondering – David).

But that’s not the point of this post. I have news…
It has begun.

How many weeks do you think it would take for someone to, not only settle into a new job, but also form a knitting club?
For me, it’s three.

Yes, today is the day…and it’s official…I have a brand new knitting circle at the new day job! Hooray! And guess what? They are all new to knitting! I get to teach. They are all super excited…and so am I!

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Labor Day Frogging

Hello again!

I took a little vacay from the blog over the long holiday weekend. Mostly because no one wants to frolic in the wool when it is 100+ degrees out and I’ve never really been one to knit poolside.

This also means that not much knitting gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I did knit. It just means that it is going to LOOK like I didn’t do much. Let me explain.

Sometime Sunday, I sat down and took a long hard look at my project. I fiddled with it, stretched it and tried to get a feeling of what it might look like blocked. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be a little more open. So I hopped on it and started to frog. I ripped the thing all the way back to the beginning, changed to bigger needles, and started over.


Trust me when I say, there are more completed rows here than before I frogged it.

I mean, we all could use a “do over” every once I awhile, right? (I’m going to try really hard not to over analyze the fact that I have had quite a few “do overs” recently.)

I think it looks fabulous now though! Starting over gave me the chance to tweak the edges. The pattern called for slipping the first stitch of each row, but I hadn’t done it. Now I am.


Pretty edges! Oh, and now you can see why I always make a copy of my pattern before I knit. I love making notes and writing all over!

Okay, enough knitting struggles for now…let’s talk about something more successful.

Yesterday was Blanketeers Tuesday! I didn’t work on any of my knitting, but for good reason…I was teaching! My friend Jessie had said she wanted to learn to knit, so I cast on for her and taught her the knit stitch. It wasn’t much work for me because she picked it up quickly and started flying through her stitches. I am hoping that next Tuesday I can show her purling (and maybe snap a picture or two so I can show you her progress). I am super proud of her!

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This makes me so happy!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 | blah blah blah, knitting | No Comments

She’s attacking it again. Now we have something we can do together when my son is in his class. We sit near the street and knit while we wait.

Trying again...

Sunday morning practice.

Working on our knitting...

Working on our projects.

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What did I do at lunch today?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | charity, class, crochet, handspun, knitting | 1 Comment

I worked on teaching a lefty to knit! Taught someone to crochet! I feel like I’ve accomplished something!

Teaching...and stuff.

Everyone working hard...

Here we are…knitting, crocheting…making scarves for soldiers. Mostly I was teaching, bouncing between teaching one person to knit and one to crochet. I think they are starting to get the hang of it!


I did get to start a scarf though...

My scarf is going to be gray with red stripes. I actually bought a skein of red yarn just to give a small piece to Robert for his gag-condiment bottles. Ridiculous, I know, but I figured I would just use the rest for my scarf.

Because I am a yarnie...Robert has me doing this...

Robert has me doing this...

I also pulled out some of my very old hand spun. It is probably some of the first yarn I ever spun. I am going to knit a scarf out of it too. Hey, I am going to knock out as many scarves as I can. I even put the call out to people outside of this little group that might want to donate. I think a couple of people have their mothers contributing to the cause.


Old school singles spun waaaay back.

Ooh and tomorrow I have the day off. Appointments and stuff to attend to. Maybe I will get some knitting done in my travels!

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I am sucker for a new project…

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 | blah blah blah, charity, crochet, knitting | 3 Comments

I seriously am a sucker for spreading my illness, especially when said illness helps people do something nice for others.

In the past few days I have had people approach me about learning to knit to make scarves for the troops. At first I was reluctant to do this because I’ve tried this before and I know I have a lot going on. I figure though, since some of my projects don’t really *need* to be done right away, and because there seems to be an interest in learning, I am going to go ahead and do it! Right now I have a list of people who are interested in meeting at lunch during the week to learn to do this… and at the end, we should hopefully have quite a few scarves to donate.

If any of you fiber-friends out there in cyberspace feel like donating to the cause, let me know. I would gladly take anything you would be willing to make for our soldiers.

Just so you know, there are a few guidelines:

Scarves are basic and easy to make, and are perfect projects for beginners….Just a straight across knit or crochet with no complications. There are no specific patterns, so feel free to use your own. Please keep scarves within the size restrictions about 5-7″ across and 42-50″. Any soft yarn is fine and any color will be accepted, subtle colors are best–blues, browns, olives, grays, maroon, and black would all be good choices. No fringe please. Thicker yarn and bigger needles or hooks will allow you to make a scarf faster, but any size is okay.
All hand-made items include a short note and e-mail address so that the troops can respond.

So if you are interested, let me know. I figure the more, the merrier on stuff like this!

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