Dear Knitting,

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I really miss you. It’s been just over a week since I have been able to sit down and enjoy your company. I know I have things going on…I got sick…got relatives in town…I’ve been here and there and everywhere. I haven’t made a single trip to the yarn shop…and I am still upset that I can’t take you Disneyland!

(Who woulda thunk it? Those beautiful needles you so gracefully adorn are considered to be weapons.)

I just don’t know when I am going to get to spend time with you again. There has been such craziness and drama happening in my life. I know I normally share it all with you, but this time I just haven’t been able to reach you.

Trust me when I say I am trying to clear out space on my calendar for you and I to visit with each other. I would really like to get you finished. I have a new KAL coming this summer and I intend to wear you while I work on that.

With Love,


My Hanna Pullover...


...Ready for Sleeves

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Sometimes it takes a little dedication…

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 | blah blah blah, knitting, sweater | 1 Comment

Or maybe a little “crazy”.

Okay people, it’s pretty darn close to 4 a.m. I can’t sleep. I have literally been burning the midnight oil on the couch watching the first five episodes of Ashes to Ashes and knitting up a storm.

I will try to get to bed at some point, but for now…I thought I would blog while I brush my teeth. I wish I could keep going to finish the other front half of my coat, but then the rest of my family will totally kick my butt tomorrow. I mean, mommy can’t sleep in ’til noon…

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Friday Night FO Parade!

No Parade of FO’s is complete without mini fashion show and picture taking. Drum roll please…

First, I needed to show off my blocked Tilting Tardis stole. Everyone loved it! Danielle snapped a few pics for me and then I tried some Hipstamatic self-portraiture!


My little Tilting Tardises


You don't get much of my stole in this...

Then, I didn’t think I would do it, but I did….I finished it!!! My Valsez dans l’abime is done!!! I was so excited after I finished the edging that I threw it on right away and modeled it for everyone. Then I did a happy dance…literally.


If it is possible to be in love with a sweater...than this is the one for me.

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An old FO that isn’t mine.

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | blah blah blah, knitting, sweater, yarn snobbery | No Comments

Well, when I say it isn’t mine, I just mean that I am not the one that knit it. It *is* mine as I have it in my possession.

Since I have lately been on the topic of my Grandma, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I put up another post about her. I have been kind of out of commission with the knitting this week, so it is something for me to talk about.

Way back when, my Grandma gave me a sweater. I am not sure how or why I got it…maybe because I was starting to get into knitting and it was something she wanted me to have. I don’t remember…


Grandma and Rose

What I do remember is that the story goes that this sweater was knit for my Grandma by my father’s Godmother. I was always under the impression that my Grandma couldn’t knit. When I was growing up, my Grandma had taught me to crochet, but never to knit. I just figured she didn’t know how. So after my kids were born I learned to knit by teaching myself from a book and a little instruction from my friend Angelique.

But if there is anything I learned during my trip to Michigan last week, it’s that our Grandparents sure do keep a great deal of information from us, sometimes for no good reason at all. Turns out my Grandma did know how to knit. As a matter of fact, she knew enough about knitting to make my Grandpa a pair of socks. Now, socks are not a beginner project by any means…so I was kind of surprised when I learned this. The story goes that these socks were knit up with the scratchiest of wool, so Grandpa couldn’t wear them. Wow, yarn has come a long way…

Anyway, so I have this sweater. I don’t wear it out ever. Not to sound like a total yarn snob (I am), but it is knit up with acrylic yarn. It’s also made for a petite woman, so the sleeves are way too short. It just plain looks like it is made for a Grandma (which it was).


The Grandma Sweater...

I am holding on to it though, for someday when I am not so snobby about my yarn or clothing and I lose a couple inches in height to old age. Til then, it’s all natural fibers for me!

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Got sweater issues?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 | blah blah blah, knitting, sweater | No Comments

Yup, I am crazy.

(Video blog)

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And here I go upping the ante…

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 | blah blah blah, crafts, FO's, knitting, Random Craftiness, sweater | 1 Comment

Lately, in the evening, I like to take walks with the kids. It is especially fun now that it gets dark early and Halloween is fast approaching. Lil’ girl brought bear home yesterday and was so excited to take it out “exploring”.


All cute in front of the tombstones...

 While we were out I told her I had started knitting a scarf for the bear. She started asking if I could make other clothes too. Of course! How could I say no? Knowing time is not really on our side as she only has the bear a couple days, I scrapped the scarf, did some stash diving and brought out the big guns. At the end of the night I had this:

I upped the ante and knit bear a sweater...

Thank goodness for stash scraps!

It was super late when I finished, but I was excited to have it done. I snuck into the twins’ room, dug the bear out from under my sleeping child, and dressed it.

I snuck into their room and dressed bear

I torture my children with flash photography at night.

She woke up when I snapped the photo, but she was clearly out of it. She kept saying “it’s done” but I am not sure she knew what she was talking about.

This morning she woke me up by running in the room all excited! She was thrilled that I had dressed bear while she was sleeping. I will have to think up something we can do with bear tonight.

Maybe he needs another hat?

Teddy chillin'

I think Teddy likes the sweater.

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The dash to get ready for Stitches West!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 | Field Trip, FO's, knitting, Stitches, sweater | 1 Comment

This seems like the longest day ever! My last day of work before my Stitches West trip.

The game plan...so far...

The game plan...so far...

I’ve printed out my coupons, map of the show floor, started making a list of things I am looking for… and most importantly…

I got my February Lady finished!!! Thank God, I feel like I got something accomplished. Especially since I haven’t gone to the bank, filled up my gas tank, bought snacks and water, packed…or even figured out what I am knitting while I am there. I am NOT bringing Lucy (my spinning wheel) or any yarn with me. I am, however, bringing all of my needles and notions and my laptop. I am just gonna wing it as far as my knitting is concerned…

So, I will actually try to sleep tonight, with visions of yarn and fiber dancing in my head…’cause I need to be out of the house by 6 a.m.

Yeah, wish me luck. I’ll be picking up some Starbucks…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 | blah blah blah, Field Trip, knitting, sweater | No Comments

I have been busy slaving away on my February Lady Sweater, trying to get it done before I leave for Stitches in less that a week. Last year I didn’t wear any of my own knitwear to show off at Stitches. WHUT? I know, shame on me! I am determined to get it done and I am, quite literally, in the home stretch. Boy, sleeves sure do seem to take forever.

Sorry for my crappy Blackberry photo.

Sorry for my crappy Blackberry photo.

Saturday, I took the day off knitting (sort of) to celebrate my birthday. I had a day full of fun activities.

First, my kids presented me with the cake they made…

Yes, that is yarn and needles...and some balloons.

Yes, that is yarn and needles...and some balloons.

Then my husband gave me the card he made…

The inside says something like Wouldnt you like to get Pegg-ed for your Birthday

The inside says something like "Wouldn't you like to get 'Pegg-ed' for your Birthday?"

We left the house to head to Chinatown with a stop at Pep Boys…and hell yes…that is me putting in power steering fluid IN A CLAPOTIS. Check it out! You know it looks good.

Thats right! Me, under the hood.

That's right! Me, under the hood.

If you didn’t think that wasn’t awesome enough…we headed to Chinatown where I had Dim Sum for the first time. We ate at The Empress Pavilion…it was quite an adventure. The kids weren’t so sure about it though. They enjoyed the little shop next door that sold the cool toys.

The girl picking at a sesame ball while reading Yum Yum, Dim Sum

The girl picking at a sesame ball while reading "Yum Yum, Dim Sum"

After we ate, we walked down to the street where Chinatown had a parade in my honor! Isn’t that the nicest thing ever?!? Huh? Chinese New Year? Yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about…



More Dragons!

My party hat...

It was already a long day, but it was far from over. After getting home from the parade, my husband and I got ready for dinner. I had no idea where we were going. After driving in the dark, along winding roads, we got to Inn of The Seventh Ray. It was a beautiful place, with fairy lights and a creek. It even has this little new age bookshop near the entrance. It was lovely! I did take one picture of the city while we were driving back…

A blurry pic of the city as we were whizzing by...

A blurry pic of the city as we were whizzing by...

We got home pretty early and luckily the kids were asleep. I parked myself on the couch and worked on my sleeves. I guess I did get some knitting in after all!

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More stuff…

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 | blah blah blah, crochet, FO's, handspun, sweater, yarn | No Comments

I had Cassandra take some pics of me in my Bruised Sweater at knitting a few weeks back…

Here I am...after a very long week.

Here I am...after a very long week.

Close up of my stitches...

Close up of my stitches...

Really it’s just an excuse to have Cassandra take close-ups of my chest for me to post on the internet. Or at least that is what I told my husband…luckily nothing I say phases him much anymore.

I have also been trying to come up with ideas on ways to use my leftover hand spun. I thought hair accessories might be the way to go.

My messy mop with a cute headband

My messy mop with a cute headband

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Bad vibes, stress and knitting! Oh my!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 | blah blah blah, FO's, knitting, sweater, UGH! | No Comments

So right after the Ravelry event I got pretty sick. I must have felt it coming on. It was so bad I couldn’t get any knitting done. I would have been content to sleep all day long…given I wasn’t barfing at the time.

So I spent an entire weekend being ill, then my little boy got it, then my little girl got it…

Then other weird stuff started happening in all aspects of my life. Weird as in “not good”.

To be honest, life had me pretty disgusted. I had no urge to knit. I had a fear…and you can call me crazy if you wish…but I felt like if I even touched my sweater I would transfer some sort of bad vibes to it. I wasn’t prepared to do that. It is my first self-designed sweater.

So I had a talk with my friend Kate at work. She had this fabulous idea for knitting when bad stuff is happening. She said I could knit an “anger blanket”.

Yes, an “anger blanket”, but I imagine it can be knit for any kind of negative feeling or bad vibe you might have. Keep it around for all those times you want to choke someone out with a pair of circular needles, if you are depressed, hurt, grieving…whatever yucky feeling you might have.

Once you’re done, bless the thing, or have it blessed by someone less negative, and donate it to the homeless.

Bad vibes turned into something positive. I like the idea. I am going to do it.

So, everything above postponed my self-imposed knitting deadline. I want to report that I did finally finish my sweater…and it looks great. I think it is my fourth official sweater…and it is the first I designed myself. I can’t wait to wear it…with only positive vibes.

Knit in True Love Fiber Sock in Bruise

Knit in True Love Fiber Sock in "Bruise"



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