Tour de Fleece 2014 – Day 1


Some itty bitty crafting.

Ok, so my participation in Tour de Fleece this year is a little half-assed. I know I have serious stash to spin down, and honestly, the Tour is a good reason to do it.

For those of you unaware, Tour de Fleece is an event that spinners participate in on Ravelry during the Tour de France. There are actual rules for it, most based on what your team affiliation is. Different groups have different rules. I’m not a fan of rules, so we can call this Team KnitHitsTheFan, party of 1.

I waited until late afternoon to start my spinning. I spent the morning straightening up my project corner so I would be ready for that art project I am waiting to start (my twine is in the mail). I found some unassembled hearts, so I seamed and stuffed them. I also did a little bit of weaving. That’s that round thing in the picture above. Trust me, it’ll look better once I get more stuff on it.


First Day Tour projects.

Since the holiday was on a Friday, I moved knit night to Saturday. It was a good reason to get together and start the Tour off right. Court brought her supported spindle to spin on, and I rocked Lucy all evening.

I guess my first day wasn’t too shabby. I thread plied 176 yards of wool single that I had sitting on a bobbin from about a week ago. I also busted through 4 ounces of 20% Milk protein/20% Seacell/60% Wool that I got from Creatively Dyed a few years back. I have three 4 ounce braids, so I am planning on spinning them all, then plying all three together.

I hope to come up with a plan of attack for my fiber, but I know how ADD I am. I’ll just end up pulling things out of the stash willy-nilly and and if I get bored spinning a color, I’ll switch to another. That is pretty much how I operate.

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Holiday crazies…

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 | blah blah blah, fiber, spinning | No Comments

There I go again, slacking on the blog. I have good reason though. I had one in the queue, and just couldn’t get around to finishing it. I have had in-laws in town, the whole family fot sick with a cold, and all while all types of holiday events were happening. It’s been nuts! We finally got our tree up yesterday and right now it is only covered in lights. I finally ordered our Christmas cards and who knows when those will arrive. Oh wait, I need to send them out too? All 100 of them!?! The kids have a Holiday show Thursday night….I signed up for a bake-off….EEK!

It is times like these that make me glad I decided to just say no to holiday knitting. At least I am not in a rush to get any presents made. I do have a few projects I want to get done though. I had signed up for the Uniquely Yours Ravelry Spin-a-long. I started, but I am not even half done yet. I have plans to take my wheel to work this week and to the shop on Friday night so I can get my stuff done. I sketched out my plan on how I wanted the color repeats to run in my yarn and started to spin. It will make more sense once I get more pictures up, but here is my progress so far…

Christmas Lights...so far.

Christmas Lights...so far.

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