A shawl for my Mom…

Back in October, at the CogKNITive Fiber Retreat, I had purchased a shawl pattern called Winona designed by the lovely Brenda Castiel. I knew as soon as I had seen the sample that I wanted to knit it for my mom for Christmas. I ordered skeins of Miss Babs in Old Gold and Field Mouse and started knitting as soon as they arrived.


My girl likes to help with the pinning.


Blocking under the tree.


Slip stitch patterns are fun!

It was a really fun knit. There is something about slip stitch patterns that makes me really happy. Like turning the heel on a sock. It just feels nice.


My mom with her new shawl.

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Let’s talk Crafty Christmas…Part 1

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 | dye, FO's, Holiday, knitting, shawl, stash busting, yarn, yarn snobbery | No Comments

Well, all of the Crafty Christmas gifts have been given, which means I can finally start sharing them with the world. I am so glad too, since it’s been really difficult to keep these projects under wraps!

Let’s start with the present I made for Courtney…Pigment from Leethal Knits.


I really love this shawl.


I used Blue Moon Socks That Rock and some of my hand dyed candy corn colored yarn.



This was a fun pattern to knit. I think at some point I will try and make one for myself. It appealed to my love of weaving in ends.


This was so fun to knit!


I liked it so much that I plan on knitting one for myself at some point.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to take a photo of Courtney wearing it some time. It turned out to be the perfect size… and the color combination made me super happy.

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Happy August!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 | blah blah blah, etsy, fiber, handspun, shawl, spinning, WIP | No Comments

Here is that size comparison photo. It’s my completed In The Pink shawl on top of my Celestarium.

Here I am, writing first thing on on a Saturday morning from my bed while my husband shows me pictures of corgis. If I had a cup of coffee, I would feel like a real writer, but that requires actual movement. Who brings the coffee to all those writers who take pictures of their laptops while snug in their beds? My husband doesn’t even know how to use my coffee maker and my kids are out of town.

I meant to blog yesterday, but the day got away from me. I was pretty productive, but in a non-fiber way. Sometimes your hands need a break and honestly, I needed one. I haven’t been a good spinner, taking breaks when I should…and that last bobbin was a real slog for me.


My Bunny Butt Fiber and a bobbin of blue and purple Red Fish Dye Works Camel/Silk.

How do I fix that situation? By starting another bobbin, of course! This time I am justifying it by spinning it thicker than the previous two bobbins. Plus, it’s Loki fiber from my good friend David at Octarine Fibers…so I can’t wait to see how it spins up!


Loki fluff!

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Comic Con Crazy

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, Geekery, knitting, shawl | No Comments

I was sitting here having some sort of an existential crisis, like one does when enjoying their lunch of chicken nuggets and toaster strudel, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t shown anyone my sample project. As a matter of fact, I had a small panicky moment where I had actually forgotten I had taken any pictures of it before sending it off to it’s new home. I think the Comic Con Crazy has finally gotten to me. My brain is preoccupied with figuring out what outfits to pack and organizing the lists of things I need to look for while I’m there.

Here it is! Isn’t it purty?

I’m rethinking that whole not taking knitting with me to San Diego thing. Not that I would knit on the con floor (because I need one more thing that screams “I’m a geek!”), but if I need to decompress back in the hotel room, it might be a good idea to have it. Comic Con can be a little bit stressful.

Honestly, it might be the idea that I could go the entire weekend without crafting that is making me a little twitchy.

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Please forgive me…

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, knitting, shawl, UFO's, WIP | No Comments

I have been up all night.

I thought about doing some blogging at three this morning, but I wasn’t sure it would make sense through the haze of the raging headache I had. I listened to Coast to Coast in the shower instead. I’m sure my family and the downstairs neighbors must love me.

I don’t often try to work on my crafts in the middle of the night. I imagine any knitting/crocheting/weaving/whatever would end up all messed up and I really don’t have the time or the patience to try and fix that kind of crazy. I decided instead to take some time to think (through the pain) about George Noory’s choice in interviewing what sounded like a problem gambler on the subject of Luck and Karma. I also thought about careers in the fiber industry or the funerary arts.

Because of this choice, I have plenty of lovely, error-free projects to stare at today.


The LA Yarn Crawl 2013 KAL shawl.


I finished weaving in the ends on my “Stacy was blown out the airlock” shawl.

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Guess what?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 | FO's, KAL, shawl, start to finish | No Comments


::whispers:: It’sssssssss donnnnnnnnne.

I think I was the first one done. I’m afraid to ask. I just finished it and didn’t announce it or anything…because I’m sure everyone in the KAL is annoyed with me. I’m just letting it sit for now in the pile of things to be blocked. Maybe I’ll let it stay there awhile.

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Orion has his belt!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 | blah blah blah, KAL, knitting, shawl, UFO's, WIP | No Comments


However, in this picture he is standing on his head.

I am almost done with the last chart! I am eager to see what this thing is going to look like. I am at that point where my cable isn’t long enough to spread it out and take a look at it fully, so that will have to wait until after I get that pesky edging done.

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Taking time off.

Sunday, May 26th, 2013 | blah blah blah, crafts, KAL, shawl, UFO's, WIP | No Comments


Sorry about that, I needed to take a little time off.

I am sure that many of you have probably been there. You are working on something you think is super great…and you feel like you are doing everything the right way…and you are positive that all the stars have aligned so you can create your project. Then something happens and you realize that maybe that thing you have been working hard to create is all wrong. Maybe you need to start over. Or maybe, just maybe, you need to completely change direction.

I’ve decided to change direction.

While I am trying not to over think the whole designing thing, I’m distracting myself with actual knitting. I’ve been hard at work on my Celestarium and I am really enjoying it despite it being time consuming (more on that in my next post). It’s helping take the sting off of the disappointment I’ve experienced over the last week. I find joy in placing my stars. I am really enjoying adding beads to my knitting. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often…maybe I should.

The distraction is good.


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Getting something done while I wait…

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, knitting, shawl | No Comments


Before you start to think all I am doing is sitting around and waiting…I am still getting things done. I did just make a shawl appear out of nowhere.

I haven’t really said much about my Nightlock shawl, but I did finish it last week sometime. I haven’t taken many pictures of it, mostly because I haven’t blocked it yet. It has been relegated to the “Block party” pile for finishing sometime after my parents leave town (and no, they haven’t actually arrived yet).

I feel like it is going to need some serious stretching. I’m not really sure what is up with my gauge lately, but maybe it is tied to my new habit of waking up at 4 a.m. or that huge knot that currently resides in my right shoulder. Having to go up 2 needles sizes to get gauge is seriously unlike me.


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An attempt to show restraint…

I’m in trouble kids. I really couldn’t help myself. (Court, please don’t kill me.)

This past weekend I got called out for my “swatching”. I know that my friends were doing their swatches all legit like, but I know how I am. I always have to jump on the latest project. I have a reputation for pooping out projects for a reason. I’m seriously manic about it.


I suppose I should give you the backstory.

I think it was October or November of last year. I believe I can blame David for tipping us off to the Celestarium… because he knows that some of us are crazy and some of us have a love of stars. For you lay people passing through, this pattern is a circular, beaded star chart shawl. Yeah, I’m not sure how I didn’t just die from knitting beauty overload right then and there.

Anyway, we jumped on the KAL train and decided we would try to start it sometime around Christmas, but things didn’t quite work out like we had planned and we had to push our start date. Some of us were still looking for proper yarn, or formulating plans of how to attack the thing. Maybe some of us went a little crazy pants (Courtney, with much help from David) and actually color coded beads by star classification!

I am guessing everyone might have been a little surprised when I went the easy route. I already had two skeins of Anzula Wash My Lace in Charcoal in my stash, so all I needed were beads. After a trip to San Gabriel Bead Company (one of my old haunts), I had some purple lined topaz AB seed beads and was ready to roll…except I had to wait for everyone else to be ready.

So that brings us to now, almost May.

This past weekend, while my knitters were at home, knitting up proper swatch tubes, I was knitting the first three charts of the actual pattern…because, really, it’s a Pi shawl and I could care less about gauge, I’m just looking to see what my fabric looks like. I did it up on 4’s and sent them a picture to take a look at the size of the thing…and I think I almost gave them a rage stroke. I think Courtney said she even showed it to her mom, and they all agreed…I cheated.

You think I would have learned something, right? Well, I did learn that my “swatch” was too tight, so I was going to have to go up a couple of needle sizes. I grabbed my 6’s and did another swatch. No, it’s not a proper swatch either. Maybe I should just leave it at that before someone decides to hurt me. I put it aside so everyone can get their stuff together…but I’m not gonna lie… I keep pulling it out of my project bag to look at it. I want to work on it so bad that I think it actually hurts.

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