Just in time for Tour De Fleece…

Imagine my surprise when I woke up (admittedly late) this morning and saw a tweet from redshirtknitting saying that Ravelry was beta testing a new feature for spinners! Hooray! It’s almost too good to be true.

For quite some time I have been adding my hand spun yarn to the database, but like you would add commercial yarn. I would forever have to, if I wasn’t feeling lazy that day, try and enter notes about the characteristics of the yarn. Is it a 2 ply? 3 ply? What was my WPI again? If I didn’t enter all the info at that particular moment, some of the info might be lost to time and my poor memory.

I decided to opt in for the beta testing and try plugging a skein of my new tour de fleece yarn in.


I like that it pretty much covers everything I might possibly need as far fields. Ratio? Twist angle? But I do everything according to “feel”! Crap…I’m going to have to start paying attention to my spinning, aren’t I? I also like that all the hand spun that I had entered “ghetto” style had already populated the hand spun tab. I love it when I have less work to do!

Maybe this means I can start adding my fiber to my actual stash. I had added a couple of braids, but it was kind of a pain, so I stopped.

Thanks to Tour de Fleece and Ravelry, I see not only stash busting, but some serious stash organization, in my near future!

Click here to get Casey’s secret code!

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Pardon me while I add my two cents…

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 | blah blah blah | No Comments

Earlier today, Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry started blowing up with the news that Independent Designer/Dyer Maylin of Tri’ Coterie Designs found that a pattern she had created, and offered for free on Ravelry for all knitters, was used by Trendsetter Yarns (with minimal adjustments) in yarn kits and a pattern book.

Edit: As of this posting, it appears that the pattern in question is no longer posted as being included in their Blossom Pattern Booklet on Trendsetter’s website, however, it is still listed as being part of the collection on their Ravelry project page.

I figured I would offer my opinion on the matter, as many of my fellow fiber artists have on Ravelry and the internet so far.

I consider myself a budding pattern designer and copyright is something that I have discussed rather openly with many friends recently. I am lucky that I know many artists that have had different experiences when it comes to copyright. Most of them have heard me voice my concerns about making sure that everything I do is on the up and up. As a designer, I feel that it is my job to not only create, but check Ravelry for projects like mine and make sure they aren’t “too similar”. We’ve all seen multiple versions of things, but our job as designers is to make sure our version isn’t too much like someone else’s version…and it’s the job of our community to make sure we are all staying honest.

With that being said, I am flabbergasted that a yarn company that has been in business for 25 years thinks that this is okay. Regardless of whether their lawyer (which I am assuming they have one) gave them the go ahead, these two patterns so similar that the company actually posted a pic on their own Facebook page giving credit to Maylin. To make things even worse, the correspondence from Trendsetter to Maylin seems full of excuses. They say that they changed the pattern 25% and can publish it as their own (I would love to see how they came up with that figure)? They have no Ravelry account to sign on and look up this information (they do, and have since 2009)? They seem to have very little understanding of this wonderful community of fiber artists. Astounding.

I don’t consider myself to be super controversial here and have open arms for those who’s opinions differ from mine. I welcome you to look at the links below and make up your own mind. As for me, Trendsetter Yarns will be getting none of my money from now on. I would hope they will try and make this right.

The Ravelry Pattern Page for Maylin’s Wingspan

Trendsetter Yarns Project Page for their Waterfall Wrap

Maylin’s Blog where she is posting her correspondence with Trendsetter

Edit: Maylin has posted that this has been resolved. If you would like to see more information, you can check out the following Ravelry thread.


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Double SQUEE!

Last night was the Unwind/Ravelry event. It was so much fun! It was great seeing Jess and Casey and all the awesome people that came out to either sell their stuff, or just visit!

Rav/unwind event 01

A collage of photos from the event...

 The above awesomeness is:

– My friend Emily with her little monster posing with The Knitmore Girls and Dr. Gemma.

– Suzanne modeling an orange shrug and looking awesome, as always.

– Dr. Gemma and MeiLan discussing shawls.

– The shop starts to fill up!

– Stephanie makes announcements and introductions.

– Shannon Okey’s birthday! Bring out the cake!

– I actually won something! A pattern…

– …and some Classic Elite Yarn!


The ladies holding down the fort on "Redhead island"

 OK…then for the serious highlights of my night. In this next photo I would totally be hyperventilating had Suzanne not given me two glasses of wine first. I believe we talked about how lovely her sweater is. She knit it in Lorna’s Laces “Ysolda Red”… then I pulled out my Amy Pond inspired scarf, which is knit in Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace…also in the “Ysolda Red” color. She even helped me with some color choices for yarn that are way far out of my comfort zone!



 Then I got to spend some time totally nerding out with Shannon Okey. She is fabulous! We talked knitting, Doctor Who, Buffy…she’s so much fun!


Happy Birthday Shannon!!

And if that wasn’t awesome enough…Shannon was there selling her latest book and I had her sign my copy. I didn’t even look to see what she had wrote because we were busy talking about nerd crushes! I was so excited to arrive home, open the book, and see this… 

Shannon Okey signed her book...


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Party, Party, Ravelry Party!

Ravelry folks are in town? It’s the anniversary of Unwind’s opening? Sounds like the perfect reason to have a party!!

Manos, Manos, Manos!

Manos, Manos, Manos!

Still pretty quiet before everyone arrived...

The cool thing is that there was a VIP party beforehand that we got to attend. It was great fun. We got a sneak peek at all the fun stuff before everyone else. Manos, Namaste bags… all sorts of stuff! I had a plan going in, and anyone who knows me well knows I can stick to a plan. 😉

Me and Meilan...and a bunch of people waiting outside.

Me and Meilan...and a bunch of people waiting outside.

See, I know sometimes these things can be overwhelming, so I knew what I was going for and kept my blinders on to everything else. It was kind of like my Stitches approach. Go with a list, do not deviate from said list…it was the only way I could keep within my budget. Of course I did see plenty of eye candy that made me all wide-eyed and crazy looking, but I was a good girl. I only really looked at the Manos color cards. I picked my color and I did two laps around the shop before I went up to the register to order and pay for it. 14 skeins in Bing Cherry. I also found a full punch card when I opened my wallet. That means $30 off my order that was *already* sale priced.  I had a *moment*. I believe I actually started jumping up and down and giggling loudly.

I bought enough Manos del Uruguay to make this:

Itll look awesome in bing cherry...

It'll look awesome in "bing cherry"...

I can’t wait until it comes in. I have it slated as my next project.

So, I said it was pretty overwhelming, right? Hopefully Penny doesn’t kill me for this one, but sometimes she is so cute that I just can’t help myself…

I believe there was some swearing happening right before this photo...

I believe there was some swearing happening right before this photo...

Little did I know at the time, but I was coming down with something. That and the crowd inside would explain why I felt like I was burning up. I ended up keeping Emily company at the front door and working on my sweater. It was chilly outside, but it was nice to sit and get some knitting done.

Flo, Meilan and Patty outside chatting.

Flo, Meilan and Patty outside chatting.

Emily and I...

Emily and I...

I enjoyed playing “bouncer” with Emily. Don’t mess with us ladies…..we carry pointy sticks!

The funny thing about this whole night…and I am not quite sure what I was thinking (for now I will blame the fever that came the next day) but I didn’t even think to go introduce myself to the Ravelry folks. I saw Mary-Heather a few times…and I think saw Jess and Casey once, but I didn’t get any photos of them. Blogger FAIL!

I did have fun though. And it’s getting me primed for Stitches West in February.

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6 Degrees of Ravelry

Monday, November 10th, 2008 | blah blah blah, crochet, knitting | 2 Comments

I am a fan of the podcast world. Knitting and non-knitting, I listen to lots. I used to be a big talk radio listener. I think it was because I was so used to listening to it back home in Michigan. My mom would be home in the afternoon, listening to the radio. It never really seemed like we had the television on much…… until my dad retired. Then it was balls to the walls coverage of “How It’s Made” or anything DIY related (don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of “How It’s Made”).

So, my ipod has now helped me to get connected to all kinds of people. I learn about the latest in knitting, or listen to stuff that makes me chuckle. My latest in favorite podcasts is actually by someone I have met…Dr. Gemma.

Now, podcasts aren’t how I met Dr. Gemma. I actually saw her in the LYS one night and I recognized her face. I kept thinking to myself….”I know that I know her from SOMEWHERE!” Then it dawned on me. I recognized her because of her avatar on Ravelry (scary, I know). She sat down with me and we chatted about Plurk, Ravelry, Podcasts…it was enough to make all of the non-techies in the room look at each other all glazed over at our geek speak. She is a fascinating woman with an equally fascinating job.

So really, if you like knitting/crochet podcasts and wanna get some extra therapy tips, you should give her a listen! Her podcast is called “CogKNITive” and you can find it on itunes and here.

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