Getting ready for some new projects…

Not a lot of knitting going on this time, but you can hear how my family has the tendency to hurt themselves with power tools.

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Becoming Doctor Frankenstein

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 | crafts, sewing | No Comments

While in the midst of crazy holiday planning, I took some time to perform a little alien autopsy.

Alien autopsy

Working on Gray.

I actually find doing the puppet (or “Henson”) stitch pretty darn relaxing. It’s very similar to the Mattress Stitch in my knitting world.

Alien autopsy

Bottom of his head is complete...almost.

Alien autopsy

The front of his face.

I am still trying to figure out how I will do the seams on the top of his head, but I’ll save that for later.

Check out Bigfoot and Gray: On the Run for updates on whats going on…

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Blogging as Therapy

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 | blah blah blah, charity, sewing, UGH! | 2 Comments

I am really making the effort to force myself to keep up with the blogging. I have plenty of reasons to do this. Most of all, it gives me the chance to talk about stuff I wouldn’t talk about other places. I mean, I know that the majority of my blog readers are my friends…and most of those friends belong to my knitting group…and I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive group of people in my life.

I have to admit, when I am in the middle of intense stuff, my way of “running and hiding” is to get to incredibly manic about my projects. It is what I do to avoid dealing with things and to take my mind off my issues.

Recently, life has been really overwhelming. My grandmother passed away, which was incredibly hard for me to deal with because of the guilt I felt about not being there towards the end of her life. Then this past weekend, my great aunt was attacked in her home by two thugs and knocked down her basement steps. She was badly hurt.

So, because I can’t be there, and because it’s how I deal with all the things that are completely out of my control, I have kicked my projects into overdrive.

I am eager to start getting things completed.

This evening I got stuck at work, so I had a few extra minutes to work on my scarf.

Stuck at work, glad I brought knitting...

It's getting longer...

Then after dinner I started stitching up the back of Gray.

Stitching up the back of Gray's head

The back of Gray's head...the seams need fluffing...

Hopefully better days are ahead, but for now, I am going to get stuff done.

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Busy work and experiments

I am never one to turn down a challenge…or am I just piling on myself at this point? I can’t really say, but there sure is a ton of stuff happening here.

First off, I finished my bobbin of Enchanted Hollow from FreckleFaceFibers. I’ll be plying it later.

Enchanted Hollow...just started spinning...

Enchanted Hollow

What I finished spinning a few nights ago.

There are more colors hiding in the center of that bobbin...

Then I went to Friday night knitting at my LYS. I worked on my capelet…

Capelet progress...

Capelet progress...it feels like I purl for miles on those wrong side rows

And what is this?


Yup...it made an appearance.

Holy crap! I’m actually working on it?!? Keep your pants on…I did one whole repeat. That’s 8 rows for those of you keeping track at home…


My sweater and it's fraternal twin.

Valsez dans l’abîme. ::sigh::

I also scored two skeins of Wollmeise off of Angelique. Stalking their website is her new thing. While we all stared at and fondled the yarn, Dana and I were bouncing sweater ideas off each other. I think I may just have an idea for a new sweater. This time I should make sure I take notes so maybe I can write a pattern to sell in my etsy shop. Ya know, like I was *supposed* to do with my Bruised Sweater.

Anyway, I sent Ang off with some other color ideas, but I need to confirm what I want her to stalk for me. I need two more colors for this experimental sweater. Intarsia? Maybe…

And speaking of experiments, I am now in possession of Gray’s head once again. This time I’m going to sew some fleecey skin on him. I didn’t take any pics yet because I haven’t officially started working on it, but you can check out some of the progress on the bigfootandgray blog.

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Crafting Hijinks…

Sunday, March 21st, 2010 | crafts, knitting, Random Craftiness, sewing | No Comments

There is no way that there are enough hours in a day for me to get done the things I *want* to get done.

I am knitting…

The Office Blanket of Doom.

The Office Blanket of Doom.

Yes, out of hibernation and appearing on my living room floor is the Office Blankie of Doom! This isn’t the only thing I have on the needles right now. I am also taking part in a knit-a-long at Unwind sponsored by Classic Elite Yarns. I am knitting the strappy tank…I’ll take some pics of it eventually.

I am also sewing.

I started a couple of skirts...

I started a couple of skirts...

There is a lot I need to learn about sewing. I did do a happy dance when I figured out how to pop off my presser foot. The lapped zippers were a little less fun.

I am also learning how to skin a puppet.

I meant sew skin onto a puppet.

I know…it’s all new to me too…

I would take some pictures, but this puppet gig is for a friend at work and I will wait until he has more of his stuff ready…plus I haven’t asked if he’s down with it yet. I will though. In the meantime, you can check his stuff out here:


Oh lookie….he has pics up!

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