Mystery Fan Art.

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Okay…so I originally wrote this post awhile ago…long before I knew what was actually going on with any of this. I saved it in my drafts (which is becoming more and more cluttered these days) thinking that later this year, when I am able to talk about it, I would go ahead and show everyone.

I had taken this picture right after I was done making a few of these….then pixelated it because I technically can’t show you what it is.


Mysterious mystery.

But then this happened and since I work on this show, I am going to feel free to straight up pimp it’s tumblr out on my blog. Plus there’s that thing ….ya know…I made the little guy pictured in the profile pic.

I am thinking once I get a moment, maybe I should write up the pattern. Maybe someone might want one of their own.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! As for me, I’m planning on staying home as much as possible and spending time not only cooking a turkey (yup, I’m on turkey duty this year), but also whipping up some Christmas projects!


Not too long ago, my girl’s troop made some clothespin turkeys for Meals on Wheels. In the interest of saving time, the adults helped too.


I am an avid Black Friday avoider…so the more time I can spend at home working on something fibery related, the better. More importantly, I feel like I have fallen behind on getting things done. I need to fix that. Hopefully the long weekend is all I need to get me back on track!

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Time for the Retreat!

It’s Friday night and I am here. Woohoo!!

I am here in Tehachapi eagerly anticipating CogKNITive’s First Annual Fiber Retreat. I am in my room. I have gotten all the tubs of stuff out of the back of the van (I am hauling merchandise for Unwind) and I am ready to go. I haven’t heard from anyone I know yet, so I am not sure who is here.

I did meet nice woman downstairs (Kathy), her husband, and their cutieboo 150 lb. dog. I also saw a woman hauling in tubs of yarn while I was unloading the van. I am guessing she is a vendor.

Don’t get me wrong…I am hardly bored while waiting. I have my trusty macbook and a boatload of projects.

Nuzzling some of my own dyed-by-me roving I am donating as a raffle prize

Nuzzling some of my own dyed-by-me roving I am donating as a raffle prize

Carbonized Han Solo Bamboo that I am still spinning (from Stitches West)

Carbonized "Han Solo" Bamboo that I am still spinning (from Stitches West)

Arm Warmers and my Vaya Shrug aka The Boobie Holder

Arm Warmers and my Vaya Shrug aka "The Boobie Holder"

Not to mention I also have my spinning wheel and some cash in my pocket for shopping tomorrow. Hopefully I can get something done!

For now I am gonna knit and goof around on Facebook!

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