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Time for a little drive-by blogging. Really, I’m hoping I can post this while sitting here on the street.

I know, I have been neglecting my blog a little bit since starting work. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done all the things I would like to. I make do though. I bring crafting to work. I bust out tasks while marathoning Supernatural (I’m caught up for those of you wondering – David).

But that’s not the point of this post. I have news…
It has begun.

How many weeks do you think it would take for someone to, not only settle into a new job, but also form a knitting club?
For me, it’s three.

Yes, today is the day…and it’s official…I have a brand new knitting circle at the new day job! Hooray! And guess what? They are all new to knitting! I get to teach. They are all super excited…and so am I!

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Blanketeers Thursday 12/1/11

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 | At the office, Blanketeers | No Comments

Another Blanketeers Thursday. I don’t feel like I got much accomplished, but I am blaming my crazy holiday knitter brain for feeling that way. Honestly, I am really so into trying to get my holiday gifts done that I haven’t devoted much time to working on my charity stuff, even though I am desperate to get it done. Deadlines are the worst and there are only 24 more days until Christmas.

photo 1

Wendy's lovely sweater

We did have a little show and tell. Wendy finished a handspun sweater for her sister and Nancy has been crocheting like crazy since we got her into the group.

photo 2

A Purse!

Nancy actually made this purse with no pattern. We’re very proud of here. She also completed a scarf for Operation Gratitude! She’s a crocheting machine!


More Office Crafting!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 | At the office, Needle Felting | No Comments

Not too long ago we decided to do some felting for funsies! A few of my friends met in a conference room at lunch and went to town on some wool…


The Stash.


Getting out our aggression by stabbing it with a sharp needle.


All to make cute baby owls!


It’s a meat locker…

Thursday, October 20th, 2011 | At the office, FO's | No Comments

My office is so very cold. It has been for weeks. So cold that people are actually getting all sorts of yucky germy things and are coming in in jackets and hats. I know I have been rocking a lot of my knit items in the office and then have to peel off the layers to venture outside.

I’ve had to bundle up too. Luckily, a binder clip makes a pretty decent fastener to keep Office Blankie on me while I work.


Me freezing (and a little sick).


Early Dismissal…

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | blah blah blah, charity | No Comments

Well, for most of us.

I am still here at work…waiting. Luckily I have been carrying every project I currently have on the needles with me…EVERYWHERE. This includes work.

Yesterday, I got the chance to kick it “granny-style” at my desk during lunch. All bundled up with Office Blankie on my lap, working on my scarf.

Kickin' it granny style at work...

So. very. cold...

Today it’s a little warmer in here. I haven’t really had much to do as far as work today (the day before a holiday is always kind of slow), but since I am waiting on some stuff before I can leave, I have spent some of the time entertaining the kids that my co-workers brought to work today. I’ve been teaching them all about Doctor Who. Yup, I’m a nerd.


Apparently it is raining on the Dalek.

But now the kids are gone, and here I am blogging and listening to some loud music. Everyone has pretty much left already, so I guess I can do whatever I want until I have to leave.


I have a messy desk...I tagged the hell outta this photo on my flickr account.

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I wonder why…

Sunday, November 14th, 2010 | blah blah blah, FO's, handspun, knitting, stash storage | 4 Comments

…all of a sudden it seems like I am drowning in UFO’s. It really feels that way. Maybe it is because I am trying to feverishly clean the house in preparation for my parents visit? I’m not sure. I swear it feels like this place is swallowing me up.

I did some major purging today. I have a bag of yarn to take to the shop to give to whoever wants it. I figure if someone can use my leftovers and maybe get some inspiration…well, more power to them. Right now it is just clogging up my stash cabinet.

I am also in a place where I would rather have some FO’s under my belt as opposed to having huge amounts of unfinished projects lying all over the place. I feel some new years’ resolutions coming on, one being to knit and spin down my stash. Maybe stick some of it up in my etsy shop. I have this weird thing about hanging on to stuff, I really need to not see every skein of my hand spun as so precious to me that I can’t sell it.

So, today I finally got a project done. Thank. God.


Office Blankie.

I can finally get this bad boy out of the house and either take it to work, or keep it in the van in case I get stranded somewhere. It’s not super big, but it is nice and warm. It makes a good lap blanket.

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Emergency Phone Calls…

Friday, September 12th, 2008 | blah blah blah | 2 Comments

I work in an office.

I work in a place in said office where I cannot have a ringer on. But I am a mom of toddlers, who look like someone took a cheese grater to their knees and elbows most days when I pick them up after work, so I keep my phone on my desk where I can see it. Should the kids’ school call, or my husband, I will know and call back from my office line.

This morning I was dealing with some clients and glanced over at my phone. 1 missed call. It was my mom.

So I stopped for a moment, and then my brain exploded. Is everyone ok, did someone die? Normally those are the first thoughts that go through my head when my mom calls me at any point during my workday. Before I got a chance to react, the office phone rang. It was her.

I ask if everything is ok, and what comes out of her mouth?

“I am at a wool mill in Frankenmuth and they have …” She starts rattling off descriptions of colors. Seriously, my folks…who are in Frankenmuth, MI to hang out for the day to celebrate their wedding anniversary, are at a wool mill shopping for roving for me.

My folks are the coolest. And hopefully this means I will have some fun stuff to take pictures of for this new fangled blog.

But seriously, she almost gave a me a heart attack.

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