Forced relaxation…

Monday, January 6th, 2014 | blah blah blah, FO's, hats, Holiday, knitting, stash busting, UGH! | No Comments

Wow, what a hectic year this is shaping up to be! I have been very busy, but it looks like I’m getting a little break coming up soon.

I met up with my knitters on Friday night but I didn’t do any knitting. I think the holidays did me in and, once again, the repetitive motion injury fairy has come to visit. The knitter’s have instructed me to lighten up on the crafting time.

But, how in the world will I survive without my knitting?!? (Insert dramatic flailing here.)

It’s not so bad though. Courtney and I must have been reading each other’s minds because we both think that instead of exchanging Crafty Christmas gifts on Twelfth Night (which was…um…yesterday), that we should exchange them at Stitches West next month! That way we are all together and hopefully that gives everyone enough time to get their projects done.

I’m not worried. I already made the prediction that I would be done first, despite my splint.

While I wait to get back to crafting, presents are starting to be delivered to relatives back home! I haven’t heard from everybody yet, but hopefully I will soon. There is a big snowstorm happening in the midwest right now and my packages are being delivered to some of those areas hit hard by snow and ice. Keep your fingers crossed!

My folks are happy that they are here in Cali where it a lovely 70+ degrees and they have been taunting the folks back home in Michigan with pictures of the two of them wearing shorts and sandals. It means that my Mom hasn’t had the opportunity to wear the hat I knit her for Christmas.

Oh well, maybe she can get some use out of it when she gets home in March.


Nicole by Grace Akhrem

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Keeping busy…

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 | FO's, hats | No Comments

I know I have been mysteriously absent as of late. It may seem like things are all quiet here…however, I assure you they are not!

I will say that not much knitting is happening during the week. I have been spending a lot of time out of the house. I go walking almost every night and, consequently, have lost 20 pounds. While I love wandering around the neighborhood every night, I do miss my knitting. I could totally knit and walk at the same time (heck, I do it at Stitches every year), but I somehow think that me knitting while walking my ‘hood in the dark would make me an easy target…and I need that extra hand to carry my pepper spray.

I am still on hat duty! I have finished hat #2 of 2012.

photo 1.JPG

My Nicole.

photo 2.JPG

Modeling it so my friend can snap a pic...

It is the Nicole pattern…and it is super easy and a very quick knit. You could totally finish it up in a weekend without much effort. I absolutely LOVE it. Mostly because I knit it up with some Kumara that my Mom bought me while yarn crawling in Michigan.



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