The Genesis of Big Al…

While I’ve been in the midst of taking care of all of the things one needs to take care of when they have had their house burglarized, I decided to take a little Ravelry break. Imagine my surprise when I found this:


This is so sweet. I cried.

I had been intending to do this project… sticking the pattern in my wish list so I wouldn’t forget it. I had just had a discussion with Courtney about this being my playoff knitting project. See, my home team is the Red Wings…and in Hockeytown we have something we call Big Al.

Big Al. Thanks NHL.com!

I’ve been putting it off. I needed to get my current project done first. I knew I would have a hard time picking it back up again if I put it down to start this. It’s pretty much how I operate these days. I decided to torture myself by keeping the yarn in front of my while I knit on my Lunar Progression.


My yarn for Big Al. I have orangey octopus on the brain.

Well, the Red Wings were eliminated, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have have a playoff knit, I guess. I decided to dive in and start double knitting on my very own Big Al. It’s my first time doing this, so I am a little nervous.


Double knitting. It’s interesting.

As for my Lunar Progression…well, more on that later…

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Spinning the Draft.


It’s NHL Draft time! It’s Tour de Fleece!

Better late than never. I started Tour de Fleece a whole day after everyone else…and during the NHL Draft. All over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I am seeing folks posting pictures of beautiful hand spun yarn. It’s hard to not get carried away and try and catch up with everyone else.

I’m on Team Knitshitsthefan… Which, honestly, is a team of 1 (or maybe 2), so I need to not be putting any pressure on myself to produce. I’m not trying to win any contests!

Despite having to do some wheel maintenance on Lucy, my Kromski Sonata, I think I did pretty good for one day. Courtney came over and took turns treadling with the kids before she tried spinning some of her fluff.


I had a Bee Mice Elf single that was already spun, so I plied that and stuck it on the niddy noddy. I finished spinning another single in Bee Mice Elf fiber (the dark yarn) and my friend David, of Octarine Fibers, gave me some lovely Falkland braids in “Library Card”.

I didn’t make it to bed until 3:30 AM, so I am not as productive today.

But no pressure, right?

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