Trying something new…with a deadline…

Leave it to me to volunteer to take part in something and then rethink my project until it is nothing like anything I’ve ever tried. On the bright side, it means I’m never bored.

Here’s the thing…I was asked if I wanted to take part in an art show. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, because really, when do I ever say no?

Well, I spent weeks thinking and rethinking what I would do for my project. I thought to myself over and over again “Of course, everyone is going to think I should crochet a doll. That’s easy.” It was the first thing to get crossed off the list. I wasn’t even going to keep it as an option…because I am a pain in the ass like that.

Then there were the discussions with my knitting friends. Maybe some intarsia or something? I could easily chart out something cool… Nope.

Luckily, Courtney is someone who is big on ideas. We went back and forth about what would be good. There were a bunch of suggestions she threw out…and I somehow settled on weaving.

I did my research. I wanted to do something sort of mixed up and using different techniques. Really, folks, I am feeling my way through this. It’s not like I own a lap loom…


No loom? No problem.

It’s a good thing I am all about the process. I started making a loom with some nails and a picture frame. I got 3/4 done when my husband took over so I could keep my thumbs.


Getting started.


I use whatever I like as a tool. I like dinner forks.

So far it is looking pretty good and I just got an email today saying when I need to have my piece turned in…and it’s more time than I thought I had. I dunno…I might actually pull this off.

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If the loom is a-rockin’…

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I’ve been doing some major work on the loom as of late.


Loom assembled! Note: I realize that anchoring my loom with my feet is not the best idea.

I kicked butt on that itchy Nature Spun included in with the loom, and lickety split I was done.


My first woven scarf.

Much like the first “skein” of yarn I spun on a drop spindle, I hate itI love it…I’m incredibly critical of the workmanship but feel attached to it for sentimental reasons.

As soon as I had the fringe tied off and the ends woven in, I immediately started warping for the next project. I had some bright cotton yarn that David had given me before he moved to the Bay area. It’s been sitting in a bag screaming to be something. I am much more pleased with this attempt at weaving. It helps that I love the bright colors.


Appealing to my love of 80’s dayglo.

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I’m definitely a “starter”…


Baah! in Obsidian, Burmese Ruby and Grey Onyx.

It was a busy weekend. Luckily, with no Friday Night Knitting for me this week, I had the extra time to sit and think…analyze…and play Animal Crossing.

I had caked up that Baah! La Jolla yarn in preparation for the LA Yarn Crawl 2013 shawl (better late than never). I decided to cast that bad boy on…I don’t have much done, but it is looking good so far!

I also took some time on Sunday to sketch. Drawing is something I love to talk myself out of. I don’t think it is something I am terribly good at. During my time on the path of art in college, I preferred my sculpture classes to any kind of drawing class. I would rather end up with art I could touch.


My hand…ugh.

After sketching for awhile, I got the bug in my bonnet to put my Cricket loom together. So I did.


The loom…pre-build.

Looks like I am back on the multiple project bandwagon!

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Stitches West 2013, The Haul

I almost forgot to post a picture of the haul from Stitches this year! This picture represents *most* of what we purchased during our weekend.


The Haul.

And a few other pics of our weekend, just because.


Dr. Gemma interviewing folks for her podcast.


The wheels at the Carolina Homespun Booth.


I showed restraint. I am no longer allowed to bring dirty fleece into the house after that last incident. But…look! It has my name!


Court and I…with some cheese.

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The “L” Word

I thought I had a plan. I sat here, days before Stitches West, flipping through Ravelry patterns in my queue and making a list of things I wanted to make and what supplies I needed. I had a whittled it down to a short list of yarn weights and yardages. I was so very organized and ready for just about anything until…

I believe we were on the convention center floor when it happened. Courtney looked at me, and in a tone that clearly conveyed she was unsure that what she was about to say was a good idea, she said “I think I want to get a loom.”

My brain exploded and started leaking out of my ears.

That was all she had to say. I completely went into that “state”…the state I was in my very first year of Stitches when one of my friends from the AV suggested I get a dirty fleece. That story is still told to this day…of me walking out of the showroom, eyes like saucers, talking so fast that no one could understand me. I had gone off the rails.

It was happening again. Saucer eyed…Courtney could tell that Stacy went “bye-bye”.

I think there might have been nodding…and telling her what an amazing idea it was…and that she should definitely get one…AND I MUST HAVE ONE TOO. Yup. It was all over for me.

Then I had apparently mentioned it to David…and he went off the rails too.

Saturday morning it all went down. After David (who had a vendor badge) went ahead of us for some recon on the Slipped Stitch Studios TARDIS project bags, and I had successfully acquired one of those bags and won a smaller project bag at their booth, we made a bee line to Purlescence. David got there before us and was already on the floor practicing on the display loom. We sat and watched, and then all three of us pulled the trigger.


Now, I had done a little bit of Internet research the night before…and figured out what came in the loom and tried to figure out what type of reed I needed to weave fingering weight yarn. Of course, we are a hive brain and I know I wasn’t the only one that had this idea. When we asked the awesome folks at Purlescence to hold the looms for us to pick up later, I asked for a 12 dent reed.

They held it for me, but it was the only one they had. Luckily, there were other booths that had them too, because I felt like an asshole blurting out the 12 dent reed request as they were putting the looms aside for us, and I know that Court and I both have enough fingering weight yarn to choke a small third world country.

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Meeting up with the Fiber Collective…

Time for a little lunchtime blogging. It seems to me I am starting to get in some sort of groove with this lunchtime blogging situation. It helps that the work computers are fast…and quite frankly, as far as our home computers are concerned right now, we are practically off the grid. But that is another story…

So, on 3/29, the ladies of the Fiber Collective (on Ravely) had a meetup up at Edward’s Air Force Base at Stashymama’s place. I convinced Wendy to go up there with me, which took absolutely *zero* armtwisting on my part. We don’t know many folks around these parts that are into spinning, so the idea of getting together with a bunch of spinner’s for the day was incredibly exciting! So we packed up our wheels and some food and headed up there!

We got up there a little late, but we walked in to see this:

A Louet, A Lendrum, a Ladybug

A Louet, A Lendrum, a Ladybug


A Mach 1

A Mach 1

This doesn’t include Wendy’s Ashford Joy or my very own Kromski Sonata (“Lucy”)…or the many others that were there drop spindling!
Stashymama (Ann) is an incredible host and does NOT mess around. She had set up plenty of demo’s for us. We had gotten there a little late and had missed the spindling demos, but we got to see plenty of fiber demos.
All sorts of fibery goodness!

All sorts of fibery goodness!

Ann showed us how to steam set our yarn right on the stove and how to wash a fleece (Note to self: I need to get a teapot and a bigger house to store my fleece stash). Wendy brought some angora and teased apart the locks. Ann showed us how to comb alpaca and handcard it into rolags…and I got to watch Mindy use a small loom to make cotton washcloths. The whole day was really amazing and I had complete sensory overload! While some of these thjings were happening, I was dipping into the fiber I had brought with me and had Ann show me how to use her drumcarder.
I want a drumcarder...I had better start playing the lottery...

I want a drumcarder...I had better start playing the lottery...

I had brought my artclub Heirloom Tomatoes batts and some Fleece Artist I had gotten from Kataish and with a few oddsies and endsies Ann had in a garbage bag came up with some gorgeous batts!!
Wendy tried out the drumcarder too…
Wendys grey angora with purple mohair

Wendy's grey angora with purple mohair

And if this wasn’t enough to make me giddy, Mindy’s husband made me a shawl pin! I guess it was a “Welcome to the Fiber Collective” gift! If that wasn’t a cool thing already, check this out, it’s specifically designed for my sci-fi nerdiness!!
The Alliance Starbird.

The Alliance Starbird.

A knitting AND Star Wars accessory. I am sorry….but…BEST…KNITTING….ACCESSORY….EVER! It looks super sweet with my Pi shawl.
The folks of the Fiber Collective are so awesome. I totally have to thank Bellatrix, Dr. Gemma, Pudmuddles, Lexicom, Mindy, Stashymama and the rest for wrapping their arms around me and making me feel so welcome! They rawk! ::happy sigh::
Oh, and if they are out there reading this….the Log Cabin Linus is in my possession. I will return it soon…and probably with more extras thrown in the bag. 😉

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