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I was really at a loss as to what to make my hairdresser this year for Christmas. I was running out of time and I couldn’t find anything that I thought she might like that could be executed with such little time available. Most of the cool bug stuff I found was stuff I would have to experiment with (Lacey is really into bugs). I was running out of time and stressing out.

That is when I saw a friend of mine had made a necklace with some yarn she had lying around. There was a free pattern online for it too! Bonus points for ease! It was a perfect addition to the little gift bag I put together for her!


Urban Chic Tassel Necklace.

The Urban Chic Tassel Necklace by Ambah O’Brien pattern can be found here.

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Evil Eye Be Gone!

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My friend, Angelique, is Greek and recently spent some time in Greece. Of course, she brought back a souvenir for me. A string of beads to ward off the *evil eye*.

From Ang

Evil Eye be GONE!

When she gave these to me, she said ‘This is a string of beads that you could hang on a mirror or something. I brought (the string of beads) back for you because I know you probably need it the most right now.’ A few of the other ladies had received something with a bead or two on it, but she was pulling out the big guns for me. This is why she is awesome.

Now, I don’t really much know about the “evil eye”, so I decided to wiki the heck outta it.

“The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. The term also refers to the power attributed to certain persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by such an envious or ill-wishing look.”

Interesting. Now I wouldn’t consider myself superstitious or anything, but it couldn’t hurt to have these beads around. My problem was, I wanted to wear them. This is where the re-purposing comes in…

Now Angelique told me that in the Greek culture, if you are gifted these beads, it is bad luck to give them away. To try not to mess with any bad juju by busting up this set of beads, I made sure to re-purpose it with every piece of this gift intact. All I added was a button.


Voila! A bracelet!


With a button closure...

See? Easy Peasy!

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Someone’s been a busy girl!

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The slippery slope of my latest crafting phase started like this…

A Special Order...

A Special Order...

My sister-in-law works for an entertainment union that…oh screw it, I’m not using names…the girl works for Screen Actors Guild and needed some fancy jewelry for the latest SAG Awards. I made this. It is a crappy photo, I know, but they turned out really pretty.

Stitch Markers Galore!

Stitch Markers Galore!

While I have been in my whole “trying to make lemonade” phase, I’ve decided to start getting my act together and start selling stuff. I haven’t gotten all of my photographs taken and color corrected yet, but for a girl who works a full time gig *and* has preschool aged twins, I think I am making pretty decent progress.

I am also attempting to get a little knitting done. While waiting to get the Manos I ordered for my Clasica Coat, I broke down cast on a new sweater. I had some Asland Trends Invernal in my stash to knit February Lady so I started it. It’ll be freakin’ awesome and so far it seems like a pretty quick knit. I anticipate I will have it done in time to wear to Stitches West.

Coming along nicely...

Coming along nicely...

The buttons will definitely make this sweater extra awesome. I got them from happysilence on etsy.

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