Doctor Who stuff!!

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Hey Doctor Who fans!!!

Are you getting ready for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary? Are you having a viewing party? Are you headed to your local theater so you can watch the special on the big screen? Do you plan on dressing up?

I am.

What does this have to do with my crafting? Well, I designed these headbands for HerUniverse… and right now you can buy them at your local Hot Topic store (they seem to be out of stock on the website). If you happen to be looking for an accessory to go with your TARDIS or Dalek outfit, you should check them out!!

Seriously, here are my friends wearing them…and I think they look super cute (although my friends are super cute to begin with).


The Dalek headband!


And the TARDIS headband!

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Carnival of FO’s!

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Man, I have been busy!

May is normally a pretty busy month for me. My folks make their regular trip out to stay with us for a few weeks, during which time we celebrate my Dad’s Birthday, Mothers’ Day…and the Twin’s Birthday.

This year the twins turned 5…which is a big one…

My babies are so big!!

My babies are so big!!

But despite the multiple birthday party plans (we threw two parties for the kids…that a lot of freakin’ cupcakes…) and my folks a good time while they visit sunny California, I did get a boatload of stuff done. Mostly various “life” type things…but some knitting too. Plus, to be honest, I have held some of my finished objects back. I’ve started a “Block Party” bag. I have just been throwing various knitting projects in it that need to be blocked.

So let the Carnival of Finished Objects begin!

My Twin Cities Headband...

My Twin Cities Headband...

First I finished my Twin Cities headband, which was a kit I bought from The Sweatshop of Love. It is a great little headband and I have been itching to knit a few more…especially now with my new short hairdo!

Baby Hat

Baby Hat

Damnit! It just occurred to me I needed to send this home with my folks and I didn’t! Doh! Oh well, I guess I will have to box it up and send it. I totally just ruined the surprise. Baby Gillies, this one is for you!

My Second Simple Things...the first isnt blocked yet...

My Second Simple Things...the first isn't blocked yet...

A Simple Things all blocked and ready for my mom to wear! Woot!

I also finished my strappy tank…and finished before the Classic Elite Yarns KAL deadline.

318 stitches in the round is really painful.

318 stitches in the round is really painful.

I know, the mere fact that I get anything done is amazing. Yet I still don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. Mostly because I am out of my freakin’ mind, but that is common knowledge. Do I dare talk about all the projects I just started?

Maybe I will wait for the next post.

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