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Weeknight crafting…

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I don’t usually have people over during the week, but lately I have felt the need for some serious decompression time and I thought having my friends over would help me with that. Mallory had some fabric cutting she needed to do and Ashley was looking to get her sweater seamed up before they both left for Colorado.

Sharing the table...

Ashley working on her seams.

Ashley's Hanna!

While they both worked on their projects, I decided to try and work out my gauge swatch for my upcoming Unique Sheep Mystery Lace KAL. I’ve never knit using beads before, so this will be interesting.

Starting to swatch for the KAL.

The swatch called for a size 5 needle, but apparently my knitting is pretty tight as of late, so I had to bump it up to a size 7.

You can see the difference.

If I feel so inclined, I might actually redo this and make a proper gauge swatch. I don’t know, let’s see how I feel about it next week.

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A busy Friday Night…

Woohoo!  Holiday weekends mean we get out of work early generally. This holiday weekend was no exception. It was a good thing because I had some errands to run.

Since I was out, I figured I would take care of my medical refferral stuff before heading to the shop. Now, I am kind of a ditz…I know this…but I am not quite sure how I thought I would be going to get these tests done and get off without having to give blood. I guess I just wasn’t thinking. It’s probably a good thing though…I have been a big freaking baby about all this stuff lately.

I got to the shop hungry and a little woozy. It was pretty darn hot out and the shop AC was acting funny. Ash and I decided to order in Thai food. We weren’t going to try and walk down to our usual spot.


Progress on The Mountain View Cardigan

I started off the night working on my Mountain View Cardi. I feel like I have been so “off again, on again” with this one, but I am sure it is just because I am distracted with other things on the horizon.

While I worked on my knitting, Vera had asked Mallory to help her daughter learn to needle felt. She bought Teddy a frog kit while they were in Albuquerque on Vera’s Knit Shop tour to promote her patterns.


Mallory helping Teddy out with her needle felting


And there she goes!

I was feeling ansty and decided I should cake up my yarn for The Unique Sheep Mystery Lace KAL. I actually have the first day of this KAL off because I have to go in for more tests, but once that is done, I have the rest of the day to be a total lump on the couch. Michelle tells me that they normally release the first clue at midnight, so I have my yarn prepared and I’ll have the entire day to knit the first clue! Hooray!


My Unique Sheep yarn.

We also were trying to help Ashley out with her Hanna Cardigan. So far it looks absolutely gorgeous! I hope they bring back this colorway at some point, because I would love to knit a sweater in this color!! I just love Sanguine Gryphon!


Ash's lovely Hanna Cardigan

Mallory spent most of the evening helping Teddy out with her felting. Teddy even stabbed herself at one point, so she is officially a needle felter! She was having a little trouble with her symmetry, but Mallory guided her. At the end of the night, she had nearly completed her frog!


The "right" leg.


And something else...


Looking good!

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Fulfilling my long overdue promise…

It’s been practically a week since I have actually signed on to post anything. I have pictures of me in my Hanna from last Friday. It turned out super cute, however, if I ever knit it again, I might make a few modifications…

First off, I have this weird psychological problem that involves sizing my knitting. More often than not, I really grossly miscalculate size. I have a tendency to think I am a larger size than what I actually am. Luckily, the ladies at the shop help reel me in. They will instruct me on what size to make. I also am having a problem with items that aren’t exactly fitted (like this one). My first thought was “I look Pregnant” in this. I don’t…and I’m not…but I just lost 8 pounds, so I am eager to wear things that are more fitted to my body.

So here she is, in all her bamboo/silk glory.


My Hanna

Now, the reason why I said I would modify this next time around is because I find that the neck is really wide and the amount of fabric actually covering my shoulders in minimal. It kept sliding off and exposing the straps on my tank. Suzanne had recommended I put in little straps with fasteners, such as they do in couture clothing, to attach it to the straps of whatever tank I am wearing underneath to stop it sliding down my shoulders. I think that at some point I will do that.


You can see what I mean...

I have a whole stack of clothing that needs mending, so I will probably throw this on that pile of things to do.

Ashley is working on a Hanna too! She is making the cardigan version of this pattern. While I was showing off my new FO, she was starting the sleeves on hers.

All tangly.

LOVE that green!!

And I worked on my Mountain View Cardigan…

Making progress...

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Is Hanna ready yet?

I am sure it is by the time this posts. I am getting it all ready to wear to work and to knitting (where, if I am lucky, someone might be kind enough to snap a picture of me in it).

You are about to witness the most ghetto blocking  job ever. Oh well, it all turns out the same in the end, right?

Blocking sleeves (selectively)

First blocking attempt.

Ok, so here is my first blocking attempt. It did the job, but then the folds were not blocked to my liking.

Blocking sleeves

Second Blocking attempt.

So here I blocked the folds the second time ’round to make sure everything looked even.

Hanna pullover

Here it is! In all it's unblocked glory!

Here is the pullover before any blocking even started. Looks pretty good! However, I do think my duct tape dress form is having some issues with it’s contents settling. Trust me, I’ll fill this bad boy out WAY better. 🙂


In case you were wondering…

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 | knitting, sewing, start to finish, UFO's | No Comments

I have been making some pretty significant progress on my Hanna Pullover. Actually, by the time this posts, I am already long done on the knitting and seaming. So far, the only thing I have left to do is block out the bell sleeves a little bit. Of course, even though this thing is safely being worn by my duct tape dress form, I still have no photos of it completed.

Really, would you expect any different from me?

I do however, have pictures of it “pre-seaming”. I am really hoping that I can get it blocked and photographed by Friday night. Mostly because I intend to wear it that day….


Hanna Pullover, "pre-seaming"

I am also on to my next two projects. I have started to knit my Mountain View Cardigan and I am gauge swatching the Julia pattern from the Summer 2011 Knitty!


I am really starting to wonder why the heck I can't ever seem to be dead on with my gauge swatches anymore.

I am having some gauge issues lately, but lets hope I get that straightened out soon…

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Where am I again?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 | felting, KIP, knitting, sweater, UFO's | No Comments

I have been walking around in some sort of haze for a week. Maybe it’s sensory overload? Stress? Wanderlust?

All of the above?

(Shrugs) I don’t know, but I will be honest and say my mind has been elsewhere.

It’s not to say I haven’t been crafting…I have. But when I try and figure out what it is I want to talk about, my thoughts escape me and I end up walking around staring at the sky. I am sure people must think I am crazy.

OK, time for me to stay on track!

I actually went and hung out to knit with my girlfriends this weekend. It had been a whole three weeks since I had been knitting with them! We sat in the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble and talked books and got crafty.

Mallory's felting

Mallory's felting

Mallory's felting

More of Mallory's Felting

While progress is slow, it’s progress none the less. I have made it to the 6 inch mark on my bell sleeves and completed my decrease. Now I have 9 1/2 inches to go and I can start finishing the sleeve. I really done have all that much knitting left to do on this thing, but much like my reading habits, I only complete it in spurts…

My sleeves

I'll get them done one of these days...


Dear Knitting,

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 | blah blah blah, knitting, UFO's | No Comments

I really miss you. It’s been just over a week since I have been able to sit down and enjoy your company. I know I have things going on…I got sick…got relatives in town…I’ve been here and there and everywhere. I haven’t made a single trip to the yarn shop…and I am still upset that I can’t take you Disneyland!

(Who woulda thunk it? Those beautiful needles you so gracefully adorn are considered to be weapons.)

I just don’t know when I am going to get to spend time with you again. There has been such craziness and drama happening in my life. I know I normally share it all with you, but this time I just haven’t been able to reach you.

Trust me when I say I am trying to clear out space on my calendar for you and I to visit with each other. I would really like to get you finished. I have a new KAL coming this summer and I intend to wear you while I work on that.

With Love,


My Hanna Pullover...


...Ready for Sleeves

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So, I took a little trip…

To the dirty south for the holidays. We did lots of stuff, but I was bored a lot of the time. I got a lot of knitting done and took a ton of pictures.

This probably should be named “The one where I talk about super fancy bathrooms and falling off a horse”…


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