Friday Night Knitting

Friday Night Block Party…

Here I go again….stacking up my drafts until I forget what it was I wanted to say. Thank goodness I am organized with my pictures… at least.

So this is the kinda stuff I do on Friday Nights…to keep me off the mean streets of Burbank.

The pictures below show how you can block a garment in no time. It was dry enough to unpin and take home at the end of the night.

photo 1

Courtney’s hooded cape thingy.

photo 2

She had stitches on a cable to seam later. She was stepping on the towel to get some of the water out and ended up breaking one of the end caps for her needles.

photo 3

Pinning it out with a little help from Angelique.

Hopefully I will get to see what it looks like once it’s seamed up…but it looked really good when she left my place that night. Maybe I’ll get to snap some pictures later.

I also thought I would snap a WIP picture…of course, there isn’t much more done on my project yet. I haven’t had much time to work on it lately.

photo 4

Angelique’s shawl, Courtney’s Signe hat…and my Big Al (well, a couple of his tentacles at least).

photo 5

My Signe hat alongside Courtney’s WIP. You’d think it was freaky friday or something. Usually our color choices are the other way around…

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Another Belated Christmas Gift?

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 | FO's, Friday Night Knitting, Holiday | No Comments

Really, I know, it’s February already and I am still handing out Christmas gifts? What is this madness?

My friend Mallory came to the shop with Mother and brother in tow, to come spend some time around friends and the sweet smell of wool.

photo 2.JPG

A leg warmer for Mallory.


Dinner of Champions

Saturday, January 28th, 2012 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | No Comments

What does one do after a really supremely horrendous week?

Hit the Grilled Cheese truck and go knitting. Oh, and the libations help.

photo 3.JPG

That's Honey Whiskey in the flask there...


Dueling Projects!

I was incredibly lucky to get to the shop early this past week. Everyone had left work early for the holiday weekend, so I decided to get out of there too.

I met up with Mal at the shop, determined to spend my time catching up on my personal projects because I had not really devoted any time to them recently. Don’t get me wrong, I am seriously determined to get some charity projects done, but I have a few things just sitting here and I was feeling like I was losing some momentum.

I started knitting on my Mountain View Cardigan. Oh yeah….*that sweater*…it’s still around. One of these days, I might even finish it. For right now, baby steps. It’s not complete, but I did finish the back of it.

Mountain View

Mountain View...someday.

While I worked, Mal did her felting thing…

Mall's project

Mall's project

I brought my Phoenix and the Carpet project but I hadn’t planned on working on it. Then Michelle showed up and I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to snap a couple of pics of our dueling KAL projects! We’re both a little behind on our clues…

Dueling projects


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Just another Friday Night…

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | 1 Comment

Well, except I haven’t been to knitting in a month!

Ash and I decided to hang out and spend some quality time with our knitting, the ladies at the shop and a 12″ Doctor Who.


The Doctor decided to stop by and check my progress...

Flo: “What is that? An EPI pen?”
Ashley: “Yes, he’s a time lord with a bee allergy.”



Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | 1 Comment

I am still taking it easy on the knitting. I have a new project started, but I am not going “full out” like I do with most projects. I have to say, in an attempt to have more time to be still and relax, I have been doing a lot of reading. I am finding I really quite like it.

So this past Friday, I spent more time chatting with the ladies about my recent trip and the other weird stuff going on in my life than actually knitting anything.

But this is a photo heavy blog!?! Yes, and luckily I have lots of friends who are working on things.


Mei Lan is knitting the same coat I made.


Mallory is doing a lot of needle felting. She is our resident "non-knitter".


More of Mallory's stuff...


Some free form stuff.


Ashley is starting blankets based on the Fibonacci Sequence.


Friday Night Crazies!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | 1 Comment

Ok,  I am backtracking a little here.

Last Friday…it’s my last knit meetup before I leave on my trip. I had all these plans to not stay out too late and get home and work on getting the house all ready for my parents visit. We are not exactly the neatest people and my husband and I lack some serious organizational type skills…well, when it comes to our home at least.

So, my LYS has stopped their after parties for a little while, and the ladies and I needed to find a new place to hang out and knit after hours. We decided on a local Starbucks and headed that direction so we could hang out.

Now, all sorts of things happened to us after we left the shop and Starbucks. There was a rescue operation, Irish step dancing, and some table dancing antics at the local late night diner (and incidentally where all the local cops hang out). All of this while completely sober.

And I am telling you all of this…why? Meh, I dunno. I guess to say that we knitters that play together, stay together. Yup. A PSA. Oh, and to say I got absolutely nothing that I had intended to get done actually got done.

On a side note…one of the ladies at knitting brought me her “baby” boy. Knitted by her and anatomically correct.


Sheridan's baby boy.


Friday Night Hijinks

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | No Comments

Really, when we get together…I can’t explain what happens. I think we all go a little crazy.

This week was no exception. Although this time we got antsy, persuaded the folks at Baskin-Robbins to stay open so we could satisfy our late night craving for ice cream, they kicked us out and we ate our treats in a local laundromat. It was a fitting end of a very long, bizarre week for me.

Mallory sketched me!

I think this might be the first time anyone has ever sketched me. How cool!

The laundromat.

A friend of ours called us the "All Female Voltron".

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The Friday Night before I left town…

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 | Friday Night Knitting | No Comments

I couldn’t NOT go to the shop…after all, I wouldn’t be seeing my girls for awhile.

We did a little show and tell…and I wore my freshly blocked Valsez dans l’abime to show off…



Ash and MeiLan showing off their shawls!


MeiLan's sweater. It was store bought, but I liked the look so I took a pic. Maybe I can recreate this later in a project...


Ashley modeling the hat she knitted for a friend.


Ashley also started needle felting a heart...

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The girls help me figure things out…

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 | blah blah blah, Friday Night Knitting | No Comments

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