And she’s off…

Today is a big day! I just dropped my little girl off at Girl Scout camp and she is off to enjoy a weekend of fun in the wilderness with a bunch of her friends.

I had posted a picture of her for my friends and relatives to see and was asked if she had a sit-upon. I didn’t realize these things had been around for so long. I don’t remember making one when I was in Girl Scouts, but my mom and aunt  remember making them when they were kids…and they have a significant amount of years on me.

For those of you who don’t know what a sit-upon is, the Girl Scouts of America defines it as “A lightweight pad or mat used when sitting on the floor or ground.” Pretty self explanatory.


The supplies…

My daughter had missed one of her Brownie meetings while my parents were in town visiting, so we needed to play catch up. As part of earning her first badge, she made a pretty snazzy sit upon. My mom and I found the supplies at our local JoAnn’s and she put it all together with minimal help.


Marking for the holes…


Lacing it up!


All finished!!

Now she has it packed up and ready to use it on her first camping trip!

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T’was the week before Christmas…

Friday, December 20th, 2013 | blah blah blah, cowl, crochet, Holiday, KIP, knitting, UFO's, WIP | No Comments

I’m crafting in every spare moment of the day. I mean this…no joke. I eat, sleep, and breathe Christmas yarn goodness. I’m pretty tired, but I am no where near being done.


I knit at sporting events…

As if I wasn’t putting enough pressure on myself, I got the teacher’s gifts completed and sent off… without taking photos of the finished projects. Doh!


I knit at brunch with my non-knitter friends…despite their teasing.

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Hangin’ with my Bronies!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013 | blah blah blah, crafts, Video Blog | No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for my pal OsakaJack’s podcast, Into The Spotlight. It’s a fun podcast for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was super nervous, but it was a lot of fun!

Last night it aired on Everfree Radio and now you can give it a listen on Youtube. We talk MLP, but we also talk about animation, fandoms and crafting.


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Doctor Who 50th!

So, I said I was going to do it…and I did! I had a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary viewing party!


Me and my girl before everyone arrived. We’re both wearing our Her Universe dresses and the headbands I’ve been talking about!



After we watched (and gasped…and cheered…and maybe shed a tear or two), we had craft time! I saw a really great blog post from Doodle Craft on how to make your own sonic screwdriver pens! You can check out the post HERE.


Everyone making their sonics!

Both kids and adults enjoyed craft time! It was super fun to all get around the table, play with some sculpey and discuss what we thought of the show.


Our Sonic Screwdrivers!

We had so much fun! I feel like I should have some sort of craft at every party!


Doctor Who dress was encouraged. Here is a trio of TARDIS’!

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Felt Club!!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | blah blah blah, crafts, fiber | No Comments

Once again it has been a busy week. No more work at the old job…I am officially done. My last day was Thursday. Of course, everyone was asking why I didn’t actually take some “real” time off in-between jobs, but I guess that wouldn’t be something I would do.

The Mystery Beret

The Mystery Beret

I really over-scheduled myself this weekend. I spent most of the weekend volunteering at the annual SCMOTC Workshop. In my down time at the workshop (like general session and lunch) I worked on my Interlocking Leaves Socks. Luckily, early Friday morning I finished the Wooly Wormhead Mystery Beret. While I was not happy with the yarn, I really like this hat. I think I may make another in a different color. I have a ton of spinning to get done too, so maybe it would look good in some handspun! It is a super quick knit too!



My friends knitting in line

My friends knitting in line

Then there was Sunday and FELT CLUB! I was so excited I was acting like a geeky little kid. I made sure that we left early ’cause I don’t play when it comes to getting in line for free goodies! We got a little lost on the way there, but met some friends in line.

I would say there were about 40 people in line in front of us and looking back the line wrapped around the building. We got there about an hour before the doors were due to open and spent our time in line knitting (of course)! The air was pretty gnarly though. The wind seemed to shift and we were getting annoyed by the ash falling on us from above. All the fires happening around Los Angeles were making the air exceptionally gross.
Once the doors opened at 11 a.m., it didn’t take long for us to get in and get down to business. Bathroom, ATM…then we hit the floor.
Now, I had been to two other Felt Club events in the past. Last year I went to the holiday event and I had been to a summer event. I have to say, the Shrine, although packed in some of the aisles, was a pretty good venue. It seemed like there were more vendors this year than last.
Shrine Auditorium

Shrine Auditorium

By lunchtime the place was packed to the gills. I was on a mission though! I was originally planning to go through the whole place first, then go back and buy the things I knew I really wanted. I had a budget, and I knew I had to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts because ::GASP:: I hadn’t started Christmas shopping yet. I got about halfway through and started to do some real shopping.
Me and Leslie Hall!

Me and Leslie Hall!

So I started my shopping and also made it to the end of one of the aisles where I got to meet Leslie Hall! She is so much fun!! I only stopped and talked to her very briefly and had our picture taken. I also saw DJ Lance Rock, but I didn’t get a chance to get my picture taken with him. My kids will be so jealous, I got to meet their Yo Gabba Gabba celebs!
My loot!

My loot!

I ended up leaving with a fair amount of loot. I did end up getting a couple of Christmas gifts, which I didn’t include in the photo. I purchased a pink shoulder bag from Rebe and some pink and brown fiber (80 Merino and 20 Tussah) from bee mice elf. I apparently had some sort of “pink” thing  happening today. I also got some stickers from Sappy Moose Tree and a cute bird necklace from Figs & Ginger. I also bought a few other things, but I can’t talk about them without letting someone know what they might be getting for Christmas! I stopped by a few other of my favorite eye candy type places that I had remembered from last year, including tsai-fi, where I purchased my jellyfish necklace last year (and that I wear all the time). She has some really cute stuff! I also got a bag full of free goodies that I haven’t even gotten the chance to look through yet!
Sadly, I won’t be able to go through all my freebies until tomorrow. It is getting late and I need to get my stuff together. I have a lot of paperwork to take to my first day of work at the new job!!

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