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I had said this represented half of the yarn I need for the holidays…but I was wrong. It’s only about a third.

I am rocketing through my holiday crafting like nobody’s business! I am making gifts for just about everyone this year. I made sure that I set clear deadlines for myself so I will know when certain things need to be done. First things first…teacher gifts!


A Casu Cowl for one of the school teachers and snowflakes for the teachers at daycare.


Sitting outside knitting another teacher cowl. This time it’s the Honey Cowl…which looks great in variegated yarn.

I am eager to clear out the stash. Stitches is coming up and I need to make room for more yarn! The majority of the crafting this Christmas is coming from stash…and when I say majority…I mean pretty much exclusively (cough cough withtheexceptionoftwoskeins cough cough). This means NO YARN SHOPPING. Can you believe it? Yeah…I can’t either.

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And today I play the role of…

Over achiever. Or maybe it’s just the caffeine?

Even my friends are finding my productivity slightly annoying...

Even my friends are finding my productivity slightly annoying…

It’s sometime in the wee hours of the morning and I have been running non-stop since 8am. I’m not even particularly tired right this second (check on me again in 30 minutes when the inevitable crash happens).

I’m eager to get stuff finished. See, once again I’ve been keeping to myself, busily toiling away at secret things. It’s all very intriguing, I’m sure. ::Insert eye roll here.:: Many of my friends haven’t seen me in awhile, but I’ll be emerging soon. I’m heading to Stitches West this Friday!

Among the many things I have been working on are patterns. As a matter of fact, I typed up two more designs today and they are ready for testing!

Of course, I have one more pattern I’d like to get written and typed before Friday, but I have a paying thing I need to finish first. The race is on to see how much I can get done. I will need to set aside at least 5 minutes to pack for this weekend.

It doesn't look like much, but trust me when I say there is major multitasking happening here.

It doesn’t look like much, but trust me when I say there is major multitasking happening here.

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