Missing my Blanketeers…

Usually Tuesday is Blanketeers day for me…but not today.

I won’t be seeing my dear Blanketeers for awhile because yesterday I started a new job. Yup, I am now among those of you that have real, actual, “I get to leave my home and interact with others” jobs.

I am very much going to miss my Tuesday friends though. They helped to keep me upbeat and in touch with living beings during my time away from the working world. It’s nice to belong to a group of such lovely people.


I took this a few weeks ago before showing Jessie the knit stitch.

For me, the best part about Blanketeers has been getting the opportunity to help others learn, and then watching them make beautiful handmade items that they share with others.

Recently, I got to sit down with my friend Jessie and quickly show her the knit stitch. I say quickly because she took off and started knitting her heart out with very little instruction. She’s really doing a great job! Most of the time, when you show someone how to knit for the first time, their gauge is all wonky with stitches that can go from super tight to super loose, leaving holes in their knitting.

Not Jessie though. Her gauge is really good for someone who hasn’t knit before.


I’m seriously impressed with Jessie’s skills.

I really hope I get the chance to meet up with her sometime soon so I can show her how to purl. I imagine it won’t take her very long, she appears to be a natural!

Now that I’ve landed in a new place, I’ll be doing other things for lunch on Tuesdays. Maybe I need to start bringing my knitting to work. I might get lucky and find some new fiber friends!


Getting ready for some new projects…

Not a lot of knitting going on this time, but you can hear how my family has the tendency to hurt themselves with power tools.

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Blanketeers Thursday! 2/9/12

Friday, February 10th, 2012 | At the office, Blanketeers, FO's, Holiday, Random Craftiness | No Comments

In an attempt to get a jump on Valentine’s Day, I decided to do a little Valentine Day pattern testing.

photo 1.JPG

My yarn is escaping!

photo 2.JPG

My blue heart...

I did get a little done on the granny square blanket…it is growing…but I needed a distraction. This pattern is great for that sort of thing.

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Blanketeers Thursday! 1/26/12

Friday, January 27th, 2012 | blah blah blah, Blanketeers, crochet | No Comments

Blanketeers is chugging along. I am still getting squares from people and I am still in the process of crocheting them all together. Not everyone is working on the blanket though. Every once in awhile, someone will come by just to learn to knit or cro’…or maybe just sit and work on their own stuff.

Wendy brought some show ‘n’ tell this week. A Perry Bib!

photo 1.JPG


We had a discussion about knitting styles during our lunchtime stitch ‘n’n bitch too. Wendy loves to tease all of us for being “throwers” (English Style knitting) because she is the only one in the group that “picks” (Continental Style). Then she gasped when she noticed that I throw when I crochet too.

photo 2.JPG

Cro-in' and throwin'.

I can knit pretty fast as a thrower. I have my technique down to a science and my hand never has to leave my needle (or in this case, my hook). I know that if I threw like those folks you see on TV or in the movies, I would never get anything finished.


Blanketeers Thursday! 12/8/11

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 | At the office, Blanketeers, charity | No Comments

Blanketeers has started meeting regularly, and while we are in a lull right now because the holidays are approaching, it doesn’t mean we aren’t working toward getting things done! I am still receiving plenty of squares from our other office and I have been attaching them to our second blanket here and there.

photo 1.JPG

Workin' on Blanket #2 (in between gift projects, of course)!

Things are slowly coming together. I imagine once all of our gift knitting is complete, I will be able to move full steam ahead on this. I plan on taking it home over the holiday so I can work on it. I still have that Tunisian Baby Blanket I am working on too.

Wendy has been working feverishly on all of her Christmas gifts (and so have I). She was just starting some fingerless mitts when I snapped this…

photo 2.JPG

Getting ready...

The office is starting to feel festive. I like it…


Blanketeers Thursday! 11/17/11

Friday, November 18th, 2011 | Blanketeers, fiber, spinning, weaving | No Comments

Wendy and I met with our folks for another Blanketeers Thursday. Work on our blanket has slowed a little because we are all in full swing trying to work on Christmas gifts. I am super late in starting my holiday knitting this year…and I am sure I will pay for it later.

I had intended to spend half my time working on my own stuff and half working on the blanket, but I ended up just working solely on the blanket and just showing off my new weaving stuff to people passing by.

photo 3.JPG

My weaving stuff...

We have some of the most fascinating conversations just chatting up the folks that stop by our area. This time we had a guy from upstairs talk to us all about raising chickens!

After chatting and watching Wendy do some spinning on her new “work” wheel, she pulled some fiber out to show everyone.

photo 2.JPG


How beautiful is this? It’s something called a “spinning bell” and she ordered it from Sheep Shed Studio. I can only imagine what yarn spun from this might look like. It’ll probably be gorgeously mottled! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Wendy said she is planning on visiting Sheep Shed in February…and I asked her to pick one up for me. I guess I had better start spinning down that stash!!

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Blanketeers Thursday! 11/10/11

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 | At the office, Blanketeers, charity | No Comments

Wendy and I brought our wheels in this time to see if people would stop and talk to us about Blanketeers…

It worked.

We don’t really use our wheels for anything Blanketeers related, but it is a great way to get people to talk to us. People stop and ask questions about spinning and then we can tell them all about our group. We had some folks stop and start a silly discussion about trying to pitch the idea of a workplace bunny hutch. At the time it seemed like a pretty brilliant idea. Employees could go in and pet the bunnies for stress relief and, in turn, Wendy and I could collect their fluff for spinning. We haven’t figured out who would clean up the pellets yet though…and I guess someone would have to feed them…



Starting Round 2…

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 | At the office, Baby things, charity, crochet | No Comments

…of Blanketeer Blankets!


Progress after week 1.


Starting a baby blanket...

At the beginning of this month, we started ramping up our Blanketeers meetings. We are now meeting once a week as opposed to every other, and now that we have more people in the building, interest is building.

I started another group blanket and also another individual blanket. I was looking for an excuse to buy a set of Tunsian crochet hooks from the UK. Over there, KnitPro makes a set that are compatible with Knit Picks needle sets (of which I own two).

My new Tunisian Crochet hook set...

So I started another baby blanket that I can work on here and there between stitching together the next Blanketeer Blanket!

My first Tunisian project...for Blanketeers...

My first Tunisian project...

Blanketeers progress...Group blanket 2

Progress after week 2.

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What I do when I go to the salon…

Sunday, October 16th, 2011 | charity, crochet, KIP | No Comments

Lately, when I go to get my hair done, I have been bringing my knitting and crochet with me. Just portable projects…nothing major. Just something to do when I wait for my color to process.

This last time it was Blanketeers squares!!


Better than reading a magazine...

It’s kinda fun to take this stuff out at the salon. I go to this great place where the girls are edgy and tattooed and I absolutely love it when they come up and ask me what I am doing.

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Blanketeers Blankets have been delivered!

Monday, October 10th, 2011 | At the office, charity | No Comments

Our first box of Blanketeers Blankets have been delivered and will be going out to the loving arms of people who need them soon!

They made sure to send a picture to let us know they had received them!!

Blanketeers first package

Blanketeers first package!

Of course we are well on our way to completing more and the squares keep coming in!!

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