Back to school, back to work…

The kids heading back to school means I better get my butt back to getting stuff done!

Baah Yarns website is here.

You can check out the California Poppy pattern here.

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I’m definitely a “starter”…


Baah! in Obsidian, Burmese Ruby and Grey Onyx.

It was a busy weekend. Luckily, with no Friday Night Knitting for me this week, I had the extra time to sit and think…analyze…and play Animal Crossing.

I had caked up that Baah! La Jolla yarn in preparation for the LA Yarn Crawl 2013 shawl (better late than never). I decided to cast that bad boy on…I don’t have much done, but it is looking good so far!

I also took some time on Sunday to sketch. Drawing is something I love to talk myself out of. I don’t think it is something I am terribly good at. During my time on the path of art in college, I preferred my sculpture classes to any kind of drawing class. I would rather end up with art I could touch.


My hand…ugh.

After sketching for awhile, I got the bug in my bonnet to put my Cricket loom together. So I did.


The loom…pre-build.

Looks like I am back on the multiple project bandwagon!

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I’m back from Stitches West 2013!

Well, I’ve technically been back since Sunday night, but no ones keeping track, right?

To be honest, I seem to have picked up a case of Con Funk…or sharing a bed with Ashley has “given me pink eye all over”. Either way, I am nowhere near functioning at 100%. It’s alright though, my body waited until I had attended Stitches West AND finished the big project I was working on before deciding to try and tell me to slow my roll. It’s cool…if anything, I know that I have been firing on all cylinders lately and this is my body’s way of telling me I should probably chill out a little.

I am not really wanting to take a break. Stitches was a huge ego boost for me. For once (because it doesn’t happen very often), I decided to purposely pimp myself out. I brought my “creations” and walked them around the floor. I also wore some of my knitting to show off.


The funny thing about Stitches West, and fiber arts people in general, is that they really like to touch things. After you get over the initial shock of people touching your stuff, you get to be okay with it. Think it’s mostly because people will compliment you while they are touching you. That somehow makes it alright in my brain.

I got a lot of compliments on my neon pink Nefretem. The folks at one booth got all excited and asked if I had knit it in their yarn (I hadn’t). It definitely got people’s attention (as it should, because it is shocking pink). I know I had mentioned it before, but it bears repeating…I knit it Baah! Pink Tourmaline…which really is the color of awesome.


For as many compliments as I got on my hot pink number, I got twice as many for my orange and gray Merging Ripples shawl. People really liked it…the pattern, the color choice, my actual knitting. It was so liked that Babs of Miss Babs grabbed me at one point to show it to the ladies working her booth…where they asked me for my business card and handed me yarn to knit a sample for their store. Yeah you heard me…THEY HANDED ME YARN TO KNIT FOR THEIR STORE. This is the point where my brain exploded.

I also got a lot of compliments on my top secret creations. I made sure to tell people that patterns would be available soon. I need to get to work on that.

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