CFR 2013 – See ya next year!

Just posting the rest of my video from the retreat…

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CFR 2013 – Here we go!

I should know better…I never sleep here.

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CFR 2013 – I made it!

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Recovering from Comic Con…

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I’m not slacking…

Drop spindle spinning…for spinning on the go!

It’s good for getting you lots of attention and odd looks from people in public places around the greater Los Angeles area. Mostly because they don’t seem to understand what you doing, and when you explain it, they are either really fascinated or very confused.

Kids are always fascinated by it though. I go all over the place for my own children’s various activities, most of their friends are aware that I “make stuff”. The fun part is when kids we don’t know come up and ask what it is I am doing.

Recently, I had taken my drop spindle to an appointment. While my daughter and I sat in the lobby of the building we were in, I pulled out the spindle and started spinning some fiber my friend Ashley had given me. I would have my daughter spin the spindle while I stood and drafted the fiber. She was really excited about helping and said that she would like to learn to spin too.

Then a little boy named Tony showed up. I think he was probably about 4 years old. He walked right up to my daughter, started showing off his toy cars and asking her to play. That’s when he spied my spindle.

He started asking questions and sat for awhile and watched my daughter spin the spindle between her hands while I drafted. He wanted in on the action, so my girl showed him what to do and he started spinning the spindle for me. It was pretty adorable…he and my daughter sitting on the floor taking turns spinning.

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Tour de Fleece update!

20130708-210944.jpgI am well overdue for a Tour de Fleece update.

I have been spinning my brains out (when I am not sample knitting, but I’ll leave that for another post). I’ve been a busy, busy girl despite the lingering sinus infection I’ve been trying to shake for the past week. I imagine my crafting into the wee hours isn’t helping me much, but it sure is fun.

I cranked out these first three skeins in no time at all. After plying, I would say they range from heavy worsted to aran/chunky weight. This is heavier than I usually spin, so they were pretty quick and painless.

From left to right, I have “Library Card” Falkland from Octarine Fibers, “Enchanted Hollow” Bombyx Silk/Merino from Freckle Face Fibers and “Finale” Superwash BFL from Bee Mice Elf.


Once the three skeins were set, I decided to take my time machine back to a Cuckoobatt I had received through Art Club back in 2008! It is blend of alpaca, wool, bamboo, sparkle and bits called “Sea Hag”. It hasn’t decided if it wants to be a 2 ply yet. I’m letting it think it over while it rests on a bobbin.

Now maybe I can slow down a little…?

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Please forgive me…

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, knitting, shawl, UFO's, WIP | No Comments

I have been up all night.

I thought about doing some blogging at three this morning, but I wasn’t sure it would make sense through the haze of the raging headache I had. I listened to Coast to Coast in the shower instead. I’m sure my family and the downstairs neighbors must love me.

I don’t often try to work on my crafts in the middle of the night. I imagine any knitting/crocheting/weaving/whatever would end up all messed up and I really don’t have the time or the patience to try and fix that kind of crazy. I decided instead to take some time to think (through the pain) about George Noory’s choice in interviewing what sounded like a problem gambler on the subject of Luck and Karma. I also thought about careers in the fiber industry or the funerary arts.

Because of this choice, I have plenty of lovely, error-free projects to stare at today.


The LA Yarn Crawl 2013 KAL shawl.


I finished weaving in the ends on my “Stacy was blown out the airlock” shawl.

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Just another Wednesday…

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 | blah blah blah, Field Trip | No Comments

Well, it’s Wednesday. What does that mean exactly? For me, it means that today is the day I go pick up my prize.

Yeah, I kinda won this contest. It was a photo contest for Yarn Crawl Los Angeles 2013 and I somehow won 1st place. I’m not really sure how, because I’m no photographer. I just have a love of fairy lights and yarn.


Yarn bombing outside of Gather DTLA.

Anyway, I had originally planned to pick up my “major award” after lunch with some old work friends today, but that was rescheduled, which then left my day free for doing whatever I needed before my parents arrive in town tomorrow. So, like a responsible adult, I’ve planned to go yarning with my friends this afternoon and blow off all preparing the house for my parents visit. Maybe if I feel so inclined, I may try and do some sewing because…oh yeah…I told myself I was going to finish that project before they got to town too. Oops. Heck, I probably should have been dressed an hour ago, but instead I am sitting here knitting, writing, and playing some tunes while I enjoy my coffee.


Yes, this is indeed what I look like this morning.

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Yarn Crawl LA, Day 3 (the photo edition)


Outside Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. Still pinned!


Feather yarn inside L’Atelier.


The floor inside L’Atelier.


I bumped into Doctor Gemma at Wildfiber!


Turkish Delight at Zoe Zeynep Knit Studio on Melrose.

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Yarn Crawl LA, Day 2 (the photo edition)


Phebie’s NeedleArt in Claremont.


Our Chucks.


Just outside Phebie’s.


Colors 91711.



Ash getting her passport pinned to her shirt so she doesn’t lose it…again…at The purlSide.


Outside Compatto. We squeaked in right before closing time to get our stamps.


The alley behind Knit Culture.


The owner of Gather DTLA handed us her dog.


Yarn bombing outside Gather DTLA.


Inside Gather DTLA.

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