How kids keep you honest…

Sunday, October 5th, 2008 | blah blah blah, crochet, FO's, knitting, UFO's

I have a problem with guilt. I feel super guilty. It started with a simple project that turned into one of those monkeys on my back. It started with amigurumi.

The infamous pink elephant

The infamous pink elephant

My daughter loves elephants. She has a bunch of stuffed elephants in her bed. I am not sure what started her elephant obsession, I mean, she is only 3 1/2. Anyway, she was batting her big blue eyes, asking her mommy for a pink elephant. She had spied one of mommy’s books, Amigurumi World, and fell in love with that elephant.

Now, if there is one thing the girls at the shop know about me is that I can be a tight knitter. Even worse, I am a tight crocheter. I mean, I was crocheting so tight that it was ruining my wrists, and I needed desperately to stop. The guilt was killing me. I had told my friend Ang, who incidentally works with me too, and she offered to finish the crochet for me as long as I did the sewing. I was *very* grateful.

Ang finished crocheting the thing…and I got it sewed it up and gave it to my daughter one night before bed. She fell in love. Which then leads to more guilt. My son was asking for a toy too.

Bleu Elephant Robot with appendages

Blue Elephant Robot with appendages

“Mommy, I want a Blue Elephant Robot” he says. Seriously. Kids come up with the weirdest requests. I couldn’t give her a toy and not give him one though.  I decided to take on this project and I was going to make up the pattern too. Because I have all that extra time between working full time, volunteering on the local twins’ club board, knit-a-longs, etc. So I started.

There would be mornings when the kids were getting ready for pre-school, that he would walk up to me and ask “Mommy gonna go to yarn?” or “Mommy work on Blue Elephant Robot?” It was killing me.

So It has been a couple months, but I am going to get this thing done. I started the ears last night, but they were too small, so I completey frogged them and started over. Once the ears are done, he will need a couple of arms and some finishing. I will get him done. I WILL…

I have given myself a deadline. Friday.

It needs a little steam blocking...

It needs a little steam blocking...

And, as promised. Here is picture of my sweater! I finished it Wednesday night while watching Pushing Daisies. I got a lot of comments on Friday when I wore it. I received the most praise from the ladies at the Stitch and Bitch. I think they were a little stunned that it was actually done. I let them know as soon as I was done with this sweater I ended up frogging and recasting on the Iceland sweater. I don’t think they are holding their breath for me to finish it, but maybe I might suprise them. I am looking at it in a whole new light.

Now it’s time to run. I am teaching a sock class at the lys and the new October KAL begins today….Monkey socks.

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October 5, 2008

Hi Jedimom♪

Sooo cute elephant!!It was good that daughter was pleased♪
And I look forward to the completion of your Elephant Robot & pattern.
Sweaters become you very well, too.

I want to be taught knitting by you sometime♪

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