What I did on Christmas Vacation…

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 | blah blah blah, Holiday, socks

So I know I have been gone for a little while. So sorry! I was attending to various life things that always seem to get in the way of my blogging. I was working hard behind the scenes to ditch godaddy’s SOPA lovin’ butts and get to a new company (hover.com). I was also feeling the pressure to get my Christmas knitting done. I really piled on myself this year without really realizing it until it was too late.

Of course, I did think to myself that I would write about my friend’s projects so I wouldn’t have to write about my own. I spent so much time insulating myself from the rest of the world to get my stuff done, that I didn’t end up seeing very much of my friends.

I was freaking out a few nights before Christmas Eve and decided to bite the bullet and walk up to the local Starbucks to get some Christmas gift knitting done. I was trying so hard to get a pair of socks done for my husband without him knowing…but that was near impossible and I ended up having to tell him about it. I figured the time away from home might help me get more done. I met Mallory up there and we did some crafting…

photo 1.JPG

Mallory working on gifts.

photo 2.JPG


I made some progress on those socks, but I hadn’t gotten them completed.

It was an interesting night. One woman came and sat with us to ask Mal questions about what it was she was doing…then a local homeless woman showed up with her crochet project and sat with us. Before we knew it, we went from a group of 2 to a group of 4. The homeless woman chatted us up about what we were doing and showed us the tiny blanket she was making for a friend’s pet rat. I wanted to take pictures, but she was really tired and dozed off at the table.


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