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Sunday, October 12th, 2008 | blah blah blah, crafts, fiber, knitting, spinning

So far so good this weekend. I have a cold…and now both kids have a cold. Poor things sound all raspy. My son sounds exceptionally bad, like a little old man or something. They still want to play and jump around though. They have their toys and all is right with the world.

Pink Elephant Princess
Pink Elephant Princess
 Blue Elephant Robot

Blue Elephant Robot

So, Friday night was the stitch n’ bitch. I brought my wheel again to try and get my spinning done. I ended up finishing my rainbow colored yarn and spinning a full bobbin of worsted weight wool in yellow and blue. I have been taking a little break from knitting because I have so much fiber to spin and the fiber, once it’s spun into yarn, takes up less space. 
Supeman Ice Cream

Supeman Ice Cream Seascape Wool

 Seascape Wool

Seascape Wool

I got 400+ yards out of the 6 oz. of Superman Ice Cream roving. It is a little overspun, but I think it will look cool knit up. The little bit of Seascape wool I spun got me about 98 yards. I still have an entire bag full of that stuff. It looks like I barely put a dent in it!
Early Saturday morning I went to go get my hair done. I went to Floyd’s Barber Shop. It was a cool place. I ended up getting some color done and had the girl lop off about 4 inches.
Trying to contact alien lifeforms...

Trying to contact alien lifeforms...

A friend was texting me while I had my foil on and said that he thought it would make a funny pic, so I took one. The guy getting a shave next to me asked me if it was helping me get better reception on my phone. I also whipped out my knitting while I was wearing my shiny hat. I got a whopping 2 rows done on my monkeys! So….sad….

At that rate…those socks will take years to finish.
So, today the kids woke up early. They haven’t been feeling well and none of us got a good night’s sleep. They were super cranky and nothing seemed to make them happy. They kept telling me they wanted to watch the shrinky dinks we made last night. They love to sit on the kitchen floor with me and watch their drawings get all curly and small. They weren’t even done with breakfast when the oven was preheated.  
The Shrunken Head Collection

The Shrunken Head Collection

My daughter loves to draw faces, so we are calling this the “Shrunken Head Collection”. I made sure to punch holes in them so I can make them into stitch markers to use with my knitting projects. I also got to test out the shrinky dinks to make other stitch markers. I have my paisleys, and I made a set of letters I haven’t baked yet. The letters will be for using with the patterns in Cat Bordhi‘s New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I want to try out the Coriolis Socks!

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