Feeling really off…

Friday Night Knitting was a weird night for me. I was feeling “just not right.”

I know a lot of things were probably contributing to this. I had just spent the afternoon at a specialist. Without going into the gory details, I have been having some problems recently and have had to go to a lot of appointments where doctors decide they want to root around in me and figure out what’s up. No biggie, I suppose. I just felt like being a whiny crybaby about this stupid procedure I had to schedule for a few weeks from now. I realize I need to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it. It could be worse, and quite frankly, there are people out there who have far more difficult lives than I do. I still wanted to vent my frustrations about it though.

There has also been some family drama that has had me all distracted. I know that is something I can maneuver around and come out fairly unscathed. Also, the in-laws are coming to town to visit soon, I have a bazillion things to do, etc. You get the idea…

I was sitting there awhile with the ladies when Michelle walked in. Now, Michelle is the fabulous young lady that got me to sign up for the Unique Sheep Mystery Lace KAL. She had brought the yarn she ordered to show off. It is far more gorgeous than depicted in my photo!

Michelle's Unique Sheep KAL yarn

Michelle's lovely yarn!

I had mentioned to her that my friend from work had texted me to tell me I had received packages while I was out for the afternoon. Michelle said “Go!” and Mallory and I jumped in the van to go see if one of the packages might be my KAL yarn!

We sped back to where I work, I grabbed the boxes and ran them out to the van. Boo. Neither one was my yarn. Oh well…maybe I will get them today.

The rest of the evening I spent taking pictures of other peoples projects and trying to make light of all the things happening around me that should make this a very *interesting* summer.

Mall's Felting

Mall's felted project...

Mall's Felting

The one she is currently working on...

Mall's Felting

And one she'll be starting.

Mall's Felting

Vera's cowl.

Vera's Cowl

Suzanne models it.

I also worked on my Mountain View Cardigan and cast on my Julia. Of course, I neglected to take a picture of either of those. Oops.

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June 28, 2011

Darn! I hope your yarn comes in soon.

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