My thought process, a KAL.

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I was about to go to bed when I found a stitch marker jumped ship. One more row to knit before sleepytime then......

OK, so I had mentioned I was starting a knit-a-long early because I needed something to do while on the plane. Since the magic of technology actually allows me to write this post and put it up later on while I am doing other things…like not knitting…I figured I would give it a go. A blog in a can, if you will. So while I am writing this at 1:30 in the morning, you will see it later on while I am eating lunch or blowing my nose or something…

It is awesome, yes?

So my girls in the KAL are going to want to pay attention to the picture below. You will need it tomorrow night.

For the girls... My thought process. The chart.

Girls, let me know if this makes sense to you...

So, dear girls…here is my explanation:

First I found errata online that said the chart is actually 15 stitches and not 16. It instructed to remove the first column of stitches in the pattern, which I have done. Then you need to renumber the bottom stitches, ya know, so you can keep it all straight.

I found that the third row of stitches just didn’t add up. To get the correct number of stitches you need to add the SSK (shown in red). Then I highlighted Row 15 of the chart because it just doesn’t look right to me. I can visualize doing this row different, but since I am on row 10 right now, I will need to wait til I get there to fiddle around with it. Someone please remind me to talk to Genevieve about it, because they may want to change the chart in the book, or at last update the errata.

Anyway, for you non-knitters. Good luck figuring out what the hell I just said. ::Giggle::

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A Teddy Bear and a Crying Girl…

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 | blah blah blah, crafts, Mishaps, UGH! | 2 Comments

This is a tale of a parenting fail…

It’s Monday morning and the twins are getting ready for school. I was running late (as usual) and my husband was going to walk the kids to their before/after school daycare. Everything came to screeching halt when my husband stuck his hand in my daughter’s backpack and pulled out a stuffed bear.

The questions started coming…

“Where did this come from?”

“Does the teacher know you have it?”

“Did you take it without asking?”

Now my daughter, much like me, is a sensitive girl. She didn’t get through very many of these questions before she started crying. I heard all this starting up and walked into the room to see what was going on.

She said the teacher let her take it home…but Daddy couldn’t understand why. She was upset, so I walked her into the other room so I could talk to her alone and try and calm her down and get an explanation.

She said that the teacher let her take it home and that her friend got to take it home and dress it up and take it to the park and for happy meals. She said “I didn’t steal it Mommy.”

I told her to take it back to the teacher and let her know that her parents needed to know why she brought the bear home and to give it to the teacher and tell her to send home a note. She said she would and I sent them off with Daddy.

I spent all morning thinking about it. I had to call my mother for something unrelated and started to tell her the story. She then proceeded to tell me that my niece has had to do this for school. Take a bear different places and then write about what you did with it.

I felt so sick about it that I got off the phone and called the school. I left a message with one of the ladies in the office for the teacher to call. I explained what happened that morning and that I was concerned my daughter might have gotten busted when she did nothing wrong.

I waited, when finally my husband called to say that the teacher had called him and explained what the bear was. It is in fact a privilege to take home the bear and she was to write about what she did with the bear.

My heart sank. My poor little girl was all upset and got scolded when she was telling the truth.

Granted, it was a huge miscommunication. She never told us the bear was there, and there was no note from the teacher in her bag. I felt responsible because I should have checked her backpack on Friday and didn’t. Daddy was grumpy so he was quick to scold her.

Luckily, the teacher said she would send my girl home with it tonight. I feel like I need to make things right with her. I am planning to take them on our evening walk (as long as it is not raining) and knitting a scarf for it. I feel bad that she missed out on taking the bear out this weekend when we went to get pumpkins.

I'm trying to make up for it...and lunch is courtesy of my BFF Anthony...

Eating lunch and trying to make things right...

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Things you should never, ever do… (Yarn Mishaps Edition)

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 | Mishaps, UGH! | 5 Comments

We knitters and crocheters have all done it at some point in our lives. We’ve gone to wind our ball and said to ourselves : “Self, what could it hurt to cut those little yarns that hold my yarn together so nicely in the hank?”

Then you end up with this:

Ash's "nesting doll" yarn mishap...

The yarn shop version of a nesting doll...

That is one skein of yarn in cute little balls. Poor Ashley!! I wish I would have caught her before she grabbed the scissors!

On a positive note, that littlest ball was handed to me so I could use it in my Insanity Blanket. I will forever remember which square is hers…

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Sweater FAIL (and why sometimes it is good to get a second opinion)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | blah blah blah, knitting, Mishaps | 1 Comment

What a busy little bee I’ve been!

So, Iceland…dear Iceland…..bane of my existence….why have you failed me so? Was it the pattern? Most definitely not! The yarn? Well….maybe. I thought I had gauge….I did swatch it three times. Maybe it was my leaving the first repeat for so long before picking it back up? I just don’t know.

I thought I was in the home stretch. The top was knit and ready to be blocked. I purchased gorgeous buttons from my LYS that flashed teal and fuschia. Like the most beautiful of polished abalone It was going to be the most gorgeous sweater ever.

One night at my stitch n’ bitch Vilma said she had the room and was ready for me. I was going to meet her at lunch and block that sucker! I got all my supplies ready and left work to go meet her. We stuck my lovely Iceland in the sink and soaked it…..then what happened…well, I can only say it made my brain go kablooey. It blew up….like, literally. It was so huge we didn’t even pin. We laid it out gently on the towels and tried to shape it. We checked dimensions, but then decided it was best not to try and agonize over it. We were trying to make it as small as possible. I decided it looked flat and straight and I left it there, with my heart broken in little pieces all over it.

The next two days I tried not to think about it, but I made little comments to non-knitters here and there about how I utterly failed. It was my first sweater fail and that seems to be the hardest. I almost vowed to never knit another sweater. Yes, it was *that* bad.

So Friday rolled around and I went up to the shop. I was hardly excited. I knew she’d be there with it. I didn’t want to look at it, which is sad because I had also had a total win blocking one of my handspun scarves. It didn’t matter….my gorgeous sweater was ruined.

I walked in and tried it on and wanted to cry. It was enormous. Too enormous to save. I had lost all hope.

Then something wonderful happened. The ladies at the shop decided to change my perspective. A few of them offered to buy it off of me after hearing that I planned to rip the entire thing out and restart it. But then they started to offer me another option. I think it was a miracle (well, for a knitter at least).

For those of you out of the loop, this is what it was *supposed* to look like:

Iceland, the right way

Iceland, the right way

This is what it ended up being:

My Iceland, repurposed...

My Iceland, repurposed...

And the back....

And the back....

So, I may have saved this one. Of course, It isn’t quite a finished object yet. I need to make a black sash for it….that ribbon is just for “show”.

And while I am sitting here going on and on about saving this, I did have a win…

My handspun Saltwater Waves yarn made into a purty scarf for me.

My handspun "Saltwater Waves" yarn made into a purty scarf for me.

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Easter Fun!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 | blah blah blah, dye, fiber, Mishaps | 1 Comment

What to write? What to write? It isn’t like things have been boring around our household as of late, but things are starting to settle down a bit, thankfully. After a month of bouncing germs off of one another, we all seem to be on the mend again. We have fought a mighty battle with the pink eye and won (for now). Everyone still seems to be coughing all over each other, but hopefully that will start clearing up soon. Oh, and my laptop with all my bloggy/photo stuff is still toast. Boo.

Easter is never normal around our house. The kids are still small and we haven’t really established any real traditions yet, although I may have started one. In order to combat my homesickness, I decided to make Easter dinner up Midwestern Polish style. Now I am not saying it was authentic, because quite frankly, I have *zero* time to be making pierogi from scratch…but it was tasty.



 Easter day was different for us too. We decided to take the twins to the Aquarium of the Pacific…

The twins checking out the fish...

The twins checking out the fish...

 Where my daughter dropped her pink poodle (which she named “TX”) in a tank of toxic stuff….

The stuff

The "stuff"

Which I stuck my hand in and fished out before seeing this sign. Awesome. So TX ended up in the trash and lil’ girl and I headed straight to the restroom to wash our hands, all while she cried hysterically. An emergency call to Grandma was made so we could ask where she bought the pink poodle of doom. Answer: Walmart. I hopped on the twitter, my husband talked to the folks at the aquarium, and before we knew it, wehad directions to the nearest Walmart in Long Beach. We picked up the last poodle they had.

TX, number 2

TX, number 2

And all was again right with the world.

So what have I been doing fiber-wise? To be honest, not a whole hell of a lot. Or at least it seems that way to me. I have done some dyeing, I mean, who wouldn’t given some extra wool and some food coloring and Easter egg dyes?

Green-blue roving dyed with food coloring

Green-blue roving dyed with food coloring

I gave this green and blue roving to Wendy for her birthday… I also attacked the Easter egg dyes once the kids were done dyeing their eggs.

Wooly Easter fun for me!

Wooly Easter fun for me!

Did I mention I have a ton of hard-boiled eggs in the house now. Egg salad for the whole week. Yikes!!

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Holy #$*%!!!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 | blah blah blah, FO's, knitting, Mishaps, spinning, yarn | 2 Comments

I did not die….I am still here, but let me tell you it has been craziness around our house. Kids, crazy…..work, crazy….projects, extra crazy….laptop, dead with an extra gnarly virus. After dishing out a couple hundred dollars, I did finally get the laptop back this weekend and I am ready to get up and running on the blog again before I head to Stitches West at the end of the month (seriously…I’m freaking out). In the meantime, here is some of the stuff I have been working on:

Some projects I finished while I was away...

Some projects I finished while I was away...

And I dyed part of my hair pink too…
The new do.

The new 'do.

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…just keep spinning…

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | blah blah blah, fiber, Mishaps, spinning | No Comments

Ok, so you know there is a happy ending right?

I spent Wednesday afternoon and part of the morning on Turkey Day getting the huge knot out. I started to rewind the ball on the ball winder and guess what?!? The single broke. I decided to just give it up. I had half a ball lying on the floor and the other half was wound onto the ball winder. I threw my hands up and said “I am just going to ply the silly thing now!” So I took my ball winder and attached wheel and left the other ball on the floor and started to ply the two together. I plied and plied til I reached the end, then took it off the bobbin by wrapping it around my niddy noddy to skein it up.

Then what happened next was a Thanksgiving miracle!

A first for me...

A first for me...

This is what it looked like when I slipped it off the niddy noddy. OMG! Could it be? There is no way!! I really sped my way through plying this sucker up because I was so mad at the crazy knot I had cussed out for hours. Maybe it is because it is 100 percent nylon? I have no idea! But this, folks, is a perfectly balanced yarn. Something I have never done before.

I did not check it as I went through, which is normally my style anyway. I do it by feel and have a tendency to overtwist. I am sure this may never happen again. But no soaking, hanging, ….or any other kind of yarn torture needed!

::Pats self on back and does a happy dance::


And not only that, it turned out so much different that what I had expected. It really turned out to be a beautiful (and soft) yarn.

I got a chance to give it to Krista’s mom on Friday Night at knitting. I told her it would make an awesomely soft cowl. She was really happy with it, so I am happy too!



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Just keep spinning….

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 | blah blah blah, fiber, Mishaps, spinning, yarn | 2 Comments

I sometimes need to say this to myself over and over, because while I love to paint that rosy picture of how awesome spinning is, it can also have some mishaps. Sometimes they are big ones.

This week I have been working on Krista’s mom’s yarn. I thought the single looked awesome, but it being 100% nylon, I thought maybe it would be safer for me to ply it. That is where the fun begins…

I decided to take the single and “cake it”. Basically this means winding it from the bobbin to ball winder so I can have a center pull “cake”. This means I can ply the yarn on itself…from one end to the other. The problem started when I was trying to wind the cake…

Let’s just say that the spinning gods were playing with me. I didn’t take a picture because I was so angry I was cussing like a sailor, but I can give you an example of what happened:

It went a little something like this...

It went a little something like this...

This is what I like to call “the worm”. This little mishap happened when I dropped my drop spindle and the yarn was so slick that it bounced right off the spindle. It turned the “energized” yarn into a great big wormy knot. I dare anyone to have the patience to get this sucker apart. I did it, after a few hours of cussing and wanting to take up drinking. This is “sorta” what happened with the nylon, just a little worse.

It’s ok though. I fancy myself a spinning “MacGyver“. This is a multi-part post….I’ll let you know how it ends.

On a lighter note, it makes me so proud to know that I am cultivating a whole new generation of Star Wars nerd. My daughter loves to draw. She came up to me today and said “Mommy, This is General Grievous.”

Lil Girl has mad skillz!

Lil' Girl has mad skillz!

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