Wow, time sure does fly at the holidays!

Thanksgiving was small this year. Just me and my husband and our kids. I invited my friend Ashley over because her husband was out of town for work and I don’t think people should be alone during the holidays.

Luckily, my husband loves me a lot and knew I was way too busy to get any actual holiday planning done, so he ordered Thanksgiving dinner this year!


Thumbs up!

Dinner was a success!

After dinner and dessert, Ashley brought out some of her knitting that needed a little TLC. Not too long ago she had a (gasp!)…moth problem, but she also had a shawl that had a burn. Of course, about the time I was going to Google “darning”, the internet took a dump. I had to wing it.


Trying something without my internet safety net.


I think I did a pretty good job.


Darning a Celestarium.

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Getting back to my own thing…

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 | blah blah blah, KIP, Mishaps, scarf, shawl, start to finish, WIP | No Comments

On the heels of Stitches West, and despite my busy schedule, I’ve started getting back to making things for myself (for now at least). I was very eager to cast something on…and this was it.

It’s my “Lunar Progression project that doesn’t quite have the perfect name just yet.” In the Doomsday Knits book they show this as more of a steampunky project. I’ve decided to take it to more watery depths.


This is called “I can’t keep track of anything while knitting on the main thoroughfare.”
So, I must frog…


It’s looking pretty good so far!!

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Stitches West 2014: Adventures in Fleece

It was a few years ago when I had convinced myself that I wanted to adopt a fleece. I had gone through this whole phase of wanting to go from sheep to garment. This involved me bringing home a dirty fleece once. A really dirty fleece. So dirty that I gunked up my kids’ bathtub and then my husband instating a Renfroe household rule banning me from bringing dirty fleece into the house.


Bella on the scale.

But I can explain…


Walking the floor with two bags of fleece.

The household rule banning my possession of dirty fleece is common knowledge amongst my knitting group. But Courtney is a smart girl, and adept at getting around the rules. So months ago she told me she had an idea.


Courtney and David with Bella and Lucky.

Courtney did her homework and came up with the perfect plan for us to wash a fleece in the hotel bathroom. She knew exactly how to sell it to me… my husband couldn’t possibly get upset with me if I brought home clean fleece.


The bag of Bella fleece.

So David, Courtney and I went to Judy’s Novelty Wool booth and we split 2 fleeces, three ways. Now, Bella was already cleaned, so no problem there. She was greasier than David liked, but I don’t mind my fleeces slightly buttery. That lanolin is good for my skin. So half of the work was done and Bella was tossed aside. Lucky, however, was our dirty one. The three of us put down a shower curtain on the floor, dumped the fleece out, and started to sort pieces into “dirty” and “less dirty”.


Starting to sort the fleece.


Proud parents!


I actually took this picture by accident when trying to take some video.

We stuffed the fleece into lingerie bags to soak in the tub.


Lingerie bags are ready!


Soak #1 with plain water…


Check out that water! Here is where I let Courtney know she is making me nervous holding her phone over the tub.

We soaked the fleece for twenty minutes in plain hot water. Then we soaked in hot soapy water. Of course there were multiple soaks, but I passed out on one of the hotel beds sometime before 1 a.m. I hear that Court and David were up until 4 a.m. They let me sleep because I had to drive us home from Santa Clara and they knew I needed the rest. Of course, this means I don’t have any photographic evidence of David breaking one of the salad spinners that they used to dry the fleece when they were done. Sorry, I’m no journalist.


Courtney and Dawn.

Now, this isn’t the end of the story (or process). While I have Bella here at home, Lucky is still at Courtney’s house. Lucky was dry enough to bring home in the van, but she still needs some work. I am hoping to get together with Courtney sometime soon so we can finish work on her and get her ready to spin!

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I broke it.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 | blah blah blah, Mishaps, Repair Job, UGH! | No Comments

My trusty knitting/work bag. Sigh…

So…is it admitting some sort of sewing defeat if I take this bag to have the zipper repaired? I kinda feel like it is.

The short story is that this is my favorite bag. I bought it two years ago at Stitches from a lady who stopped making these bags to pursue making dog beds. I was a dummy and I overpacked it and pulled really hard and broke the zipper right off. I should have to repair this just to teach myself a lesson to not carry so much stuff all the time (as if the knots in my shoulders and neck and a scolding from a chiropractor weren’t enough). The problem is that I have been seriously busy….and when I went to JoAnn’s, I found they don’t carry just the pull. I mean, I know I messed up here, but I don’t need to replace the *whole* zipper.

Right now it is just sitting there….all sad and unused. Ugh.


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Labor Day Frogging

Hello again!

I took a little vacay from the blog over the long holiday weekend. Mostly because no one wants to frolic in the wool when it is 100+ degrees out and I’ve never really been one to knit poolside.

This also means that not much knitting gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I did knit. It just means that it is going to LOOK like I didn’t do much. Let me explain.

Sometime Sunday, I sat down and took a long hard look at my project. I fiddled with it, stretched it and tried to get a feeling of what it might look like blocked. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be a little more open. So I hopped on it and started to frog. I ripped the thing all the way back to the beginning, changed to bigger needles, and started over.


Trust me when I say, there are more completed rows here than before I frogged it.

I mean, we all could use a “do over” every once I awhile, right? (I’m going to try really hard not to over analyze the fact that I have had quite a few “do overs” recently.)

I think it looks fabulous now though! Starting over gave me the chance to tweak the edges. The pattern called for slipping the first stitch of each row, but I hadn’t done it. Now I am.


Pretty edges! Oh, and now you can see why I always make a copy of my pattern before I knit. I love making notes and writing all over!

Okay, enough knitting struggles for now…let’s talk about something more successful.

Yesterday was Blanketeers Tuesday! I didn’t work on any of my knitting, but for good reason…I was teaching! My friend Jessie had said she wanted to learn to knit, so I cast on for her and taught her the knit stitch. It wasn’t much work for me because she picked it up quickly and started flying through her stitches. I am hoping that next Tuesday I can show her purling (and maybe snap a picture or two so I can show you her progress). I am super proud of her!

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KAL shaming

Ok people, remember this?

Well, I was pretty much going to get away without anyone noticing. Until someone slipped Friday night…that “someone” being me.

I really have no idea what I was thinking. I was all cocky about people not reading my blog (I mean, who the hell brags about THAT?)

Now, Angelique had known what it was I had done. Not because she had read the blog, but because I had gone to a mixer in Hollywood with her and needed something to talk about in between my threats to take a dip in the pool at the hotel.

So I let it slip…and I explained that I haven’t touched it since…and that I had no plans to touch it until everyone had reached the place I stopped…and then there was some yelling. The whole event was photographed and caught on video…and posted to the Interweb so I could properly be shamed for my crime against the KAL.


Photo by Ashley.

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You don’t wanna know…


Trust me when I say you really don’t want to know what is happening in this photo. I will say this, that lovely yellow/orange/gray shawl belongs to my friend Courtney. I promised to weave in the ends and block it in exchange for her dealing with my knitting related mental illness.


Ashley and the yarn tangle…

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 | blah blah blah, Mishaps, other people's projects, yarn | No Comments

One day last week, Ashley came over to use my swift and ball wonder for some super mysterious yarn winding.

See, a few of us in our group decided to do a crafty gift exchange. Does this mean I got to see my gift before I was intended to? Yup. That’s ok…because much like what happens every time I am in a Secret Santa gift exchange…I am apparently your “go to” girl for gift ideas. This kind of meant I knew what just about everyone was getting…including myself.

Ashley said it best…

photo 1.PNG

For those that don’t know…it’s a Doctor Who reference.

The problem was that Ash had wound her skeins herself using chairs and the like. All of her skeins were different sizes, and some of them were too big to fit on the swift. of course this was bound to happen.

Ashley and the Yarn Tangle.

I love that it looks like she is playing with marionettes.

That’s okay though, she totally powered through it…and I would help when she needed it. It was nice that she came over, because she totally kept me company while I did my “homework” and New Year organizing and provided much needed breaks when she got tangled up.

Saving the crafting world from Mothra!

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 | blah blah blah, crafts, Mishaps, Video Blog | No Comments

I’m not only fun…but I’m also useful…at parties.


My knitting “Oops”

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 | FO's, Mishaps, socks, start to finish, UGH!, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Ok, so you folks that follow me know that, not only was I working to get that coat done, but I was also working on a pair on insane striped stockings. I have to admit, I didn’t have enough time to finish them before my trip. I was in full-on coat mode and wasn’t sure I would get it finished…so that was my top priority.

I also was afraid to try and take my knitting on the plane. After a phone call to Virgin Atlantic, I wasn’t willing to risk taking almost-done stockings through security only to have my needles ripped out of them, or worse, have them confiscated and have to try to send them home to myself. Forget that nonsense!

I did, however, decide to pack them in my luggage. I was glad to see they were safe and sound when we got to the hotel.

So on a couple of the nights we were in London, I would pull them out and work on them. I was staying up very late watching television and was having a really hard time sleeping. Sure enough, I got them done!

But the story doesn’t end there…

I decided they would look super cute with my dress. I put them on bright and early…I wore them on the tube, at the train station, on the train to France, to Sacre Coeur, and then to the dinky hotel we decided to stay at. Once we got to the hotel and started to put down our things, I just happened to glance down at them to see I HAD SLIPPED A STITCH.

Ugh. Luckily, that stitch had only run a little bit (maybe 4 stitches down). That is when I took them off and tucked them ever so carefully into my overnight bag. How sad. I didn’t get a single picture wearing them.

I didn’t wear them again on my trip. I wanted to try and get them home safely and then concentrate on repairing them. I rolled them up, stuck them in a plastic bag and tucked it away in my suitcase.

I went to knitting for the first time in weeks and while Kate and I hung out in a Starbucks, I gently picked up my stitches and did a bang-up repair job.


Can you tell where the repair is?


All done!

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