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Well, as we know around these parts….Christmas lasts until at least late February. Luckily, I had a hair appointment with my stylist and friend, Lacey, at Frenchy’s earlier this month. I had Lacey’s Christmas gift done, so I was excited to deliver it to her. She is super into bugs and has a quite impressive collection of them. I was hoping mine could join the fold.


Loosely based on a New England Silk Moth. Kinda funny since we fiber fiends cringe at the ‘M’ word.

I have been eager to work on more projects that incorporate different fiber arts in one piece. For this one, I used my hand loom to weave the background and then needle felted on top of it. It’s construction is the same as my Iron Giant piece.


In it’s shadow box frame.

She really liked it, and it looks great in her collection! I am so glad!


Lacey posted a picture on her Instagram!

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Iron Giant Tribute Show

Last Saturday Night was the Iron Giant Tribute Show at community/A Little Known Shop in Anaheim, CA. Hooray!! My very first art show!


My family taking a look at all of the awesome art!

Community is a great little space that has small shops, gallery space, a craft space and a great walkway in-between where all sorts of vendors had set up their tables. They had food and music in the back!


Shopping and food!


I got the chance to catch up with my friend Kati who was in town for the weekend.

My mother insisted that I get a picture next to my tapestry. She’s really into sharing this kind of stuff with her friends.


My mother insisted I get this picture for her….

We had a great time and it was so nice to see old friends and meet some new people. I also bought a few things in the shop!


Big weaving in the restroom!

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Art piece progress…

So, I have been busy at work on my piece for an upcoming Iron Giant Tribute Show happening Saturday, September 13th at Community in Anaheim, CA…


Here’s the poster!

Here is a little sneak peek that I had posted to my instagram account. Poor guy was headless for so long. He is happy now that his head is attached!


I was so glad that he finally had a head.

I hope to have him done this week sometime…it’ll probably happen this weekend. Either way, my deadline is fast approaching and I have to get this piece done and in the right hands!

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Trying something new…with a deadline…

Leave it to me to volunteer to take part in something and then rethink my project until it is nothing like anything I’ve ever tried. On the bright side, it means I’m never bored.

Here’s the thing…I was asked if I wanted to take part in an art show. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, because really, when do I ever say no?

Well, I spent weeks thinking and rethinking what I would do for my project. I thought to myself over and over again “Of course, everyone is going to think I should crochet a doll. That’s easy.” It was the first thing to get crossed off the list. I wasn’t even going to keep it as an option…because I am a pain in the ass like that.

Then there were the discussions with my knitting friends. Maybe some intarsia or something? I could easily chart out something cool… Nope.

Luckily, Courtney is someone who is big on ideas. We went back and forth about what would be good. There were a bunch of suggestions she threw out…and I somehow settled on weaving.

I did my research. I wanted to do something sort of mixed up and using different techniques. Really, folks, I am feeling my way through this. It’s not like I own a lap loom…


No loom? No problem.

It’s a good thing I am all about the process. I started making a loom with some nails and a picture frame. I got 3/4 done when my husband took over so I could keep my thumbs.


Getting started.


I use whatever I like as a tool. I like dinner forks.

So far it is looking pretty good and I just got an email today saying when I need to have my piece turned in…and it’s more time than I thought I had. I dunno…I might actually pull this off.

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More Office Crafting!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 | At the office, Needle Felting | No Comments

Not too long ago we decided to do some felting for funsies! A few of my friends met in a conference room at lunch and went to town on some wool…


The Stash.


Getting out our aggression by stabbing it with a sharp needle.


All to make cute baby owls!


Ash’s Birthday Get Together

Over the weekend we got together for Ash’s Birthday. Just a little get-together at my place, filled with Barbeque, baked goods, mixed drinks and fiber arts galore!

Happy Birthday Ashley


Here’s a nifty little side story. As most of my friends are aware, I am huge sci-fi nerd. I am particularly fond of Doctor Who. So Mallory was wondering what her next needle felting project should be and I decided to pull up an image for Gallifreyan symbols for her to take a look at.


Gallifreyan Symbols


Mallory's Needle Felting

I don’t think she is too sure she likes it yet, but I think once it’s done, it’ll be awesome! All of her stuff always turns our looking pretty darn good.

Mall's projects

All of Mall's projects...

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Dueling Projects!

I was incredibly lucky to get to the shop early this past week. Everyone had left work early for the holiday weekend, so I decided to get out of there too.

I met up with Mal at the shop, determined to spend my time catching up on my personal projects because I had not really devoted any time to them recently. Don’t get me wrong, I am seriously determined to get some charity projects done, but I have a few things just sitting here and I was feeling like I was losing some momentum.

I started knitting on my Mountain View Cardigan. Oh yeah….*that sweater*…it’s still around. One of these days, I might even finish it. For right now, baby steps. It’s not complete, but I did finish the back of it.

Mountain View

Mountain View...someday.

While I worked, Mal did her felting thing…

Mall's project

Mall's project

I brought my Phoenix and the Carpet project but I hadn’t planned on working on it. Then Michelle showed up and I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to snap a couple of pics of our dueling KAL projects! We’re both a little behind on our clues…

Dueling projects


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A busy Friday Night…

Woohoo!  Holiday weekends mean we get out of work early generally. This holiday weekend was no exception. It was a good thing because I had some errands to run.

Since I was out, I figured I would take care of my medical refferral stuff before heading to the shop. Now, I am kind of a ditz…I know this…but I am not quite sure how I thought I would be going to get these tests done and get off without having to give blood. I guess I just wasn’t thinking. It’s probably a good thing though…I have been a big freaking baby about all this stuff lately.

I got to the shop hungry and a little woozy. It was pretty darn hot out and the shop AC was acting funny. Ash and I decided to order in Thai food. We weren’t going to try and walk down to our usual spot.


Progress on The Mountain View Cardigan

I started off the night working on my Mountain View Cardi. I feel like I have been so “off again, on again” with this one, but I am sure it is just because I am distracted with other things on the horizon.

While I worked on my knitting, Vera had asked Mallory to help her daughter learn to needle felt. She bought Teddy a frog kit while they were in Albuquerque on Vera’s Knit Shop tour to promote her patterns.


Mallory helping Teddy out with her needle felting


And there she goes!

I was feeling ansty and decided I should cake up my yarn for The Unique Sheep Mystery Lace KAL. I actually have the first day of this KAL off because I have to go in for more tests, but once that is done, I have the rest of the day to be a total lump on the couch. Michelle tells me that they normally release the first clue at midnight, so I have my yarn prepared and I’ll have the entire day to knit the first clue! Hooray!


My Unique Sheep yarn.

We also were trying to help Ashley out with her Hanna Cardigan. So far it looks absolutely gorgeous! I hope they bring back this colorway at some point, because I would love to knit a sweater in this color!! I just love Sanguine Gryphon!


Ash's lovely Hanna Cardigan

Mallory spent most of the evening helping Teddy out with her felting. Teddy even stabbed herself at one point, so she is officially a needle felter! She was having a little trouble with her symmetry, but Mallory guided her. At the end of the night, she had nearly completed her frog!


The "right" leg.


And something else...


Looking good!

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A Very Crafty Weekend…

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 | Needle Felting, spinning | 1 Comment

As if Friday Night Knitting and working on Bigfoot weren’t enough, I had a very crafty Sunday too.

I spent most of the morning out and about with the family, then the afternoon at home being antsy and wanting to make stuff. The good thing about that is, not only did a complete a project…I started SPINNING again! It has to have been at least a good 6 months since I have touched my wheel and I have an awful lot of fiber in my place to spin up!

I finally completed the felted animals for the twins backpacks.

Felted animals

Felted Doggie and Kitty

Felted animals

These were lots of fun to make.


I *almost* completed a second bobbin of this fiber.

I would say I have a thrird bobbin to complete of this laceweight yarn. I really want to get it done and ply it so I can start something new. I’d like to look at a different color for awhile…


Feeling really off…

Friday Night Knitting was a weird night for me. I was feeling “just not right.”

I know a lot of things were probably contributing to this. I had just spent the afternoon at a specialist. Without going into the gory details, I have been having some problems recently and have had to go to a lot of appointments where doctors decide they want to root around in me and figure out what’s up. No biggie, I suppose. I just felt like being a whiny crybaby about this stupid procedure I had to schedule for a few weeks from now. I realize I need to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it. It could be worse, and quite frankly, there are people out there who have far more difficult lives than I do. I still wanted to vent my frustrations about it though.

There has also been some family drama that has had me all distracted. I know that is something I can maneuver around and come out fairly unscathed. Also, the in-laws are coming to town to visit soon, I have a bazillion things to do, etc. You get the idea…

I was sitting there awhile with the ladies when Michelle walked in. Now, Michelle is the fabulous young lady that got me to sign up for the Unique Sheep Mystery Lace KAL. She had brought the yarn she ordered to show off. It is far more gorgeous than depicted in my photo!

Michelle's Unique Sheep KAL yarn

Michelle's lovely yarn!

I had mentioned to her that my friend from work had texted me to tell me I had received packages while I was out for the afternoon. Michelle said “Go!” and Mallory and I jumped in the van to go see if one of the packages might be my KAL yarn!

We sped back to where I work, I grabbed the boxes and ran them out to the van. Boo. Neither one was my yarn. Oh well…maybe I will get them today.

The rest of the evening I spent taking pictures of other peoples projects and trying to make light of all the things happening around me that should make this a very *interesting* summer.

Mall's Felting

Mall's felted project...

Mall's Felting

The one she is currently working on...

Mall's Felting

And one she'll be starting.

Mall's Felting

Vera's cowl.

Vera's Cowl

Suzanne models it.

I also worked on my Mountain View Cardigan and cast on my Julia. Of course, I neglected to take a picture of either of those. Oops.

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