Repair Job


Wow, time sure does fly at the holidays!

Thanksgiving was small this year. Just me and my husband and our kids. I invited my friend Ashley over because her husband was out of town for work and I don’t think people should be alone during the holidays.

Luckily, my husband loves me a lot and knew I was way too busy to get any actual holiday planning done, so he ordered Thanksgiving dinner this year!


Thumbs up!

Dinner was a success!

After dinner and dessert, Ashley brought out some of her knitting that needed a little TLC. Not too long ago she had a (gasp!)…moth problem, but she also had a shawl that had a burn. Of course, about the time I was going to Google “darning”, the internet took a dump. I had to wing it.


Trying something without my internet safety net.


I think I did a pretty good job.


Darning a Celestarium.

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I broke it.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 | blah blah blah, Mishaps, Repair Job, UGH! | No Comments

My trusty knitting/work bag. Sigh…

So…is it admitting some sort of sewing defeat if I take this bag to have the zipper repaired? I kinda feel like it is.

The short story is that this is my favorite bag. I bought it two years ago at Stitches from a lady who stopped making these bags to pursue making dog beds. I was a dummy and I overpacked it and pulled really hard and broke the zipper right off. I should have to repair this just to teach myself a lesson to not carry so much stuff all the time (as if the knots in my shoulders and neck and a scolding from a chiropractor weren’t enough). The problem is that I have been seriously busy….and when I went to JoAnn’s, I found they don’t carry just the pull. I mean, I know I messed up here, but I don’t need to replace the *whole* zipper.

Right now it is just sitting there….all sad and unused. Ugh.


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No rest for the crafter…

I know it has been a while since my last post. Boy, have I been crazy busy. Now that I have less time to work on projects, I am trying to jam every available second into getting things done…on top of the general care and feeding of the twins…oh, and 3rd grade math (ugh).

It seems like a lot of the projects I need to get done are not necessarily knitting related. I guess my crafting sort of happens in waves. A wave of knitting…a wave of spinning…and currently, a wave of sewing.


Lil’ girls favorite skinny jeans.

My kids seem to wreck stuff at record speed. Clothing, shoes, anything really.

My daughter was so upset that she ripped a hole in her favorite pair of skinny jeans. The hole was in a strange place up high on her pant leg and there was no way that little 8 year old was going to be sporting those jeans to school anymore. She was so sad…but it wasn’t anything a little star fabric from my friend David and a little embroidery thread couldn’t fix!


Fixing Lil’ guys backpack.

Then there is my son…who couldn’t explain to me why, after one month of school, his TMNT backpack had a gaping hole in the bottom. Really? Like, what the hell? I frankenstein’d that bad boy back together.

There is other mending that needs to be done, but I have to do this stuff in baby steps. Hand sewing takes time!


Measuring hands.

Then there is my actual sewing project…clothing for Gray (yeah, remember him?). After my whole process of agonizing over how not to mess it up, I went forward with my actual plan (which worked of course, I don’t know why I torture myself). Those sleeves were a total pain, but Gray’s hands fit through them, so I am happy about that. I also took a little time to draw up rough pattern, so as to make my life a little easier should I need to do this again.


Seaming a little shirt. I tried desperately not to sew it to itself.

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Spinning the Draft.


It’s NHL Draft time! It’s Tour de Fleece!

Better late than never. I started Tour de Fleece a whole day after everyone else…and during the NHL Draft. All over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I am seeing folks posting pictures of beautiful hand spun yarn. It’s hard to not get carried away and try and catch up with everyone else.

I’m on Team Knitshitsthefan… Which, honestly, is a team of 1 (or maybe 2), so I need to not be putting any pressure on myself to produce. I’m not trying to win any contests!

Despite having to do some wheel maintenance on Lucy, my Kromski Sonata, I think I did pretty good for one day. Courtney came over and took turns treadling with the kids before she tried spinning some of her fluff.


I had a Bee Mice Elf single that was already spun, so I plied that and stuck it on the niddy noddy. I finished spinning another single in Bee Mice Elf fiber (the dark yarn) and my friend David, of Octarine Fibers, gave me some lovely Falkland braids in “Library Card”.

I didn’t make it to bed until 3:30 AM, so I am not as productive today.

But no pressure, right?

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I’m trying to get to it…

Monday, May 30th, 2011 | crafts, Repair Job | 1 Comment

It’s been really hard to get much knitting done. I’ve had family in town and tons of stuff to do. It didn’t help that both my kids ended up spending the entire weekend with a stomach bug. About the only crafting I had done was a repair job on the turtle my niece picked up at the aquarium and baking with the fruit I got in this week’s CSA box.

Sewing Mr. Turtle

Sewing Mr. Turtle

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

I have to thank Chris Savino for getting me to learn the Henson Stitch. It sure made sewing that turtle way easy!

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A letter to my Mom…

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 | Repair Job, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Dear Mom,

I repaired your sweater. It was kind of a pain in the ass. I am not sure what the heck this yarn is made out of, but it’s splitty and squeaky and not friends with my tiny crochet hook. I love you though, so it is done. It’ll be here when you come out to visit in a few weeks.


A crocheted seam.



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