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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! As for me, I’m planning on staying home as much as possible and spending time not only cooking a turkey (yup, I’m on turkey duty this year), but also whipping up some Christmas projects!


Not too long ago, my girl’s troop made some clothespin turkeys for Meals on Wheels. In the interest of saving time, the adults helped too.


I am an avid Black Friday avoider…so the more time I can spend at home working on something fibery related, the better. More importantly, I feel like I have fallen behind on getting things done. I need to fix that. Hopefully the long weekend is all I need to get me back on track!

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Doctor Who 50th!

So, I said I was going to do it…and I did! I had a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary viewing party!


Me and my girl before everyone arrived. We’re both wearing our Her Universe dresses and the headbands I’ve been talking about!



After we watched (and gasped…and cheered…and maybe shed a tear or two), we had craft time! I saw a really great blog post from Doodle Craft on how to make your own sonic screwdriver pens! You can check out the post HERE.


Everyone making their sonics!

Both kids and adults enjoyed craft time! It was super fun to all get around the table, play with some sculpey and discuss what we thought of the show.


Our Sonic Screwdrivers!

We had so much fun! I feel like I should have some sort of craft at every party!


Doctor Who dress was encouraged. Here is a trio of TARDIS’!

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CFR 2013 – Here we go!

I should know better…I never sleep here.

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Drive -by blogging


Time for a little drive-by blogging. Really, I’m hoping I can post this while sitting here on the street.

I know, I have been neglecting my blog a little bit since starting work. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done all the things I would like to. I make do though. I bring crafting to work. I bust out tasks while marathoning Supernatural (I’m caught up for those of you wondering – David).

But that’s not the point of this post. I have news…
It has begun.

How many weeks do you think it would take for someone to, not only settle into a new job, but also form a knitting club?
For me, it’s three.

Yes, today is the day…and it’s official…I have a brand new knitting circle at the new day job! Hooray! And guess what? They are all new to knitting! I get to teach. They are all super excited…and so am I!

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Missing my Blanketeers…

Usually Tuesday is Blanketeers day for me…but not today.

I won’t be seeing my dear Blanketeers for awhile because yesterday I started a new job. Yup, I am now among those of you that have real, actual, “I get to leave my home and interact with others” jobs.

I am very much going to miss my Tuesday friends though. They helped to keep me upbeat and in touch with living beings during my time away from the working world. It’s nice to belong to a group of such lovely people.


I took this a few weeks ago before showing Jessie the knit stitch.

For me, the best part about Blanketeers has been getting the opportunity to help others learn, and then watching them make beautiful handmade items that they share with others.

Recently, I got to sit down with my friend Jessie and quickly show her the knit stitch. I say quickly because she took off and started knitting her heart out with very little instruction. She’s really doing a great job! Most of the time, when you show someone how to knit for the first time, their gauge is all wonky with stitches that can go from super tight to super loose, leaving holes in their knitting.

Not Jessie though. Her gauge is really good for someone who hasn’t knit before.


I’m seriously impressed with Jessie’s skills.

I really hope I get the chance to meet up with her sometime soon so I can show her how to purl. I imagine it won’t take her very long, she appears to be a natural!

Now that I’ve landed in a new place, I’ll be doing other things for lunch on Tuesdays. Maybe I need to start bringing my knitting to work. I might get lucky and find some new fiber friends!


Labor Day Frogging

Hello again!

I took a little vacay from the blog over the long holiday weekend. Mostly because no one wants to frolic in the wool when it is 100+ degrees out and I’ve never really been one to knit poolside.

This also means that not much knitting gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I did knit. It just means that it is going to LOOK like I didn’t do much. Let me explain.

Sometime Sunday, I sat down and took a long hard look at my project. I fiddled with it, stretched it and tried to get a feeling of what it might look like blocked. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be a little more open. So I hopped on it and started to frog. I ripped the thing all the way back to the beginning, changed to bigger needles, and started over.


Trust me when I say, there are more completed rows here than before I frogged it.

I mean, we all could use a “do over” every once I awhile, right? (I’m going to try really hard not to over analyze the fact that I have had quite a few “do overs” recently.)

I think it looks fabulous now though! Starting over gave me the chance to tweak the edges. The pattern called for slipping the first stitch of each row, but I hadn’t done it. Now I am.


Pretty edges! Oh, and now you can see why I always make a copy of my pattern before I knit. I love making notes and writing all over!

Okay, enough knitting struggles for now…let’s talk about something more successful.

Yesterday was Blanketeers Tuesday! I didn’t work on any of my knitting, but for good reason…I was teaching! My friend Jessie had said she wanted to learn to knit, so I cast on for her and taught her the knit stitch. It wasn’t much work for me because she picked it up quickly and started flying through her stitches. I am hoping that next Tuesday I can show her purling (and maybe snap a picture or two so I can show you her progress). I am super proud of her!

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Getting ready for some new projects…

Not a lot of knitting going on this time, but you can hear how my family has the tendency to hurt themselves with power tools.

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Back to school, back to work…

The kids heading back to school means I better get my butt back to getting stuff done!

Baah Yarns website is here.

You can check out the California Poppy pattern here.

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Knitting speed bumps…and non-fibery things.

I am pretty sure I constantly mispronounce “Celestarium”.

Some helpful links:

Twist, yarns of intrigue (They have a very friendly staff here.)


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When I’m too lazy to actually type…

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