After working a handful of years in animation, it has finally happened.

I was sitting in the kitchen at work having lunch with one of my coworkers and working on my latest project. There was someone at the next table, eating his lunch, who started to ask me questions about what I was making. No big deal, it happens a lot.

He then asked if he could take pictures and some video. It turns out that he is drawing someone knitting in the board he is working on for another one of the shows that resides on this floor and he wants to make sure it’s drawn correctly.

This makes me insanely happy…for so many reasons.

Getting back to my own thing…

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On the heels of Stitches West, and despite my busy schedule, I’ve started getting back to making things for myself (for now at least). I was very eager to cast something on…and this was it.

It’s my “Lunar Progression project that doesn’t quite have the perfect name just yet.” In the Doomsday Knits book they show this as more of a steampunky project. I’ve decided to take it to more watery depths.


This is called “I can’t keep track of anything while knitting on the main thoroughfare.”
So, I must frog…


It’s looking pretty good so far!!

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T’was the week before Christmas…

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I’m crafting in every spare moment of the day. I mean this…no joke. I eat, sleep, and breathe Christmas yarn goodness. I’m pretty tired, but I am no where near being done.


I knit at sporting events…

As if I wasn’t putting enough pressure on myself, I got the teacher’s gifts completed and sent off… without taking photos of the finished projects. Doh!


I knit at brunch with my non-knitter friends…despite their teasing.

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Tavern knitting

What do you do if folks suggest you don’t bring your knitting to a party at a bar because it isn’t socially acceptable and (for once) you actually take their advice?

You wing it!

My friend Jessie was having a birthday party at a local tavern and many of the folks in attendance were artists. In typical fashion, there was a lot of napkin doodles. As for me, I’ve never really considered myself someone who could draw well, so I did what I do best…I grabbed my Nintendo DS stylus, borrowed a stylus from a new friend, ripped up a napkin, and started knitting it.

I did rip a hole in it to start, but after a while, I started to get the hang of it.

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Wednesday afternoon yarn run…


This is what multitasking looks like.

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Labor Day Frogging

Hello again!

I took a little vacay from the blog over the long holiday weekend. Mostly because no one wants to frolic in the wool when it is 100+ degrees out and I’ve never really been one to knit poolside.

This also means that not much knitting gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I did knit. It just means that it is going to LOOK like I didn’t do much. Let me explain.

Sometime Sunday, I sat down and took a long hard look at my project. I fiddled with it, stretched it and tried to get a feeling of what it might look like blocked. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be a little more open. So I hopped on it and started to frog. I ripped the thing all the way back to the beginning, changed to bigger needles, and started over.


Trust me when I say, there are more completed rows here than before I frogged it.

I mean, we all could use a “do over” every once I awhile, right? (I’m going to try really hard not to over analyze the fact that I have had quite a few “do overs” recently.)

I think it looks fabulous now though! Starting over gave me the chance to tweak the edges. The pattern called for slipping the first stitch of each row, but I hadn’t done it. Now I am.


Pretty edges! Oh, and now you can see why I always make a copy of my pattern before I knit. I love making notes and writing all over!

Okay, enough knitting struggles for now…let’s talk about something more successful.

Yesterday was Blanketeers Tuesday! I didn’t work on any of my knitting, but for good reason…I was teaching! My friend Jessie had said she wanted to learn to knit, so I cast on for her and taught her the knit stitch. It wasn’t much work for me because she picked it up quickly and started flying through her stitches. I am hoping that next Tuesday I can show her purling (and maybe snap a picture or two so I can show you her progress). I am super proud of her!

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Getting ready for some new projects…

Not a lot of knitting going on this time, but you can hear how my family has the tendency to hurt themselves with power tools.

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Knitting speed bumps…and non-fibery things.

I am pretty sure I constantly mispronounce “Celestarium”.

Some helpful links:

Twist, yarns of intrigue (They have a very friendly staff here.)


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This is what I did today.

The moral of the story is, had I not lucked out and found that Malabrigo Sock in the color I was looking for, I would have seriously lost my mind trying to track down one skein. I HAD to have it.

Here is the pattern I’m working on. (I’ve modded it)

This is the restaurant I was talking about.

Here is a link to Twist in Manhattan Beach. The folks there are super nice and didn’t think I was at all crazy for driving there from Burbank for one skein of yarn.

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What I do when I go to the salon…

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Lately, when I go to get my hair done, I have been bringing my knitting and crochet with me. Just portable projects…nothing major. Just something to do when I wait for my color to process.

This last time it was Blanketeers squares!!


Better than reading a magazine...

It’s kinda fun to take this stuff out at the salon. I go to this great place where the girls are edgy and tattooed and I absolutely love it when they come up and ask me what I am doing.

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