At the office

Practice, practice, practice


Playing around with patterns.

While I wait for all of my supplies to arrive for that project I keep procrastinating on, I decided I should try out a few things so I know what I am doing when I actually do this stuff for reals.


I have so much scrap yarn for this stuff!

First things first…I needed to try out drawing a design and weaving on top of it. No problem…achievement unlocked! Oh look, I can make fringe too!


All done!

I also attached it to one of the sticks my daughter and her friends collected for me at the last Girl Scout event. Yay, nature!


I played around in the round too.

I also tried weaving on an embroidery hoop. Just something easy so I could try it out.


Then took them to work and decorated my cubicle.

Now I have proper office decorations. Maybe I will start a collection of all of my little experiments and just hang them up at work. It’ll give me something to stare at and pet if I ever get stressed out at work.

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After working a handful of years in animation, it has finally happened.

I was sitting in the kitchen at work having lunch with one of my coworkers and working on my latest project. There was someone at the next table, eating his lunch, who started to ask me questions about what I was making. No big deal, it happens a lot.

He then asked if he could take pictures and some video. It turns out that he is drawing someone knitting in the board he is working on for another one of the shows that resides on this floor and he wants to make sure it’s drawn correctly.

This makes me insanely happy…for so many reasons.

Woohoo! It’s my birthday!

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Eek! I haven’t been able to post because it’s been crazy. But guess what? CRAFTY CHRISTMAS IS COMPLETE. That’s right, you heard me! *DONE!

(*except the wrapping)

Great timing too, because today is my birthday and tomorrow I’m headed for Stitches West!

So, I am just passing through. The panic hasn’t set in yet, even though I haven’t even started packing and getting everything ready. I am sure I will have plenty to talk about after this weekend, but in the meantime, enjoy some pictures of my cubicle at work. I got Gosling’d for my birthday.

photo 1

This is what I walked into this morning.

photo 2

Of course, this is totally perfect.

photo 1[1]

Ha! I am going to be finding these everywhere!

photo 3

I found one attached to the banana I left on my desk…


…And under my desk.

photo 4

I think this one is my favorite, attached to the balloon a friend gave me last week.

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The Yarn Gnome delivers…

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Lately, I’ve noticed Adrienne has been pinning patterns that require t-shirt yarn. Since I have had some in my stash for awhile with no real project in mind, I took the opportunity to do a little destash. Heck, I am feeling the need to purge (especially with Stitches West coming up) and all unused yarns should go to a loving home.


Photo Courtesy of Adrienne.

I am the magical yarn gnome.


Knitting Lunch!

Maribel and I met for Knit Lunch last week! On this particular occasion, it was just the two of us.

Back in the day, when we were working together on that cartoon, we would meet up with a few other folks to crochet during lunch. She loves little amigurumi and doll patterns. She did a fabulous job, but I remember that she had some mishaps because crocheting with black yarn is incredibly difficult.

Now, she is relearning knitting…


Do you see the problem here?


The closest thing I get to snow…

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This year, I wanted to give gifts to EVERYONE! That is not an easy feat when you already have a ton of crafting to do. Small projects are ideal.


Presents for my coworkers.

I decided to crochet snowflakes to attach to packages and that people could use as ornaments. The most popular were the bright neon yellow ones that my kids started calling “pee pee snowflakes”. I made those limited edition.


My neon yellow snowflake!

They were a hit!

If you feel like crocheting some, you can find the pattern here!

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Knitting at work…

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The new knit group is headed in the right direction. I have three new knitters right now who are practicing their knit knit stitch (with learning the purl stitch coming soon) and doing a great job! We’ve also had quite a few people stop in to say that they would like to drop in because they have learned to knit, but not purl…and a few who would just like a refresher or help with finishing projects.


Check out what Maria has done so far! Talk about the perfect variegated yarn for October…

I got the chance to show my new knitting friends my own horror story knitting too. Dropping stitches down seven rows? Sure…no problem! I hope I didn’t freak them out. I did finally get it sorted out.



I’m not sure whether we will collectively get as much lunch time knitting done this week. A few of us are taking part in a scary movie marathon…and you can’t get much knitting done in the dark.

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Drive -by blogging


Time for a little drive-by blogging. Really, I’m hoping I can post this while sitting here on the street.

I know, I have been neglecting my blog a little bit since starting work. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done all the things I would like to. I make do though. I bring crafting to work. I bust out tasks while marathoning Supernatural (I’m caught up for those of you wondering – David).

But that’s not the point of this post. I have news…
It has begun.

How many weeks do you think it would take for someone to, not only settle into a new job, but also form a knitting club?
For me, it’s three.

Yes, today is the day…and it’s official…I have a brand new knitting circle at the new day job! Hooray! And guess what? They are all new to knitting! I get to teach. They are all super excited…and so am I!

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No rest for the crafter…

I know it has been a while since my last post. Boy, have I been crazy busy. Now that I have less time to work on projects, I am trying to jam every available second into getting things done…on top of the general care and feeding of the twins…oh, and 3rd grade math (ugh).

It seems like a lot of the projects I need to get done are not necessarily knitting related. I guess my crafting sort of happens in waves. A wave of knitting…a wave of spinning…and currently, a wave of sewing.


Lil’ girls favorite skinny jeans.

My kids seem to wreck stuff at record speed. Clothing, shoes, anything really.

My daughter was so upset that she ripped a hole in her favorite pair of skinny jeans. The hole was in a strange place up high on her pant leg and there was no way that little 8 year old was going to be sporting those jeans to school anymore. She was so sad…but it wasn’t anything a little star fabric from my friend David and a little embroidery thread couldn’t fix!


Fixing Lil’ guys backpack.

Then there is my son…who couldn’t explain to me why, after one month of school, his TMNT backpack had a gaping hole in the bottom. Really? Like, what the hell? I frankenstein’d that bad boy back together.

There is other mending that needs to be done, but I have to do this stuff in baby steps. Hand sewing takes time!


Measuring hands.

Then there is my actual sewing project…clothing for Gray (yeah, remember him?). After my whole process of agonizing over how not to mess it up, I went forward with my actual plan (which worked of course, I don’t know why I torture myself). Those sleeves were a total pain, but Gray’s hands fit through them, so I am happy about that. I also took a little time to draw up rough pattern, so as to make my life a little easier should I need to do this again.


Seaming a little shirt. I tried desperately not to sew it to itself.

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Missing my Blanketeers…

Usually Tuesday is Blanketeers day for me…but not today.

I won’t be seeing my dear Blanketeers for awhile because yesterday I started a new job. Yup, I am now among those of you that have real, actual, “I get to leave my home and interact with others” jobs.

I am very much going to miss my Tuesday friends though. They helped to keep me upbeat and in touch with living beings during my time away from the working world. It’s nice to belong to a group of such lovely people.


I took this a few weeks ago before showing Jessie the knit stitch.

For me, the best part about Blanketeers has been getting the opportunity to help others learn, and then watching them make beautiful handmade items that they share with others.

Recently, I got to sit down with my friend Jessie and quickly show her the knit stitch. I say quickly because she took off and started knitting her heart out with very little instruction. She’s really doing a great job! Most of the time, when you show someone how to knit for the first time, their gauge is all wonky with stitches that can go from super tight to super loose, leaving holes in their knitting.

Not Jessie though. Her gauge is really good for someone who hasn’t knit before.


I’m seriously impressed with Jessie’s skills.

I really hope I get the chance to meet up with her sometime soon so I can show her how to purl. I imagine it won’t take her very long, she appears to be a natural!

Now that I’ve landed in a new place, I’ll be doing other things for lunch on Tuesdays. Maybe I need to start bringing my knitting to work. I might get lucky and find some new fiber friends!



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