2012 – The Year of the Hat

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 | blocking, FO's, hats | No Comments

Ok, so I think I mentioned before that I am in a serious hat knitting phase. For some reason I long to wear hats…like, *every day*. I am not sure why I am feeling so compelled to cover my head day in and day out. Maybe it is because my office is so cold. Or maybe it’s because it is chilly outside when I go out on my nightly walks. Maybe I am just going for that hipster look.

Either way, you are bound to see a lot of hats flying off my needles coming up. They’re a quick knit…which is something I feel like I need right now because there aren’t enough hours in  the day. Maybe it is because I am really trying to knit down that sock yarn stash for scraps my legacy projects (yes, now there is more than one).

So here is my first official hat of 2012. I’ve been trying to scratch my fair isle itch.


This photo is closer to the real color...


My completed hat. I blocked it out enough to have a beret shape.

This last picture looks very orange, but I assure you it is more of a bright coral/pinky-orange color.


Is Hanna ready yet?

I am sure it is by the time this posts. I am getting it all ready to wear to work and to knitting (where, if I am lucky, someone might be kind enough to snap a picture of me in it).

You are about to witness the most ghetto blocking  job ever. Oh well, it all turns out the same in the end, right?

Blocking sleeves (selectively)

First blocking attempt.

Ok, so here is my first blocking attempt. It did the job, but then the folds were not blocked to my liking.

Blocking sleeves

Second Blocking attempt.

So here I blocked the folds the second time ’round to make sure everything looked even.

Hanna pullover

Here it is! In all it's unblocked glory!

Here is the pullover before any blocking even started. Looks pretty good! However, I do think my duct tape dress form is having some issues with it’s contents settling. Trust me, I’ll fill this bad boy out WAY better. 🙂


Sometimes it feels like alchemy…

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 | blocking, handspun, knitting, spinning, start to finish | 1 Comment

There are such long periods of time that pass between my processes that I sometimes forget how something goes from being one thing to another.

I am finally blocking my Shaelyn Shawl, and while looking through my flickr photos, it kind of hit me.


I took this...


Spun it into this...


To knit this.


Happy Girl!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 | blocking, yarn, yarn snobbery | 2 Comments

Lookie what I got!!



Thank you U.S. Government for being efficient when my local post office was clearly lacking just that. One week to get my passport. I didn’t even expedite it. That’s not too shabby. Now if I can track down my birth certificate… because I didn’t get it back with the passport.

On to the crafty biz…


Still blocking...

My capelet is STILL WET. How can this be? I have no idea. I guess I just wait until it is ready for me. Then I can sew on the button and take some pictures.

Today I spent some time on the internet looking for the perfect buttons for that coat I so desperately want to make. Of course I haven’t received the yarn yet. I am not sure how long it will take to get here from Germany. I am eager to start though. I have been having a hard time working on anything else. Even the Amy Pond scarf is getting little attention from me. A row here, a row there…but I haven’t made any substantial progress.

Hopefully the yarn will come soon. I *really* wanna tackle that project!

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Little Purple Riding Hood

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 | blocking, UFO's | 2 Comments

This past weekend, while screwing around on Facebook, I finished my capelet!


I'll have a roomier hood once it's blocked.

Of course, it desperately needed some blocking. I got right to it…I want to sew the button on and be done with it. I have a ton of other projects to work on!!


Stretching it to within an inch of it's life...

I’ll snap some more pictures as soon as it is officially done. I am trying to clear my plate to make room to work on that coat I am so eager to start. I am just waiting on the yarn. Hopefully I will get it soon…



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