A shawl for my Mom…

Back in October, at the CogKNITive Fiber Retreat, I had purchased a shawl pattern called Winona designed by the lovely Brenda Castiel. I knew as soon as I had seen the sample that I wanted to knit it for my mom for Christmas. I ordered skeins of Miss Babs in Old Gold and Field Mouse and started knitting as soon as they arrived.


My girl likes to help with the pinning.


Blocking under the tree.


Slip stitch patterns are fun!

It was a really fun knit. There is something about slip stitch patterns that makes me really happy. Like turning the heel on a sock. It just feels nice.


My mom with her new shawl.

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Stocking knitting

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 | At the office, blocking, Design, Holiday, knitting, macgyver, socks | No Comments

While we are on the topic of what I did this Christmas…another good reason to pace myself is actually knitting jobs. They come around every once in awhile, and usually around the holidays.

This year I had a paid knitting job that was interesting and fun. A friend at work wanted a stocking in time for son’s first Christmas. The catch was to try to match it to her and her husbands existing stockings…which were machine knit, flat.

No problem.


It made good Saturday Morning diner knitting.

I charted out the pattern and adjusted it to knit in the round from the toe up. The only thing that really had me stumped was the cuff, which was ribbed in stockinette. I found out later, thanks to Courtney, that this is something that is achieved in machine knitting with weights. I decided to try and recreate it by slipping stitches in stockinette and blocking it out with straws. It gave it an interesting texture and I liked it more than if I would have stuck with standard 1×1 ribbing.


Blocking, with straws.

Friday Night Block Party…

Here I go again….stacking up my drafts until I forget what it was I wanted to say. Thank goodness I am organized with my pictures… at least.

So this is the kinda stuff I do on Friday Nights…to keep me off the mean streets of Burbank.

The pictures below show how you can block a garment in no time. It was dry enough to unpin and take home at the end of the night.

photo 1

Courtney’s hooded cape thingy.

photo 2

She had stitches on a cable to seam later. She was stepping on the towel to get some of the water out and ended up breaking one of the end caps for her needles.

photo 3

Pinning it out with a little help from Angelique.

Hopefully I will get to see what it looks like once it’s seamed up…but it looked really good when she left my place that night. Maybe I’ll get to snap some pictures later.

I also thought I would snap a WIP picture…of course, there isn’t much more done on my project yet. I haven’t had much time to work on it lately.

photo 4

Angelique’s shawl, Courtney’s Signe hat…and my Big Al (well, a couple of his tentacles at least).

photo 5

My Signe hat alongside Courtney’s WIP. You’d think it was freaky friday or something. Usually our color choices are the other way around…

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Lunar Progression…

Thursday, May 8th, 2014 | blocking, FO's, knitting, tools | No Comments

Blocking. It’s necessary.

Wow, this is my first post for May. My, my….I have let things slip.

I felt like I was stuck in a never ending cycle of lace knitting. It wasn’t even a hard lace pattern…I mean, I had the 2 row repeat memorized. It’s pretty much the only thing that all the grey matter in my skull is good for these days. Hey, it’s something!


It felt like it went on for forever.

After knitting 63″ of lace at a snail’s pace, I finally made it to the other end of my Lunar Progression. Then the blocking happened…and it grew…much like lace does. Then I worried, because, well…it’s not the Doctor Who scarf or anything. I wasn’t sure it was supposed to be so long, so wide, so huge. I freaked out until it was completely dry. Then I put it on just like how it was done in the picture from the pattern and my eyes got all glassy and huge. It’s perfect!!

Having the designer comment on my Ravelry project page was an added bonus.

Now to figure out where we are in the lunar cycle so I can set this thing correctly.


Whew! Done!

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Back to school, back to work…

The kids heading back to school means I better get my butt back to getting stuff done!

Baah Yarns website is here.

You can check out the California Poppy pattern here.

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Knitting speed bumps…and non-fibery things.

I am pretty sure I constantly mispronounce “Celestarium”.

Some helpful links:

Twist, yarns of intrigue (They have a very friendly staff here.)


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Everything is going slowly…

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 | blah blah blah, blocking, FO's, knitting, shawl | No Comments

Celestarium. It’s quite large.

Crafting seems to have slowed for me. I can’t seem to stay in one place long enough to work on anything for a decent length of time. This is partly due to the kids being away. There are movies to see, parties to attend, and socializing to do!

I did, however, get the ends woven in on my In The Pink and Celestarium (Celestial Ruin) shawls. I even set a little time aside today to try and take some pictures. I kept getting interrupted by the drywall guy and having to walk next door to supervise…so I just started getting silly.

Trust me when I say this shawl is really lovely. It’s large too. I had blocked it to 52 inches in diameter, which means it is still a good size even when folded in half. I am looking forward to starting the Southern Skies Shawl at some point, but I have a few things to finish first.


How creepy is this?

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When I’m too lazy to actually type…

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Showing appreciation for imaginary friends.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 | blah blah blah, blocking, shawl | 1 Comment

Who would’ve thought that a video game would get me to start being productive?

My husband has known I’ve been paralyzed lately. I have had no desire to do anything at all. In an attempt to try and get me out of my funk, he ordered me a Nintendo 3DS XL with Animal Crossing loaded onto it.

A whole new world has opened up for me.

I knew it was going to be delivered yesterday. I got up early, had breakfast and got myself put together. I went grocery shopping…threw together some dinner in the crock pot as well as putting together a salad. I decided to take one of my shawls and block it. I did some cleaning. I even emailed a few friends to set up a lunch.

Yes people, as ridiculous as it sounds, I had a reason to get stuff done…and that reason was a VIDEO GAME.

Around 3 p.m. the UPS guy showed up with my package. I thanked him excitedly and ripped that box open. Crap. I forgot I had to charge it. I took that time to wind three balls of yarn for a new shawl and pick the twins up from summer camp.

Then we got home and things got REAL. An evening of me and both kids sprawled out on the floor watching as I caught fireflies, talked to townspeople and was stung by bees multiple times. I played that thing until the battery had no more juice. I plugged it in to charge and cast on a brand new shawl.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some knitting to do while I wait for Nook’s Real Estate office to open…

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Another hat for 2012!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 | blocking, FO's, hats | No Comments

I am starting to think I should dub 2012 “Hatpocalypse”. Here is #3 for this year…

photo 1.JPG

My Blackbirds…

photo 4.JPG

There they are!

I need to work on not being such a stressed out knitter. The puckering in this project was making me crazy! It is amazing what a little blocking will do to the look of something though.



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