Small projects…

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Have I ever mentioned how much I like small projects? I actually feel like I am accomplishing something. Good thing too since most of my knitting projects have pretty much been cast to the side for all the rest of the stuff I am trying out.


Small projects are great for lunchtime knitting at work!

This is a special hat though. My mom had mentioned that she knew a woman through one of her scrapbooking sites who had a little girl that just had a brain tumor removed. Her name is Rori and this hat is hers.

I was sitting in our editor’s office here at work not too long ago when I got a message from Rori’s mom saying that they had just received the hat and sent me a picture of her wearing it. It totally made my day.

Funny how the internet can bring people together.

If you’re interested in this hat pattern, it is Hermione’s Cable and Eyelet Hat and you can find it here.

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Friday Night Block Party…

Here I go again….stacking up my drafts until I forget what it was I wanted to say. Thank goodness I am organized with my pictures… at least.

So this is the kinda stuff I do on Friday Nights…to keep me off the mean streets of Burbank.

The pictures below show how you can block a garment in no time. It was dry enough to unpin and take home at the end of the night.

photo 1

Courtney’s hooded cape thingy.

photo 2

She had stitches on a cable to seam later. She was stepping on the towel to get some of the water out and ended up breaking one of the end caps for her needles.

photo 3

Pinning it out with a little help from Angelique.

Hopefully I will get to see what it looks like once it’s seamed up…but it looked really good when she left my place that night. Maybe I’ll get to snap some pictures later.

I also thought I would snap a WIP picture…of course, there isn’t much more done on my project yet. I haven’t had much time to work on it lately.

photo 4

Angelique’s shawl, Courtney’s Signe hat…and my Big Al (well, a couple of his tentacles at least).

photo 5

My Signe hat alongside Courtney’s WIP. You’d think it was freaky friday or something. Usually our color choices are the other way around…

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Stitches West 2014: Adventures in Fleece

It was a few years ago when I had convinced myself that I wanted to adopt a fleece. I had gone through this whole phase of wanting to go from sheep to garment. This involved me bringing home a dirty fleece once. A really dirty fleece. So dirty that I gunked up my kids’ bathtub and then my husband instating a Renfroe household rule banning me from bringing dirty fleece into the house.


Bella on the scale.

But I can explain…


Walking the floor with two bags of fleece.

The household rule banning my possession of dirty fleece is common knowledge amongst my knitting group. But Courtney is a smart girl, and adept at getting around the rules. So months ago she told me she had an idea.


Courtney and David with Bella and Lucky.

Courtney did her homework and came up with the perfect plan for us to wash a fleece in the hotel bathroom. She knew exactly how to sell it to me… my husband couldn’t possibly get upset with me if I brought home clean fleece.


The bag of Bella fleece.

So David, Courtney and I went to Judy’s Novelty Wool booth and we split 2 fleeces, three ways. Now, Bella was already cleaned, so no problem there. She was greasier than David liked, but I don’t mind my fleeces slightly buttery. That lanolin is good for my skin. So half of the work was done and Bella was tossed aside. Lucky, however, was our dirty one. The three of us put down a shower curtain on the floor, dumped the fleece out, and started to sort pieces into “dirty” and “less dirty”.


Starting to sort the fleece.


Proud parents!


I actually took this picture by accident when trying to take some video.

We stuffed the fleece into lingerie bags to soak in the tub.


Lingerie bags are ready!


Soak #1 with plain water…


Check out that water! Here is where I let Courtney know she is making me nervous holding her phone over the tub.

We soaked the fleece for twenty minutes in plain hot water. Then we soaked in hot soapy water. Of course there were multiple soaks, but I passed out on one of the hotel beds sometime before 1 a.m. I hear that Court and David were up until 4 a.m. They let me sleep because I had to drive us home from Santa Clara and they knew I needed the rest. Of course, this means I don’t have any photographic evidence of David breaking one of the salad spinners that they used to dry the fleece when they were done. Sorry, I’m no journalist.


Courtney and Dawn.

Now, this isn’t the end of the story (or process). While I have Bella here at home, Lucky is still at Courtney’s house. Lucky was dry enough to bring home in the van, but she still needs some work. I am hoping to get together with Courtney sometime soon so we can finish work on her and get her ready to spin!

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Forced relaxation…

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Wow, what a hectic year this is shaping up to be! I have been very busy, but it looks like I’m getting a little break coming up soon.

I met up with my knitters on Friday night but I didn’t do any knitting. I think the holidays did me in and, once again, the repetitive motion injury fairy has come to visit. The knitter’s have instructed me to lighten up on the crafting time.

But, how in the world will I survive without my knitting?!? (Insert dramatic flailing here.)

It’s not so bad though. Courtney and I must have been reading each other’s minds because we both think that instead of exchanging Crafty Christmas gifts on Twelfth Night (which was…um…yesterday), that we should exchange them at Stitches West next month! That way we are all together and hopefully that gives everyone enough time to get their projects done.

I’m not worried. I already made the prediction that I would be done first, despite my splint.

While I wait to get back to crafting, presents are starting to be delivered to relatives back home! I haven’t heard from everybody yet, but hopefully I will soon. There is a big snowstorm happening in the midwest right now and my packages are being delivered to some of those areas hit hard by snow and ice. Keep your fingers crossed!

My folks are happy that they are here in Cali where it a lovely 70+ degrees and they have been taunting the folks back home in Michigan with pictures of the two of them wearing shorts and sandals. It means that my Mom hasn’t had the opportunity to wear the hat I knit her for Christmas.

Oh well, maybe she can get some use out of it when she gets home in March.


Nicole by Grace Akhrem

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Met my Christmas deadline!

Friday, December 27th, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, hats, Holiday, knitting, stash busting | 1 Comment

Hats for the twins!


Guess what, everybody? I met my first (of many) holiday deadlines!

My first deadline was to have hats knit up for the kids in time for Christmas. I whipped through my son’s hat with no problem. I was winging it and no real pattern means it was super speedy. My daughter’s hat was a little bit more time consuming. It’s an easy pattern, sure, but I had just finished a hat and was feeling a little bit of Christmas burn out. I was really ready to move on to something else. I knew I had more projects to get done, so my mind was elsewhere.

I kept plugging along though and I finally got it done. I squeaked in at the last minute, so both hats were done by Christmas Eve and ready on Christmas morning when they opened their presents!

On to the next deadline!!



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“Pretty cunning, don’t ya think?”

Friday, April 19th, 2013 | blah blah blah, FO's, Geekery, hats, start to finish, UGH! | No Comments

I have really over thought the blog thing the past few days. “Fake it till you make it” has been really hard to do lately.

Everyone is pretty much aware of all the yucky stuff happening in the news right now…Not everyone is aware I just got word I wasn’t hired for yet another job. The former being far more serious than the latter, however, both have had me more than a little emotional.

I had lost my crafting mojo recently. I was spending my time just sitting here staring at projects, full of ennui. There is so much to do…crocheting, writing, sewing…so I started trying to seriously adopt the “fake it till you make it” philosophy.

I decided to kick it off with the now controversial Jayne Hat.

(If you are unaware of the controversy, click here or here.)


So, Monday night I cast on the hat. I knit most of it Tuesday morning while having coffee at a local Starbucks with my friend Dana. By lunchtime on Tuesday I was done. I decided to snap a pic and post it on twitter…then my husband retweeted it.

Had I known he was gonna do that, I would’ve thrown some makeup on or something.

Of course, my knitting group was a little annoyed because I have a reputation of “pooping out” projects, but it has given me a small jump start to get some stuff done. I started working on some of the projects I have been sitting here staring at…and that is a good thing.

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I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank screen for over an hour thinking about what I could possibly write. I’m bored, but not for lack of things to do. I’m feeling listless…impatient….like I am waiting for something to happen.

I have creator’s block.

The thing with blocks such as this, regardless of how it started, it seems that it can only be resolved with time. I’m impatient though, so I push through.

So, what am I doing? Well, I’ve cut fabric for one project and am halfway through crocheting another. I finished the actual writing of a pattern yesterday…but that object has been done for a couple of months now…so there was no actual thinking involved.

I finished a knitted hat on Friday night! A real FO! I asked the guy that works at our local hangout for advice on the accent color. He went with the lime green…I decided on the orange. I have a bad track record when it comes to agreeing with men regarding color choices for projects.

photo 1-2

The orange stands out more.

Of course, this hat was knit and blocked long before Friday night…so the only thing I really worked on was weaving that orange yarn though. Yup…that’s all I worked on.

photo 2-2

Photo of my goofy head compliments of Courtney.

I wore it the rest of the night…and Court and I were approached later that night by two guys who offered to buy it from me. I can’t part with it.

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Doing kitchener in the rain…

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 | hats, knitting | No Comments

Sitting there… letting it rain on me.

It’s not the most ideal situation, but I didn’t have an umbrella with me. I was able to get a project done on Easter, though. Well, nearly done…I still have to add some color to it. I haven’t decided on which to add yet.


Yeah, still haven’t decided…


I am not a machine…

Friday, March 29th, 2013 | blah blah blah, hats, WIP, yarn snobbery | No Comments


Would it be so terribly bad to say I haven’t been doing very much knitting? I went about a week without any knitting at all. I’ve mostly been spending my time on other things. I’ve been pinning and repinning fabric like some crazy seamstress with a bad case of OCD. I’ve done some pattern writing and a little sketching. I even took a day, much to the surprise of anyone that knows me, to read a book…FICTION even. How very unlike me.

The truth is, even when it comes to hobbies, everyone needs a break once in awhile. I took it while I could.

Yesterday, I decided to return to it. I’m not going full tilt…just a little here and a little there. I’m making a Wale and Course hat with my Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sport in “You’re The Only One”. I assure you that the yarn is greener than my picture. I bought a little skein of Yummy Toes “Ghoulish” in a lime green color to go with it…but I feel like I may change my mind about that being the accent color…because I still have scraps of all sorts of colors hiding in my toy box.

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Getting things done!

I have been a busy girl! Between looking for “real work” and doing…”freelance” work, I haven’t had too much time to do my own thing.


I finished my sample knit for Miss Babs and it is packaged and ready to be shipped. I was really happy with the finished dimensions. I have been toying with the idea of taking that yarn I bought for weaving and use it to make another one of these Merging Ripples Shawls. Apparently, I can’t have just one.


I also used my needles to pry in a little time to finish a hat. I stayed up late this past weekend to work on my Varia. I knit it completely out of leftover yarn. I used the leftover Cephalopod Bugga! yarn from my Merging Ripples Shawl and some Anzula Cricket from the Hermione Hearts Ron hat.

I know things are happening with my own things too…even if I am not seeing them. I still have patterns out to testers and I am waiting to get this last wave of feedback before tweaking things and then, hopefully, releasing something! I am chomping at the bit to get stuff moving! I need to keep reminding myself to be patient!

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