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CogKNITive Fiber Retreat 2014

I’m sorry readers.

I have been MIA for quite a while. Things have been pretty exciting here… and I have been pulled in all sorts of directions. Hopefully in the next handful of blog posts I might be able to touch upon some of the things I have been working on… or maybe this will be a boatload of pic spam. I dunno. I am just just rollin’ with it.

Last month, I went to the CogKNITive Fiber Retreat to spend the weekend with Doctor Gemma and all of my other fibery friends. There was good food…good company…and I nearly got kicked out of the hotel. Yeah, it was an exciting weekend!


I spent Friday working on finishing my Kraken Cowl.

I can’t remember if I had mentioned it here before but (*nerd alert*) I modded the Kraken Cowl Pattern chart to adjust the eyes to make it more anatomically correct.


I finished it!


Ladies by the pool…


Listening to Doctor Gemma give the morning announcements.


Jamie and Tally at their booth in the vendor room.


Lunchtime tagging.


Most of the stuff I ended up buying.


Watching a fellow spinner spin luxury fibers on a charkha.


Learning how to work with cotton.


Stephie Jo showing me her awesome spindle!

It was definitely a memorable weekend, despite the craziness! I look forward to going again next year!

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Look out, Friday!

Friday, September 19th, 2014 | blah blah blah, class, Fiber Rock Stars, tapestry, weaving | No Comments

Let me just start off by saying I know I have craft ADD lately and that my impulse control is bordering on obscene.

I woke up this morning and, while brushing my teeth, scrolled through Instagram… as is my habit lately. I saw a lovely picture of a tapestry woven by Maryanne Moodie and was awake enough to read the caption.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.59.10 PM


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.19.22 PM

Click, click, done.

I’m signed up for the class. See! No impulse control. In this case I am super glad I didn’t wait to make a decision.

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Bindi’s Path

Hey Everyone!

While I am off being busy with work and kids and life, I thought I would take this quick opportunity to give my friend a well deserved signal boost.

My friend Karen is fabulous knitter/designer/animal lover/human being who designed a pattern to help out our local animal shelter. Check out her press release below…


Paw-Print Knitting Pattern Based on Real Life Rescued Cat

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 15, 2014) Karen Eckhoff has released “Bindi’s Path”, a scarf, stole and cowl pattern set with two-way wavy paw prints reminiscent of her epileptic cat Bindi’s wobbly path through life. Diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy, Bindi was rescued by the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter and put up for adoption. Given 50/50 odds of living to her first birthday, in 2014, Bindi turned ten. “Bindi’s Path” is a tribute to her tenacious attitude and sweet disposition. The pattern is available at 100% of the profits from its sale will go directly to the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (, the organization that saved her life.

Says Eckhoff, “Bindi arrived at the Burbank, CA animal shelter as a six week-old feral stray, having seizures, flea-infested, blind, deaf, and missing a claw. Instead of putting her to sleep, the volunteers took her to the vet and put her up for adoption. Bindi has residual brain damage but has regained her vision and hearing. She is wobbly and has frequent “gravity breaks”, but her seizures are well-regulated with medication. She doesn’t meow or purr, but instead growls. She is quite a little character, and I love her dearly. Though she sometimes struggles, I wouldn’t change a thing about Bindi. She’s perfect as she is. I decided to combine my love of cats and my passion for knitting in order to not only celebrate Bindi’s life, but to give back to the very shelter that gave me so much when they allowed me to adopt her.”

Karen Eckhoff 


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CFR 2013 – Here we go!

I should know better…I never sleep here.

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Just in time for Tour De Fleece…

Imagine my surprise when I woke up (admittedly late) this morning and saw a tweet from redshirtknitting saying that Ravelry was beta testing a new feature for spinners! Hooray! It’s almost too good to be true.

For quite some time I have been adding my hand spun yarn to the database, but like you would add commercial yarn. I would forever have to, if I wasn’t feeling lazy that day, try and enter notes about the characteristics of the yarn. Is it a 2 ply? 3 ply? What was my WPI again? If I didn’t enter all the info at that particular moment, some of the info might be lost to time and my poor memory.

I decided to opt in for the beta testing and try plugging a skein of my new tour de fleece yarn in.


I like that it pretty much covers everything I might possibly need as far fields. Ratio? Twist angle? But I do everything according to “feel”! Crap…I’m going to have to start paying attention to my spinning, aren’t I? I also like that all the hand spun that I had entered “ghetto” style had already populated the hand spun tab. I love it when I have less work to do!

Maybe this means I can start adding my fiber to my actual stash. I had added a couple of braids, but it was kind of a pain, so I stopped.

Thanks to Tour de Fleece and Ravelry, I see not only stash busting, but some serious stash organization, in my near future!

Click here to get Casey’s secret code!

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Yarn Crawl LA, Day 3 (the photo edition)


Outside Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. Still pinned!


Feather yarn inside L’Atelier.


The floor inside L’Atelier.


I bumped into Doctor Gemma at Wildfiber!


Turkish Delight at Zoe Zeynep Knit Studio on Melrose.

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Getting things done!

I have been a busy girl! Between looking for “real work” and doing…”freelance” work, I haven’t had too much time to do my own thing.


I finished my sample knit for Miss Babs and it is packaged and ready to be shipped. I was really happy with the finished dimensions. I have been toying with the idea of taking that yarn I bought for weaving and use it to make another one of these Merging Ripples Shawls. Apparently, I can’t have just one.


I also used my needles to pry in a little time to finish a hat. I stayed up late this past weekend to work on my Varia. I knit it completely out of leftover yarn. I used the leftover Cephalopod Bugga! yarn from my Merging Ripples Shawl and some Anzula Cricket from the Hermione Hearts Ron hat.

I know things are happening with my own things too…even if I am not seeing them. I still have patterns out to testers and I am waiting to get this last wave of feedback before tweaking things and then, hopefully, releasing something! I am chomping at the bit to get stuff moving! I need to keep reminding myself to be patient!

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Blankie Visitation

Friday, September 16th, 2011 | At the office, charity, crochet, Fiber Rock Stars, FO's | No Comments

Ok, so I couldn’t just send off our first completed blanket without getting together with the Blanketeers group to show it to them in person!!

How exciting!




I am not sure what kind of face I was trying to make at the camera right here...


Checking it out.

It was pretty cool. We all had lunch together and all kinds of folks stopped by to ask about the blanket and check it out! I am going to try and get over there more often to crochet squares with them!

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Double SQUEE!

Last night was the Unwind/Ravelry event. It was so much fun! It was great seeing Jess and Casey and all the awesome people that came out to either sell their stuff, or just visit!

Rav/unwind event 01

A collage of photos from the event...

 The above awesomeness is:

– My friend Emily with her little monster posing with The Knitmore Girls and Dr. Gemma.

– Suzanne modeling an orange shrug and looking awesome, as always.

– Dr. Gemma and MeiLan discussing shawls.

– The shop starts to fill up!

– Stephanie makes announcements and introductions.

– Shannon Okey’s birthday! Bring out the cake!

– I actually won something! A pattern…

– …and some Classic Elite Yarn!


The ladies holding down the fort on "Redhead island"

 OK…then for the serious highlights of my night. In this next photo I would totally be hyperventilating had Suzanne not given me two glasses of wine first. I believe we talked about how lovely her sweater is. She knit it in Lorna’s Laces “Ysolda Red”… then I pulled out my Amy Pond inspired scarf, which is knit in Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace…also in the “Ysolda Red” color. She even helped me with some color choices for yarn that are way far out of my comfort zone!



 Then I got to spend some time totally nerding out with Shannon Okey. She is fabulous! We talked knitting, Doctor Who, Buffy…she’s so much fun!


Happy Birthday Shannon!!

And if that wasn’t awesome enough…Shannon was there selling her latest book and I had her sign my copy. I didn’t even look to see what she had wrote because we were busy talking about nerd crushes! I was so excited to arrive home, open the book, and see this… 

Shannon Okey signed her book...


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Spin In!

Friday, June 11th, 2010 | fiber, Fiber Rock Stars, spinning, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

A few weeks back the ladies on the Antelope Valley Fiber Fiends group had a Spin In. I couldn’t resist going because…

1)  This group includes the lovely Nicole of FreckleFaceFibers and Laurs of BeeMiceElf. Both of which were bringing their beautiful fibers!

2)  They were going to have dessert.


4)  The ladies in this group are made of awesome!

So I showed up with my wheel and a desire for fiber. I got to meet some great new ladies (well, new to me), hang with some lovely enablers, and consume mass quantities of sugary treats! What could be better than that? I also brought some spending money to get some purty new fluff.

Tubs o fluff!

Tubs o' fluff!

The fiber I brought home with me...

The fiber I brought home with me...

I also learned (via Casdena) all about a new Ravelry group called 10 Shawls in 2010. Since I was looking to knit a bunch of shawls and kill my sock yarn stash for scraps, it seemed like a good idea to join. They do have prizes every month. Maybe I might win something? I also got to see a beautiful shawl that LimeJuicy was showing off (Loremor made it for her). It was so gorgeous I asked about the pattern…and so gorgeous that I have started crocheting one. Yes, you heard me right.

It was so much fun being a room full of wheels! I hope I get to make to to more meets. It is very much worth the drive!

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