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Busy times, they are a-comin’…

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 | blah blah blah, knitting, sewing, socks | 1 Comment

I have this problem in that there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get anything done. Take that and couple it with the fact that my life is a little weird at the moment and you get a very nutty girl.

I keep on keepin’ on, despite whatever weirdness life has to throw in my direction (and don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it’s all bad).

So here we go into the end of the week/weekend…and I have plenty on my “to do” list.

I am still working on my socks. I imagine I would get them done faster if I would quit stopping to try them on.


Hopefully I can get these done and get to wear them while it's still chilly out.

I know they don’t look much farther along then the last photos, but trust me…they are. I am not stretching them to within an inch of their lives. I have finished my calf increases and now I am starting the decreases to the knee. I know I have a lot of work to do on these. My plan is to make them end above my knees, but I think I can get them done soon.

I still haven’t swatched my coat yarn yet. I may wait until Friday night because there has been way too much going on to even bother trying to dive into the knitting bag to retrieve the right needles.

I also am taking measurements and need to still sketch some ideas on how I am going to put Bigfoot together. Right now, his hulking foam under-structure is now chillin’ in my living room.

Hellllllo Bigfoot.

This weekend…along with everything else I need to get done, I will be doing some draping to get a feel of how this thing needs to be constructed.

The thought of all this is making me exhausted…I think it’s time for bed…

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Jet lagged and still pressing on…

Monday, January 31st, 2011 | blah blah blah, socks, stash acquisition | 3 Comments

I really could pass out. I mean it…right this second…if it weren’t for my strong desire to get my socks done.

I get pretty stubborn sometimes. If I really want something, I have to have it. It may take me a while, but it only makes it that much better when I do get it.  When it comes to wanting something completed…I push myself to until it gets done. It’s just how I am.

Right now in my knitting world, this applies to two things: My socks and my coat.


Me and my socks at Detroit Metro Airport.

I spent the majority of my time on the plane working on my socks. I didn’t have much else to do anyway. I have also been sitting here working on them tonight…ya know, instead of unpacking my suitcase or doing things that I *should* be doing.

I know, you would tell me the knitting can wait, right? I would have to disagree…

They are so…very…close to being done. Really, I’m not kidding.


Almost to my knees!!

The only thing slowing me down is the nasty tangling I am encountering by knitting stripes. I have 2 bags, each bag has 3 balls of yarn…each bag is assigned to a sock. The whole thing gets pretty messy. Someone please remind me that the next pair of stockings I make should be all one color.

Tangly mess...

This isn't even a bad tangle...

Another reason for me to hurry up is that I got a package while I was out of town…


SQUEE! Coat yarn!!

Finally I can get started on my coat. I am planning on starting a gauge swatch this week and go full throttle on it starting Friday night. This way I can pick the girls’ brains if I need help adjusting the numbers for sizing. Unfortunately, the folks over at Rebecca in Germany decided not to make this coat in anything above a size 36 chest. Um….that isn’t going to work for me.

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Blogging on the run!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 | blah blah blah, knitting, socks | 3 Comments

So, here I sit at Detroit Metro Airport, kinda bored. There is no large TV here at my gate, so I have no idea what’s going on in the world. What I do know is that I only have a 30 minute layover in Atlanta, and I hope I don’t miss my flight because I have to go back to work in the morning.

At least I have my sweater to keep me warm, knitting to work on while on the plane, and snacks and coffee to keep me happy because I wont have time to grab dinner.

My knee socks are progressing nicely. I’ve started my calf increases last night and am about half way through them. They will look so cute once their done and as long as I don’t run out of yarn.

Well, off I go to explore the airport. We’ll see how this post turns out. If it works, this will be my very first post from my iPhone!

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More of what I am up to…

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 | blah blah blah, Field Trip, socks, stash acquisition, UFO's, yarn | 2 Comments

I have been super busy since getting to Michigan. I decided to just snap a boatload of pictures because it makes it easier to describe what it is I have been up to.

First there was the funeral…

Transfiguration Church

Transfiguration Church

After getting home from the funeral my mom decided to take me on a yarn crawl…

Labor of Love - Romeo, MI

Labor of Love - Romeo, MI

Skeins on Main - Rochester, MI

Skeins on Main - Rochester, MI

Then we spent today in Detroit…


Our Detroit Adventure.

I find Detroit both fascinating and sad.

Then I spent the evening working on my knee socks. I think I am starting to show some progress.


Socks....slowly, but surely...

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A perfect reason to wear a dress…

Friday, January 14th, 2011 | At the office, knitting, socks, stash acquisition, yarn | No Comments

Here is where you find out what a knitting nerd I am. Also you will learn the bizarre ways in which my brain works.

I wake up this morning. I just HAVE to wear a dress.

I am supposed to go out to lunch with a couple of my guy friends…one of which I haven’t seen in awhile. Of course, I need to be the cutie of the bunch.

Nope. That’s not it.

It’s supposed to be 74 and sunny here in California today.

Nope. Not it either.

I realized that I forgot to take measurements of my feet, ankles and calves for these just-above-the-knee socks and thought that wearing a dress would make it easier for me to take these measurements during my down-time at work.

Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

Did I mention that I DID remember to stash dive last night for yarn to make my Delicious Knee Socks?


Lorna's Laces in "Blackberry", STR in "Prove it All Night", and True Love Fibers in "Cranberry"

I dunno, whattya think?

I tried stash diving for other colors for socks, but I was would worried I might go either too “matchy-matchy” or too “clown-barfy”. I think I can probably kill a lot of my stash with this kind of pattern if I buy something neutral and throw some of my stash colors in it. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of knitting down the stash. I mean, I shouldn’t be acquiring more yarn, right? I dunno. I figure maybe once I start making my wish list for what I want to scope out at Stitches West…it will probably be a list full of black or brown sock yarn. Lots and lots of black or brown sock yarn.

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Killing time…

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 | socks | 1 Comment

So while I wait for my lovely yarn to arrive from Germany, I have been killing time with other thoughts and ideas.

One thought that keeps popping into my crazy brain is that I would love, love, LOVE to own a pair of just-over-the-knee socks. Ya know, something cute to wear with a skirt and mary janes. I also have quite the sock yarn stash…I would even go as far as saying that about 80% of my yarn stash is sock yarn. Of course, I have a bunch of “one skeiners”. One skein will hardly get me a pair of stockings…but who says I can’t mix and match?

So today, on the recommendation of my friend Kataish, I purchased a knee sock pattern.


Delicious Knee Socks by Laura Chau

The cool thing about this pattern is there is a little extra. It also has directions for these…


Love the little cable up the back!

This is exactly what I am going for!! Now if I can get my hands on some black, I can make some solid stockings…but for now, I will have to do some mixing/matching/striping. Maybe I might get my sock mojo back? I haven’t knit a sock in a very long time…

Speaking of socks…way back in the day I charted up a sock pattern. I did the cuff and set it aside. Well, I was it such a weird place last night I decided to work on it. I only did one row and set them down again. I am having a hard time “seeing” how they will turn out. There is a lot of purling involved too…and I am much slower at purling than knitting.


Mystery socks...

I dunno. Maybe I will start working on them again at some point. If they look halfway decent, then I will write up the pattern. It’s not a priority.

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